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  1. ChrisCirino

    Pearl project complete!

    Oh no! Bo has gone down the 26' bass drum rabbit hole again. By Christmas he'll be back to his 13/16/22. Any wagers?
  2. ChrisCirino

    The needless debate over drum construction and the misguided search for undo drum resonance

    I hope this post will meet with much debate here on DW. I encourage any and all discourse on the matter. My words are not intended to offend, but instead are meant to elicit some thought from those who ceaselessly seek the ultimate drum sound. Truth be told I am not a professional drummer, but...
  3. ChrisCirino

    The Last of the Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes (Made in Japan)

    My beautiful Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drums. The last of the Made in Japan sets. Very lucky to have found them at the end of their run a few years ago. Finest drums I have ever owned and I own and have owned many. Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute (Vintage Natural) 5x10 Stage Custom Birch Snare...
  4. ChrisCirino

    Ludwig Classic Maple & Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Review

    Let me begin by admitting to my severe drum addiction. In the last 6 months I have purchased two high end drum kits (Ludwig Classic Maples & Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute) and built a third out of Keller shells. That wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t already own five other kits (Two DW, Two vintage...
  5. ChrisCirino

    My New Ludwig Classic Maples

    My new Ludwig Classic Maples. I've had these for a few months but this is their first time out on the town. 2014 Ludwig Classic Maples in Sable Black Lacquer, fully rounded bearing edges, Atlas mounts on toms/floor toms : 7x10 (Not Pictured) 8x12 (Clear CS Batter/Clear Ambassador Reso) 14x14...
  6. ChrisCirino

    Rockin' My New Ludwig Classic Maples

    Rockin' my new Ludwig Classic Maples Saturday night at the First Ward House in St Joe, MO
  7. ChrisCirino

    The Wife Says Somethings Got To Go: A Decision is Made!!!

    It is clear to me from your replies that I must first get rid of my wife and soon thereafter the widely hated DW Short Stack kit. Strangely, she is favorite wife and that is my favorite kit. I play all of these kits pretty regularly as my band gigs most weekends and I tend to tailor my kit and...
  8. ChrisCirino

    The Wife Says Somethings Got To Go: Help me make the choice

    The Wife Says Somethings Got To Go: Weigh In? From Left to Right: 1972 Ludwig 3-ply, B/O Badges, Blue Silk: 9x13, 10x14, 16x16, 16x18, 14x24 1979 Ludwig 6-ply, B/O Badges, Red Cortex: 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 2014 Ludwig Classic Maple, Keystone Bagde, Black Sable Lacquer, Atlas Mounts...
  9. ChrisCirino

    Channelling my inner Cozy Powell

    Channelling my inner Cozy Powell for the Rainbow classic Stargazer. Recorded at The Scene Rock Bar in KCMO this past Friday, February 7, 2014.
  10. ChrisCirino

    Some More Old Farts Rockin'

    More from the smokey depths of our local pub.
  11. ChrisCirino

    Old Farts Still Rockin' Me and the boys playing the local pub in St. Joe, MO.
  12. ChrisCirino

    Early 80's Ludwig Restoration Complete

    Just finished working on this early 80's Ludwig, Blue/Olive, 6-Ply, Big Beat set-up. This is going to be my main gigging kit so it's not a classic restoration but more of a resto-mod. Both toms have Ambassador X batter heads, Clear Ambassador resos and S-Hoops that I had left over from an old...
  13. ChrisCirino

    My Resurrected Gretsch Kit

    Well I finally got around to digging my old Gretsch's out of their cases and setting them up for the first time in a decade. A friend and I built this kit around 1989 from a mismatched round badge 20" bass drum and 14" tom. We found the two stop sign 8" & 10" short stack toms in a pile of old...
  14. ChrisCirino

    My All-Original 1972 (3-Ply w/ Re-Rings) Ludwigs

    My new 72 Ludwig 3 plys in original Blue silk wrap (all original hardware). Well they're new to me (great ebay find). Bought them as a complete Pro Beat set around Christmas last year. I just moved and finally got to set them up in my new drum room. Ludwig B/O LM402 9x13 10x14 (not shown) 16x16...
  15. ChrisCirino

    Depraved Drum Porn (Enter At Your Own Risk)

    For the first time in a few years I am without a band and as luck should have it I am trapped in the house with all of my drums at the same place at the same time. Below is the work of some seriously idle hands. Enjoy
  16. ChrisCirino

    So Many Snares, So Little Time

    I have probably owned about thirty snare drums over the last three decades, but here are my current seven. This is the first time in many years they've all been assembled at one place at the same time, so I thought I ought to take a picture. They are from left to right: 5.5X13 Brady Jarrah...
  17. ChrisCirino

    Good Times, Bad Times video on youtube

    I know I'm opening myself to some wicked criticism from Bonham purists, but here's my take on the Zeppelin classic. And yes, I am playing live with a band who are just off camera.
  18. ChrisCirino

    New youtube video of Journey's Wheel in the Sky

    I am working on editing some video footage of a recent gig and this is the first installment. I just started playing with these guys and had about a month to learn twelve new songs. I had several different versions of this song to work with. Ultimately the guys settled on the live version from...
  19. ChrisCirino

    My "New" DW Silver Badge Kit

    Please skip ahead if you are not a DW geek like me. Very similar to my other DW Kit just bigger sizes. I've been playing a lot more classic rock lately and thought the change was warranted. The only new drum is the 16x22 bass drum, all the other drums are part of my original DW kit. When I...
  20. ChrisCirino

    Zoom Q3 Video of Band Rehearsal

    Just trying to figure out my new Zoom Q3. No one really had the patience to let me mess around with it too much, so I only caught bits and pieces of the practice with placement and settings that worked. I hope to get it dialed in over the next few weeks, so I can post some decent videos...