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    Which shell?? ..... They have 3 different maple shells.
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    Yamaha RC vs vs Sonor SQ1, yamaha stage custom vs AQ2 ?

    YOu are talking about those new Performers??.. .. I would wager the Sonor sound better than those.. They are cheap used. Of course these are both without mic's. ... but you get a sense.
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    IN CONCERT | Sonor Sunset Bop Kit | Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma

    Very nice all around ! How do you like the very Thick shells compared to other thin shells??
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    Sonor Sunset Birdseye (Only 25 in the world!!) 18/12/14

    . They sound fine... but those shells are too thick to get the really wide open sounds going IMO.... However those shells are capable of really great sounds at other tunings.. . Here below are the Sonor shells for Bop....... These are THIN ... and NOT the vintage with...
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    Yamaha Drums

    Those look like Stage Customs......... obviously with the finish stripped down..
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    Mixing woods - SQ2

    You like your toms to sing like crazy??.. Or do you follow the trend.. or what I see alot of now... muting everything down???
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    Could be how the room is reacting with that shell.. that is a 10mm shell.. and also.. birch can be tricky to get the lows you want.. that you hear in your head from other recordings. When you have time.. I encourage you to put a FULL front head.. then take it around your place...
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    That is strange.. I usually hear the opposite regarding that specific line. ...... You have it ported??
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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    Yeah.. some of the reactions are very strange IMO. . ALOT of people really like that Tribal.. especially the original black and white like Gavin Harrison had on one of his kits. Some of these reactions.. are like.. .. almost like this demon kid below LOL :
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    Has anyone ordered an SQ2?

    . Those are MAP.. minimum advertised price.... you don't pay that unless you are getting ripped bad IMO.. Contact Thomann.. see if they can help
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    . Lignum
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    Pearl Vision model recognition.

    . I think those are the VBA ... Vision Artisan....... They are in this 2012 Catalog if you scroll down : PEARL 2012 GENERAL CATALOG
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    Vintage Pearl MX1982 value/quality?

    Try using those sizes as is for a while.. You might find you like them.. Some drummers like toms to be more angled back.
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    Tama Starclassic Performer (birch/maple) vs. All Maple

    No.. It Won't IMO....... Only If you are recording then it might really be worth it.. but I've had birch, maple and hybrid shells and the maple didn't stomp the others or anything like that.. They were warmer by a little but if you are in a band situation with moderately heavy bass...
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    Tama Starclassic Performer (birch/maple) vs. All Maple

    Get a set man ! .. You have been saving for years and you deserve it ! You don't have to buy new......... Most of these BELOW sound just as good as the new sets and they have the better metal fittings than the new El Cheapo Performers..... just find the closest Guitar Center to you for...
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    Tama Starclassic Help!

    Unless they screwed up on the literature for a year or maybe they really were 5mm for one year.... They had always been 6mm from what I remember ... Here is a 2000 catalog.
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    Any advice for bop kit
  18. Artstar

    Any advice for bop kit

    You ever shop here??
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    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    Them putting on rusted parts would Pisss me off .. I don't think I could move forward after that !!! LOL .. That's a tough obstacle for me. i mean.. they had to of been looking at the parts and installing them even though they clearly could see .. right ...