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  1. Tony Trout

    Ronnie Tutt - HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Elvis's former and Neil Diamond's current(?) drummer is 80 today!!! Although he's probably more "known" as "Elvis's drummer" I'm sure he has fans out there who know that he's worked with Neil since 1981. Happy birthday, Ronnie! May it be an awesome day for you!! (I know he won't read...
  2. Tony Trout

    Avery Molek - Awesome 11-year-old drummer from PA??

    I know he's just a kid but has anybody here heard of Avery Molek, the 11-year-old drummer from Pennsylvania???? I've known about him since first seeing him with Brad Paisley on "GMA" (via YouTube) and I've followed his progress and this kid is absolutely more amazing every time I hear him & he...
  3. Tony Trout

    My Goal To Pursue: Put Together A Ron Tutt Ludwig Kit But...

    ....I need some ideas on how much space I'll need for it. I know a couple of players who have built their own kits from stuff bought off of Ebay or from drum stores (Brad Swiger & Udo Masshoff - they're both FB friends of mine) and I'm badly wanting to replicate their setup - but I am going to...
  4. Tony Trout

    Smaller Drums In Front Of The Kick Drum???

    I was watching, "The Dance", DVD by Fleetwood Mac and also browsing through the drummers listed here on the site (Tommy Aldridge) & one thing that I just began to notice is that there is what looks to me like a couple of smaller drums (like a snare drum) laid up against the front of the kick...
  5. Tony Trout

    Too Old To Play???

    I know this is a stupid question and I'm not trying at all to pad my post count any of you drummers ever think that there comes a time in a person's life when they're too old to seriously start playing drums? Also, some of you know that I was born with Cerebral Palsy &...
  6. Tony Trout

    Converting YouTube Links Into Actual Videos?

    Mods, I was thinking about this the other evening but just forgot to post and ask: Is there a way to somehow convert a YouTube link into an actual video? A few other forums I'm on do this and it makes it much easier to watch a video rather than having to go to YouTube and watch it. Thoughts?
  7. Tony Trout

    Ex-Byrds Drummer Gene Parsons Drum Kit??

    Does anyone know what brand of drums were played by ex-Byrd drummer, Gene Parsons (he's no relation to the late Gram Parsons who, ironically, was also in The Byrds for a very brief time in the 1960s). If anybody could answer my question, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, gang! Tony T.
  8. Tony Trout

    Getting Over Being Timid/Shy Playng Drums??

    I started out playing drums in church around 8 years old. The set was a really small Ludwig 5-piece set with just a ride cymbal. I wound up learning to play pretty well - despite having Cerebral Palsy which affects the joints/muscles. However, over the years as I've encountered bigger sets...
  9. Tony Trout

    Wanting To Try To Setup A Ronnie Tutt Blue Sparkle Tribute Kit - HELP??

    Hey, guys! I don't post here much but I have run across a couple of people (actually three, besides the Man, himself, who have put together their own Ronnie Tutt tribute kits right down to the correct cymbal layout and the four concert toms that was on Ronnie's original set from the 1970s...
  10. Tony Trout

    Double-Bass Drum Setup Popularity - When Did It Begin?!?

    This might sound (or, like a stupid question but I have always wondered: Just exactly when did using a double-bass drum setup become the most popular or, I guess, most used? Was it during the late 1960s and into the 1970s??? Because it seemed as though the use of the...
  11. Tony Trout

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symtoms?

    For the last couple of days, my right hand has been very numb and very painful in the wrist and thumb and first finger and I can't put any weight on the hand. Are these symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome??
  12. Tony Trout

    Roland V-Drums - Opinions?

    Anybody own a set of Roland V electronic drums? FWIW, I absolutely love them and wish I could afford a set!
  13. Tony Trout

    Too Old To Seriously Take Up Drumming?

    Just a simple question like it says,...... I'm 35 years old and disabled with Cerebral it too late for me to want to get serious and learn how to play drums "properly"???