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  1. stasz

    You NEED to watch this video about drummers...

    I personally really enjoyed this video...hope you guys like it too. It's two drummers about to audition for a big jazz school. I've definitely had this conversation before. (Warning: Some bad language) Sorry if this is a...
  2. stasz

    Darren Jessee

    OK so this thread is a little late, since Darren Jessee was the drummer for Ben Folds Five, and they broke up 10 years ago. I don't think he's played drums on any recordings since--though he is singer/songwriter in his band Hotel Lights. Anyway, any other fans of his drumming for Ben Folds...
  3. stasz

    How Depressing Is It...

    To record yourself playing along to your iPod and listening back to it. Just did for a couple of songs, and my playing sounds terrible and out of time. Kind of a reality check. If you're ever feeling good about your playing, record it and listen back, and see how good you feel then
  4. stasz

    what is hip?

    this is me at imea district jazz festival this weekend, playing an arrangement of what is hip? by tower of power, with a short solo towards the end. let me know what you think. i definitely think i might have rushed in the solo a little.......
  5. stasz

    Juggling and drumming Assaf Seewi

    This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I want to learn how to juggle just to be able to do this
  6. stasz

    Bill Cosby drumming video

    There's a new video up on DW of Bill Cosby on the Dick Cavett show where he talks about when he played the drums as a kid. If you haven't yet seen the video on Youtube or somewhere else yet, you've got to make sure to watch it. The way bill talks about drumming is too good...
  7. stasz

    renown audio

    Here's a recording of my renowns. It was taken with the built in microphone on my iMac so the quality is not the greatest. I was playing along to Todd Rundgren's "I saw the light". Give me some feedback stasz note: I was not using the exact setup as...
  8. stasz

    My testament to nail polish on stick tips

    A little while back we had a thread about strengthening wooden stick tips to keep them from chipping. One solution that made sense to me was coating the tips with nail polish, so I tried it out. I took several pairs of sticks I was using and coated their tips with nail polish. I wasn't very...
  9. stasz

    gretsch renowns!!!

    I just scored these off ebay. $830 after shipping for 22" kick and 3 toms!!!! Couldn't be more happy. After these ship, every drum and all but one cymbal on my kit are ones that I bought used. I can't stress the advantages of buying used gear. I only get to open them at christmas so expect an...
  10. stasz

    Morgan Agren vids

    I'm totally impressed by these new morgan agren videos. Thanks for the upload bernhard! I've never heard of him before and the music his band plays is something else, but I really like his style. His drums and cymbals sound fantastic and I really enjoy his soloing. When I heard those repeated...
  11. stasz

    Give any song more cowbell!!

    So you all know the SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken where he needs "more cowbell" right? Well my sister linked me to this site where you can upload an mp3 track and it will add a cowbell track to it. You can pick your amount of cowbell and even add some christopher walken in if...
  12. stasz

    Black Galaxy Acrolite!!!

    It's all mine. After shipping $118 : ) Of course this is just the teaser post. Need to wait for it to ship, which shouldn't be long. I'm so excited!!
  13. stasz

    Favorite Tempo Shifts

    Since we drummers are always focused on tempo tempo tempo I was wondering if you guys have ever found that a shift in tempo ever really was integral to a song. It could be anything from a straight double time into normal time or just an ever-so-slight waning or waxing of the bpm. You could also...