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  1. drumhedd

    New Ludwig 8x14" Black Beauty/Copperphonic!

    Haven't seen these anywhere else- looks like DCP put a couple listings up on Reverb a bit early!
  2. drumhedd

    Freshly Cleaned Paistes... there anything more satisfying?! Jeez it's been a while since I've posted here... anyways, went on a bit of a cleaning spree today, inspired by a couple of "new to me" purchases that were looking a little tired. Decided to hit all of my non-vintage Paistes, as some of them were starting...
  3. drumhedd

    Calling all Gretsch experts!

    Right-o. I've got a chance to buy a lovely 80's (I think) Gretsch kit in a deep red lacquer, which I believe might be Rosewood. 8, 10, 12 power toms, 14x14 and 16x16 floors, 20x16 kick and a 14x6.5 snare. I borrowed the kit for a recording session and fell in love. She's got stop sign badges...
  4. drumhedd

    Converting FT to kick... with 9.5mm brackets

    Hey folks! I've got an old Ludwig 16x16 that I'd like to convert to a kick for bop gigs. I'd rather not drop an obscene amount of cash on something ridiculously over-engineered like the DW tom cradle. Been doing some poking around on the web, and the problem is I can't find any conversion kits...
  5. drumhedd

    London Drum Show?

    Hey y'all- anybody found any galleries from the 2012 LDS online yet? I'm particularly intrigued with what Premier has brought out, but other than a couple pictures on Facebook I can't find much! Thanks.
  6. drumhedd

    Stuido Kans - Anyone tried em'?

    Specifically this model: I'm looking for some good iso phones to use with my metronome/ipod for practice. I tried the Vic Firths at a friend's, but after about 20 minutes they...
  7. drumhedd

    The Zoom Q3 HD

    How is this bad boy with recording drums? I'm looking for an easy way to keep records of my practicing, and throw some decent clips on the web for a little shameless self-promotion. Worth it?
  8. drumhedd

    Vinnie + Ludwig... it's official!

    From Ludwig's official Facebook page a couple minutes ago. Interesting....
  9. drumhedd

    Shell thickness as related to drum size

    Hey gang! I'd like to discuss shell thickness- specifically the notion that as sizes of drums increase, shells should become progressively thinner. This is something that Danny Carey of Tool spoke about briefly in an interview in Modern Drummer a few years back. One would think the opposite...
  10. drumhedd

    Best option for replacing a p-85?

    Hey gang. I've got two Ludwig snares that came with this horrid piece of equipment, an LM400 supra and an 80's 6.5 Rocker C.O.W. I've managed to at leasst three p-85s on the Supra so far, and I'm fed up with them! Any recommendations as to a replacement that requires no drilling? Something with...
  11. drumhedd

    Ludwig Acrolite Classic and Ltd. Edition!

    O_o Well, well, well! Based on the list prices, retail for the Classics will be roughly the same as the Blackros! IMO the Ltd. is lame. Brushed hardware is cool, but it should really come with a...
  12. drumhedd

    Ludwig Atlas Website is online!

    There is a ton of new stuff, I'm overwhelmed hahaha! The configuration pics are awesome... Bravo, Ludwig. This is really outSTANDing. *nyuk nyuk nyuk* :P
  13. drumhedd

    Ludwig 2012... Club Date is back! These look pretty nifty... digging the finishes, though I wish there were more, but who knows what will come down the road! You can see some of the flat-base line of their new Atlas hardware, which also looks pretty cool. It's gonna be a big...
  14. drumhedd

    Now THAT is a bass drum port...

    0_o I wonder how this thing sounds...
  15. drumhedd

    Let's talk bronze...

    Hey DW, After some careful thought and aural research, I've reached the conclusion that my next major snare drum purchase should be something of the bronze-shelled variety. After listening to some Tool and Isis records, and hearing Derek Roddy's snare drum in person at a clinic, I've decided...
  16. drumhedd

    I am now the proud owner of... (Ludwigs inside!)

    ...a circa 1986 Ludwig Rocker II kit! I came across it via craigslist and picked it up a couple days ago. The drums have pretty much been sitting in the same spot since they were new, so underneath the dust and grime they are MINT (orignial heads, hardware, everything!). Sadly I'm living in the...
  17. drumhedd

    Axis A Double Longboard question

    Hey DW, I'm going to be upgrading my kit and pedals soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular pedal. Specifically: how easy is it to convert the double into 2 singles? (since I'll most likely be buying a double kick kit, I'd like to have a pedal that I can use...
  18. drumhedd

    Looking for Ludwig catalog scans...

    I have a pretty good collection of vintage Luddy catalog scans saved on my computer, but for some odd reason I can't find much more than a cover picture of the 1981 "The Set Up" catalog anywhere. The cover has a picture of a giant natural maple monster kit with 2 rows of toms and a bunch of gong...
  19. drumhedd

    Ludwig Epic component drums?

    The photos from NAMM showed a Ludwig Epic kit with a kick reso displaying-among other things-that there were now component drums available for the series. Anyone have any info on specifics? Thanks!
  20. drumhedd

    Double Pedal Recommendations

    Hey DW, I'm looking to upgrade from my current Pearl 120P double pedal which is in pretty bad shape. I play mostly metal, a lot of blast beats and fast double bass patterns, and I'm looking for a decent pedal under $500 that includes some kind of bag or carrying case. I was looking at the Pearl...