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  1. Strangelove

    Nick's Giant Beats

    Most people associate Giant Beats with John Bonham circa Zep II thru Zep IV. But many don't realize they were all over Pink Floyd's early stuff as well. I found this video of Nick Mason where you can see his full set of Giant Beats that he used on the Dark Side of the Moon album...
  2. Strangelove

    Best Sounding Snare I have ever Heard

    I picked up an old CD at a thrift store that I had owned ages ago from Rush called A Show of Hands. It is a 1980s live album. I was listening to Peart's snare, thinking my God that thing sounds fantastic! Does anybody know what kind of snare that was that Neil was playing on that album? I...
  3. Strangelove

    Ziildjian Factory

    Here is an interesting look into the Zildjian Plant:
  4. Strangelove

    Hi hats

    Hey guys, long time. Mainly because I have had no set. Well that has changed somewhat. I just bought a set for my daughter and just bought a pair of 14" A Custom hats. I am not that crazy about them after getting them home. I originally had my heart set on either a pair of 13" Ks or K Custom...
  5. Strangelove

    Revolutionary Thought

    How about a complete set made out of Ludalloy, Ludwig? Except this time lose the chrome and leave it like brushed aluminum.
  6. Strangelove

    Got bad medical news

    I had a ct scan done yesterday and the doc says I have an aortic aneurysm. He said it is 2.5 cm and they don't start trying to track them until 3 cm, but that sounds awful close to me.
  7. Strangelove

    Collins out

    Of course the first comment in the comment section is hidden:
  8. Strangelove

    Paiste Giant Beats on recordings

    This is a great video of all of Nick Mason's Giant Beats: Classic vintage white labels.
  9. Strangelove

    My argument for G Pluses as great Resos

    They are single ply, and resonate better than double ply, but are thicker than G1s or Ambassadors for a fuller or thicker sound.
  10. Strangelove

    Best place to buy Istanbuls?

    I particularly fell in love with the Mehmet Sultan Hats, but maybe I need to hear some more AGOPs.
  11. Strangelove

    So I am trying to buy a drum set for my church

    It's a medium sized place, so I have already decided that high attack drums and cymbals are out of the question. Then I am trying to keep the total tag for drums, stands, and cymbals below $1,500. I am not familiar at all with the type of music they play other than it is contemporary Christian...
  12. Strangelove

    Ringo's Drums

    Check out this website: Just thought I would share.
  13. Strangelove

    Anybody else into Zydeco?

    Some of my favorites: Chris Ardoin: Keith Frank: Beau Jocque...
  14. Strangelove

    Oh, those Jazz Funerals!

    For those who have never seen one:
  15. Strangelove

    Post Your Entries - Best Rock Groove

    Which Rock Song has the best groove you ever heard? Post a video clip of it. After a few days, re-open this thread and try to rate them all 1-10. Here's mine - Heavy Fuel by the Dire Straits: and the most excellent live version in Switzerland...
  16. Strangelove

    The Stairway to Heaven Ride Cymbal

    You don't get to see these very often, but here is a vintage Paiste Giant Beat White Label 24" like John Bonham used to play back in Led Zeppelin's glory days This is also the cymbal used by Nick Mason for the legendary ride sound on...
  17. Strangelove

    Vintage Ludwig - John Bonham sound

    Does anyone else love the sound of these toms? Here is Jeff Ochletree discussing his setup and tuning: Thanks Bernhard for posting these videos on Bonham's page!
  18. Strangelove

    Contrast of Cymbals making styles - Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Istanbul

    Zildjian: Paiste: Sabian: Istanbul...
  19. Strangelove

    Old Ks

    Those vintage Ks: And for the vintage cymbal fans, here's an old Paiste 602 (Paiste's old B20 cymbal from the 1960s):
  20. Strangelove

    Bernard Purdie on Shuffles and Ghost Notes

    This man is just unbelievable.