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  1. Brandtwi

    Why Is Yamaha Dropping DTX 900, 700 & 500 Series?

    I thought about it, but I'm not sure I want to buy a product that's being cancelled. There could be problems getting parts or expanding or ....
  2. Brandtwi

    Why Is Yamaha Dropping DTX 900, 700 & 500 Series?

    I was thinking about buying a Yamaha DTX 920k but I'm having trouble finding one. Then I heard that Yamaha dropped the DTX 900, 700 & 500 series electric drums. Does anybody know why Yamaha decided to drop them???
  3. Brandtwi

    Best electronic drum sets in my opinion

    I vote for the new Roland TD-27.
  4. Brandtwi

    Electronic drums with low volume cymbols

    I've been satisfied using low volume cymbals without miking them. They are low enough when I play low & loud enough when I play louder without miking them. I just set them up and play.
  5. Brandtwi

    What happens if i take the wraps off my drums.

    WOW! They look great without the wraps. The natural wood looks cool. What kind of wood are your drums made of? Peace.
  6. Brandtwi

    Top Hi-Hat Cymbal Should Be Slightly Larger Than Bottom !?

    My hi-hat cymbals slowly cut away my wooded sticks until the shaft gets thinner & thinner & finally it's no good. This happens, I believe, because the bottom hi-hat cymbal sometimes sticks out further than the top cymbal and cuts away at the stick little by little as the stick hits it. So why...
  7. Brandtwi

    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    I bought them because I got a super low price ($2500 for 6 pc USA Custom) and because they have been one of my "dream kits" for many years. They were ordered by someone ( I guess?) but were damaged while being shipped (one tension rod bent & front hoop cracked). I changed the tension rod & the...
  8. Brandtwi

    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    My USA Customs are the Natural Lacquer finish & they are absolutely beautiful in my opinion. The Hybrid Maple kit is Piano Black. The Hybrid Maple kit does have sizes I like (20" & 22" bass drums, 14 & 16" Floor Toms, with 10 & 12" Mounted Toms = very versatile sizes). My Gretsch is 22" bass...
  9. Brandtwi

    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    I agree with all of y'all - I think being locked up at home because of coronavirus is starting to get to me. I do like the Hybrid Maple kit but I love my USA Customs & I'm keeping them till I die. Sorry guys & thanks for talking some sense back in me. Y'all are the greatest!
  10. Brandtwi

    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    There is a guy that wants to trade me his 6 pc 2018 Yamaha Hybrid Maple drums for my 6 pc 2019 Gretsch USA Custom. Would u consider this a fair trade? When did Yamaha last upgrade the Hybrid Maple? Is 2018 the latest version of the Hybrid Maple? Thanks
  11. Brandtwi

    What Songs Do Audiences React Best To ?

    I'm in an all original band & we are looking to add a few cover tunes. Looking for the songs that really get the audiences excited ( like when bands play "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond ) or the songs that get everyone on the dance floor. What songs have you noticed get the best crowd...
  12. Brandtwi

    Difference Between Roland TD-17KVX & TD-27KV ??

    I spend most of my practice time on my electric drum kit so that I don't disturb my neighbors (especially at 3:am) but the hard rubber on the toms & kick is taking a painful toll on my body. I am thinking about upgrading to a new & better kit. I was checking out the new Roland TD-27KV but when I...
  13. Brandtwi

    Songs That Audiences Really Respond To ?

    I'm in a new band that has 30 original songs that we are polishing up. A few friends have suggested that we throw in 3 or 4 cover tunes when we gig. So for all of y'all out there that gig a lot, what are some of the songs that really get the audience out on the dance floor? Thanks
  14. Brandtwi

    Ball Park Price on Used Legacy Maple 3 Piece ?

    I'm looking to buy a used 3 piece set of Ludwig Legacy Maple drums (20, 14, 12) and I wondering what is considered a fair price? I want a great sounding kit that is very light for gigging and I've found that 3 ply kits in smaller sizes weigh less. I'm getting old and I don't want to blow all my...
  15. Brandtwi

    Bar fights

    I think "No Way Jose" had the right idea but instead of "Rumble" which has a slower tempo, "Raw-Hide" by Link Wray has a better fight tempo - or "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet.
  16. Brandtwi

    Guru Drums retrospective album (Final update 2017 onwards)

    I am so bummed out that GURU drums are not being made anymore. I came close to ordering a set two years ago, but I had only been playing drums for about a year at the time and I decided that I should wait until I was more deserving of such a fine kit. Now I wish I had. I don't know of anyone...
  17. Brandtwi

    Brand Endorsement Question ?

    When a famous drummer endorses a brand of drums, what is the typical deal they get? Is it one free drum set?, or all the drums they want?, or just a discount off the price?, or is it totally different depending on how famous they are? Is it different with every brand? What is the typical deal a...
  18. Brandtwi

    Wow Renowns record so nicely

    I have the newer version - RN2 - Renown set and I am super impressed with them in every way. The hardware is as good as it gets, the wrap is best I've ever seen, shell quality great & they sound great. I think they are one of the best buys on the market and a real sleeper. I also have a Gretsch...
  19. Brandtwi

    New Cymbal Spinning on It's Own

    I just bought a new Zildjian K 22" Constantinople ride & a Zildjian 20" K Custom Left Hand ride. I put then on a cymbal stand with writing on the cymbal straight up, but they spin own their own until they get to where they want to be. Is this because they are hand made & maybe a little heavier...
  20. Brandtwi

    Advice on Remote Hi Hat Set Up

    I checked out the Darwin Hi Hat by ACD Unlimited and it looks like a great product, but it is about $600 (which is a fair, even good, price for a custom hand built product). But now I have to decide if I can afford to buy it at this time. The other brands are offering 48 month financing at 0%...