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  1. boomstick

    What's your latest purchase?

    This is my groovy new stick bag for my extra sticks and beaters (and one bamboo flute). It's a carrying bag for a hammock. I replaced the very thin drawstring with thicker cordage.
  2. boomstick

    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Ah, you went with the WMP! Good call. They look awesome.
  3. boomstick

    Getting a small kit

    Cool. Forgot to add, another factor in choosing the toms was hardware compatibility, and the PDP tom bracket on that series accepts the Pearl tom mount. Of course, this would also be a benefit in going with Pearl toms.
  4. boomstick

    Getting a small kit

    Yeah, it's amazing how much adding "real" toms the the Rhythm Traveler makes it feel like a "real" kit. The sizes I got are 12x9 and 14x12. They match nicely with the RT kick and snare, but it's a little dicey mounting the 12x9 on the RT kick, so a smaller/lighter tom might work better if that...
  5. boomstick

    Getting a small kit

    No experience with the Tama, but I share your affection for the Rhythm Traveler. I kept the bass drum and snare, ditched the one-sided toms, and replaced them with 2 PDP toms. I described the process in this thread.
  6. boomstick

    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    For smaller toms up to 13", I find suspension mounts to be a necessary evil. I don't like their wobbly nature, but the resonant difference is noticeable enough to me that I use them. I ditched the RIMS style mount that came with my 13" tom and replaced it with a Pearl Optimount, which I think is...
  7. boomstick

    Ever bought a great-sounding kit with a finish you weren't too crazy about?

    When I think country band, I think wood finish, but here's the drummer for the Man in Black rockin some white concert toms, so what do I know?
  8. boomstick

    Ever bought a great-sounding kit with a finish you weren't too crazy about?

    Vanity can be a factor, but it can be about presentation too. Certain finishes just wouldn't work with certain gigs, like a "blood spatter" finish for a wedding band.
  9. boomstick

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    Nor are drums necessary for learning. There's probably been countless drummers in the world who came from poor backgrounds and learned on a bucket that can beat the pants off a lot of players on a kit. Maybe acceptance of the pad is the difference between a student with a passing fancy for...
  10. boomstick

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    Tell them all the early lessons are hours of painting fences and waxing cars.
  11. boomstick

    Tendonitis in the elbow

    Yes, when I did this, I would often find a knot that was rather far from where I thought the pain was centered, and working on it would really help. It's amazing how working out one of these kinks in one part of your body can relieve pain in other parts. I recall that even working on my wrist...
  12. boomstick

    When/how to play 16ths on the hi-hat

    Once I started playing R&B tunes, I realized the 16th note groove was all over the place, and knew I had to step up my single-handed hat work. This guy has some pretty good tips I think.
  13. boomstick

    Tendonitis in the elbow

    I've had this problem, and it's no picnic. Don't know the extent of your injury, but mine was pretty bad in the right elbow. It wasn't caused by drumming, but I couldn't play without aggravating it, which means it never would have healed if I persisted. So, I just decided to let it rest and let...
  14. boomstick

    My Current Setup

    That is literally badass, and I can see how that shape would be advantageous for drum kit use.
  15. boomstick

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    I've been drumming since I was a kid, but my most effective learning and development happened over the age of 40.
  16. boomstick

    Using our drums as holistic medicine?

    Spotted this "pow wow drum" on craigslist recently. If only I had the extra money and space...
  17. boomstick

    Using our drums as holistic medicine?

    I have seriously considered performing "gong baths" for people, which is basically the audience laying on the floor and listening/feeling gongs being played. But the expense and transport associated with gongs is kind of daunting.
  18. boomstick

    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    First that came to my mind was Sting/Stewart Copeland. Flea/Chad Smith are great together. Top of my list is the rhythm section for the original JBs: Bootsy Collins/Jabo Starks or Bootsy/Clyde Stubblefield.
  19. boomstick

    Cowbell Mount

    I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking at this Gibraltar clamp for this purpose. Model is SC-LRAC, and I'm seeing it listed for around $25.
  20. boomstick

    Negative effects of positive feedback.

    That's really cool. I've heard of directors quietly attending screenings of their movies to see how a real audience reacts. Never thought about top musicians getting feedback from audience members, but it makes a lot of sense.