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  1. DrumEatDrum

    Class ring curiosity

    My school didn't have class rings. And even if it did, I don't get the point. I couldn't wait to get out of high school. The last thing I would want to do would be commemorate it.
  2. DrumEatDrum

    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Was the seller Bo? lol Seriously, congrats!
  3. DrumEatDrum

    Sold the Gurus

    Well, Larry, you go me.
  4. DrumEatDrum

    Who played it first?

    🤣😂😅 So true!!
  5. DrumEatDrum

    Who played it first?

    Back to the "In the Air Tonight" fill, Phill always said he was inspired by a fill he heard Chester play on a Frank Zappa record. Ansley Dumbar also played with Zappa, so they're drawing from the same well, so to speak. But the In the Air Tonight fill is also identical in rhythm (though...
  6. DrumEatDrum

    The myth of special equipment?

    I think part of it is experience playing different kits, and part of it is just mental attitude. Before going to PIT, I would obsess over how my drums were set up, and I was a nervous wreck about having to not play my own kit for a whole year when I was getting ready to go to PIT. But after...
  7. DrumEatDrum

    Okay... I'm good with paying for streaming movies... but!

    I have a wife and two kids. If I take all of just o the movies, it's flipping expensive. I'd be happy to ONLY pay $20-$30 to stream a 1st run movie. Plus watching at home means I can have a beer with the movie. lol
  8. DrumEatDrum

    Is there a known bpm limit to how fast a drummer can play?

    Sounds like an echo effect is being applied. I.E. he's not going that fast. It just sounds like it.
  9. DrumEatDrum

    Is there a known bpm limit to how fast a drummer can play?

    First, you would have to define what is being played. 16th notes at 100 BPM would sound the same as 8th notes at 200 BPM, and in theory, the same as a quarter note played at 400 BPM. This means in theory, one could play whole notes at 1600 BPM without much problem.
  10. DrumEatDrum

    Help me

    I agree. Right around the mid 90's they started making APK's in a variety of wild retro finishes. Some ended up just being for a limited time. Is that a black interior? Then that for a sure a 90's era APK.
  11. DrumEatDrum

    Thinking of going down to a 12/14/20

    2 months? I would guess by next week. lol
  12. DrumEatDrum

    Ever broken a drum beyond repair?

    A drum beyond repair? No. I've broken lots of snare strainers, snares, and even a snare stand. But the drum itself is still good and still sounds good to this day.
  13. DrumEatDrum

    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    John Entwistle and Keith Moon.
  14. DrumEatDrum

    Drummers who have changed brand affiliation the most??

    JR Robinson stated many times he left Yamaha for Peart because Yamaha wouldn't make his ideas for a snare drum and Pearl would. And Pearl did make a JR Robinons snare drum. Though JR would return to Yamaha a few years later. Before leaving them again for DW....
  15. DrumEatDrum

    Equiptment memories

    Way back at PIT in the early 90's, one of the classrooms had a vintage 20" Paiste 602 flat ride. The ride sounded amazing. Sure, it was limited in use (I wouldn't want on the average rock gig). but it had a sound that has stuck with me to this day.
  16. DrumEatDrum


    1000% agreed. It bugs me when someone doesn't take the context into account.
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    Drummers who have changed brand affiliation the most??

    Re_Nicko and Premier. One year (I forget which year) I went to NAMM, and there was a big spot for Premier drums, and it was empty, save two folding chairs. It was just sad. Not a single drum in sight. And soon after that was the announcement Nicko went back to Sonar. And then Premier at...
  18. DrumEatDrum

    Drummers who have changed brand affiliation the most??

    Largely true. The only times I've heard of payments made to endorse were some years ago when Ddrum went on a buying spree, and they got Dave Lombardo, Ray Luzier, and many others payments to endorse Ddrum for a year. But as soon as the year was up, there were no payments offered again, and...
  19. DrumEatDrum

    Drummers who have changed brand affiliation the most??

    I meant back in the 1970s. He was with Ludwig in the 60s, then briefly with Slingrrland, but I swear he went with Ludwig again before switching to Pearl in the early 80's. The fact that Sabian took him back is special treatment enough!
  20. DrumEatDrum

    Drummers who have changed brand affiliation the most??

    This. Ludwig, Slingerland, back to Ludwig I think, Pearl, Premier, Mapex, then Ddrum, and back to the new Slingerland. His website currently says Ddrum (again?) And on Cymbals, he went from Paiste to Zildjian, to Sabian to Istanbul. His website says he's back with Sabian now. On sticks...