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  1. Vinny

    Left or right hand for snare drum?

    What is the best or most common way for right handed beginner, left or right hand for snare drum?
  2. Vinny

    Remo Pinstripe plastic sound ?

    Hi guys, I bought a used 16" Percussion Plus floor tom to augment my Stage Customs. The old batter head was heavily dimpled so I bought a new Remo Pinstripe. Now I'm hearing a distinct "plastic" sound at the moment the stick contacts the head. I hate it. I've spent hours adjusting tuning...
  3. Vinny

    Yamaha Stage Custom - PARTS

    This winter I purchased my first drum kit off Craigslist. They are Yamaha Stage Customs (1998 vintage Indonesia). I didn't know how to inspect drums or hardware at that point. During my restoration process I found numerous missing parts like washers, wing bolts, drum key bolts, a wrong drum...
  4. Vinny

    Kick pedal heel plate won't lay flat when attached to bass drum.

    When attaching my Gibralter kick pedal to the hoop of my 1998 Stage Custom Bass drum, the weight of the bass drum presses the hoop-mount end of the plate down into the carpet, thereby lifting the heel plate end of the pedal at least half an inch off the floor. (the drums are on wall-to-wall...
  5. Vinny

    Help me control my kick leg ... Please.

    The kick has been very frustrating the hell out of me. I'm really having trouble getting my leg to execute what I know and feel is the the beat, if that makes any sense. (I am a beginner) I've always been able to feel the tempo/beat/groove. In fact, as a kid I drove people nuts because would...
  6. Vinny

    Is it possible to remove cymbal stands center shaft?

    Is it possible to remove cymbal stand center shaft from bottom collar? I'm trying to clean the lower part of my cymbal stands and having a hard time removing the main center shaft (red arrow) from bottom collar (blue arrow). I removed the tiny allen screw on the side and also squirted WD...
  7. Vinny

    3 Instructors -- Help me choose.

    Total beginner here. I'm hoping for some advice on choosing one of three instructors I worked with over a couple months. Lets call them Ginger, Hal, and Thelonius. Age wise they are around 48, 72, and 60 respectively, so they are all experienced drummers. Obviously, the choice of an instructor...
  8. Vinny

    Cotton shirt under rim to reduce volume.

    Thought I might post this in case anyone was interested. I tried this with a used Percussion Plus floor tom I just bought. Just as an experiment, I cut out a round section from a white cotton tee shirt. I removed the head from the floor tom and placed section of tee shirt over the over the...
  9. Vinny

    Stage Custom snare wire replacement - need help.

    Hi folks, Total newbie here. I need new snare wires for my recently acquired 1998 Stage Custom snare. The snare wires that came with the drum are attached with that off-white reinforced strapping tape. (actually the tape is so old it's now more yellow). While shopping online for snare wires I...
  10. Vinny

    Need help with cymbal stand.

    I could use some help on a couple things. Just got my first drum set. Bought used Stage Customs. The ride cymbal stand has a loose part that won't tighten firmly so it pretty loose. It's where the arm that the ride cymbal sits on goes into what I think is called a boom clamp that has small...
  11. Vinny

    "Beginner Drum Set" advice/rec's

    Hi Folks, Been wanting to play since I was a kid. I recently retired so it's "now or never" as they say. So at this juncture I would like the forums advice/rec's for a set of beginner acoustic drums. Edit to add: I'm a cheap scottish bastard and was hoping to keep it around $300-$400...