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  1. drumguy

    New drum remix Video New Video is comming🔥🔥🔥 link in my bio and don't forget subscribe my youtube channel 👍
  2. drumguy

    Flosstradamus , FKi1st & graves - Came up Drum remix

    Flosstradamus , FKi1st&graves '"Came up" Drum remix by ROP My play kit Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbal, Promark Drumstick, RemoHeads And Dw Pedal Hardware Used Cymbal 14" AAX Hi-hat 16" AA Thin Crash 18" HH Dark Crash 18" AAX Stage Crash 20" HH Rock Ride 10" Mid stax...
  3. drumguy

    New Vid!!!Lamb of god - The Duke

    long time no see!!! maybe 8year? haha so new video send now!! lamb of god covee lml watch this!!!
  4. drumguy

    Dream Theater - The enemy inside(New song) Drum cover

    hi dear~ Nice to see you again Dream Theater New Album "Dream Theater" Title song cover "The enemy inside" Watching~ "The enemy inside" Drum cover link my blog
  5. drumguy

    Do you know "Drumjam" Application???

    IOS Application "Drumjam" One Finger Performence many different sound live Performence very awesome!!! make by Pete Lockett Multi Purcusiionist Drumjam Application review Drumjam Application live Performence
  6. drumguy

    show off your snare

    hi This is rop show off your snare!! :) my snare Tama Starclassic Bubinga "14" Tama Starclassic Brass "14" Tama Signature snare Pageant "12" Homepage renual Pageant snare review
  7. drumguy

    Korea Band Survior "Top Band" Performence

    Korea New Band Survior "Top Band" Performence of Evendust Drummer "RoP"Site Evendust Offcial Site youtube
  8. drumguy

    Dust Festival Live Performance

    Dust Festival 1.4.2011 "Evendust" Live Performance Evendust Website HTTP://WWW.EVENDUST.COM Drummer "RoP" Website HTTP://WWW.ROPMUSIC.COM Evendust - Jump back to the heart Evendust - No mercy Evendust -...
  9. drumguy

    ChickenFoot My kinda girl (RoP Cover)

    have a good time~ :) MY Home
  10. drumguy

    New My DrumCraft

    DrumCraft 8 Series Drum(All Maple) & Hardware 10X8 Tom Tom 12X9 Tom Tom 14X12 Floor Drum 14X5 Snare Drum 22X18 BassDrum Review Post HTTP://WWW.ROPMUSIC.COM
  11. drumguy

    Practice Kit show me!!!

    Hi~ DW :) Nice to see you again Band Performance....busy..... But any way I want your practice kit picture waiting room.... House.... Drum booth... All Picture :) RoP Site HTTP://WWW.ROPMUSIC.COM Myspace
  12. drumguy

    TAMA New Signature Snare Drum

    Jan . 2010 New Teaser Movie Tama New Signature Snare Drum Charlie Benante (Antherax) Brian Freasier Moore (Madonna ,Christina Aguilera) My blog post Charlie Benante Brian Freasier Moore...
  13. drumguy

    Full HD Quility Drum Playing

    Youtube Movie Blog post Hi~ DW Forum :)
  14. drumguy

    used Pearl Masters maple live kit

    hi~ how are you DWpeople~? :) i'm band tour busy..... Kit movie My blog post My band site Used Gear <Drum> Pearl Masters Maple 4 kit Starclassic Brass Snare 14"(mine)...
  15. drumguy

    New Practice Kit "Bronze Puppy"

    Hello i'm RoP Nice to meet you Introduce My Practice Kit "Bronze Puppy" "Bronze Puppy" Review My blog Spec All Tama Superstar (Finish - Bronze Mist Metallic) Rack Tom 8X7 RackTom 10X8 Rack Tom 12X9 Snare 14X5.5 Rack...
  16. drumguy

    Live Performence

    Live in Bugae Corea *Evendust* *Blog* *myspace*
  17. drumguy

    Tama Drum kit (Performance Kit)

    Hello~ :) DW people Corea weather very hot!!! My Drum kit Pic and "Evendust" Performance Watching people~ other pic Myblog EVENDUST Drum kit Tama Starclassic Maple & Bubinga (Finish - Dark Cherry fade)...
  18. drumguy

    Hello~ introduce my record kit

    What's up~~~~~~~~~~~~~&#9836; DW People comming Long long time age New Picture :) "Evendust" Record kit setup add set review Blog Myspace *Gear List* Mapex Saturn Series 5Pcs Drum kit...
  19. drumguy

    Do you have Electric drum? :)

    Hello Drummerworld~ nice good to see you man~~~~~~~~~~ Happy New year!!! too late.... My Session Electric drum kit My Review myspace
  20. drumguy

    Promo Magazine Shooting

    What's up MD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year 2009 Drumkit Promo shooting Very cooooool shot~&#9836; the other shot myspace