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  1. pearlygates

    New workhorse (Ludwig Element Birch ICON)

    Seems a trend around these boards lately.. I had been eyeing this kit on AMS website for around a month before I found the growing fan club here on DWF. I have to say.. I wasn't expecting this... I have read several positive reviews/impressions about these kits, but for me, seeing is...
  2. pearlygates

    Mapex Saturn lV - drum nirvana??

    Okay, anyone that knows me, knows that I am a frugal person.. they would also testify to the fact that I'm always wheeling and dealing gear.. Be it, mountain/road bikes, cars and more pertinent here..drums. I always try to find the best bang for the buck usually taking something middle of the...
  3. pearlygates

    Got my Safari!

    Some of you know the ordeal I recently went through when I placed an order for this shell pack back 4-5 days ago.. No need to regurgitate that mess.. Without further adieu.. The kit came in FLAWLESS! Edges were very good, wrap is beautiful!.. Black galaxy wrap is just beautiful! I...
  4. pearlygates

    BUY AMERICAN!!? Asian made cymbals? NOT this rime bucko!

    Just say No to Asian made cymbals..this time. In the past few years, I have been a huge advovate of Chinese made cymbals. For what you get for the money, it's hard to deny there is something to like with braneds like Dream, Wuhan and the like. I went out today looking for cymbals for my new...
  5. pearlygates

    Green Bay Packers..Who can beat them??

    Could the Packers pull out a perfect season? 16-0... 19-0??? So far, even when their D looked a little shaky, they are finding ways to put a "W" in the box. Can Aaron Rogers take the Pack to yet another Superbowl victory???
  6. pearlygates

    pdp M5 Score!

    I was just browsing at Interstate music's retail showroom last night and I happened upon a deal I couldn't pass up.. I snagged this barely used M5 in Tobacco burst for $415 and it included an add on 16" floor tom and had Aquarian Studio X batters on all the toms! I picked up a coated EMAD...
  7. pearlygates

    Just Drums???

    Hey.. I am planning to purchase a new Taye Rock Pro kit this coming February and saw that Just Drums has got some pretty great pricing. I was wondering if anyone could weigh in as to their experience with Just Drums.. Thanks!
  8. pearlygates

    Taye ???? Help ID..

    I just acquired this kit.. can anyone tell me what series they are and what wood the shells are made of? I can tell you that they sound great! I am really liking these drums... plus they really didn't cost me much.. I am thinking of flippin' them, but now I don't know..
  9. pearlygates

    Custom Classic Pro Birch Hybrid Review

    Review of Custom Classic Pro Birch Hybrid drum set 10-17-2010 Fit and finish: The kit is packaged as a 6 pc, 2up and 2 down set with HD double braced hardware. The set can be purchased without the hardware as a shell only kit for $100 less. The drums are all shallow depth with a 6x10”, 7x12”...
  10. pearlygates

    Custom Classic Pro Birch Hybrid impressions..

    Moved this thread over here from another forum section.. Here's a few preliminary photos... My first impressions before even setting assembling my new kit were that of a touch of disappointment. I dragged all three cartons that the kit came in up the stairs leading to my apartment and...
  11. pearlygates

    Custom Classic Pro Birch Hybrid impressions..

    Here's a few preliminary photos... My first impressions before even setting assembling my new kit were that of a touch of disappointment. I dragged all three cartons that the kit came in up the stairs leading to my apartment and began digging in. Everything seemed to be carefully...
  12. pearlygates

    Gretsch Catalina birch info??

    I have seen like one review on these kits.. I was wondering if anyone on these boards could give their real world take on Catalina birch.?? I have owned and played Cat. Maples but am really curious as to what the new birch shells with 30 deg. edges are like??
  13. pearlygates

    My '86 Pearl WSX

    Just completed the resto on her. Sounds freakin' awesome!
  14. pearlygates

    Building my field of DREAMS

    Makin the switch!! Just got back from Interstate music's retail store. They are having a Dream cymbal promotion.. Look what followed me home! It's just a start, but so far I have a 20" contact ride, 16" contact crash and 14" contact hats! These cymbals have amazing complexity and character...
  15. pearlygates

    Decided on Gretsch Catalina..again..

    I have been looking for a mid priced maple shell pack. I made a decision for Gretsch again. I had a Catalina Maple a few years ago and really wonder why I got rid of them. I guess I was in that experimental stage.. Ahh..well, I put a deposit down on another Cat maple today. Picking them up on...
  16. pearlygates

    Looking at Intermediate Maple kits..

    Had a Gretsch Catalina a few years back and thought they were great! So much out I missing anything else really standout in the same range...? Just looking for some suggestions on what to look for in a 5or6 piece config. Gonna do some pokin around in the next few days..any...
  17. pearlygates

    Stealth kit outdoor pix thread

    Alot of you have seen this kit before. But it is soo nice out today on my day off, I thought it a perfect op for some outdoor pics!
  18. pearlygates

    Custom Classic Pro Birch Jazz/Amici demo vid

    Nevermind my crummy playing.. I wanted to get a video up of this kit so folks could get an idea how nice it sounds. Im afraid that my digital camera didn't do it much justice. At last you get a bit of a picture.. YouTube- CIMG0005.MOV
  19. pearlygates

    CUSTOM CLASSIC birch jazzer vid tour

    Lets try this..
  20. pearlygates

    Custom Classi pro birch Jazz tour/Amici cymbals

    Heres a vid I posted on Youtube. There seemed to be a need..