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  1. DrumEatDrum

    Feeling old

    Part 1) I was sitting here thinking, yeah, I can program all sorts of fancy clicks on my computer, but I kind of just missing the simplicity of programming clicks on my old HR-16. Or just a simple metronome I could do subdivisions on. But not one with those annoying sounds, but loud enough to...
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    Rest in Peace Roy Burns I really love the column he used to write for Modern Drummer way back when. And I'm a big fan of Aquarian Heads.
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    After years of heavy playing, older drummers feel toll on health Click to read the whole article.
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    You know you're a drummer.....

    I am sitting at our dinning room table, I see a sheet of what appears to be my son's homework. It has listed: 8x8 7x8 8x12 10x10 12x12 11x12 9x12 And I think "oh good, they're teaching him tom-tom sizes". You know, instead of realizing it's his math homework. lol
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    Paul Kantner R.I.P.

    While never the main vocalist, main songwriter or main guitarists, he was generally regarded as the band leader behind not just one, but two successful name bands.
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    What is old is new again: My NAMM report

    This year I was only able to attend NAMM for one day. Due to limited time, I didn't take many pictures, or look at everything, but I did notice one trend: Manufactures are trying to put pawn shops out of business. Nearly every "new" product was an old product. Zilldjian's big thing was...
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    Boba Fett is a drummer

    Who knew the bounty hunter was also a drummer? Worth the watch
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    Steve Smith re-joins Journey

    With Deen Castronovo officially fired from the band following his legal troubles, and a last minute fill in from Omar Hakim, the drum chair was open. " Interesting because in...
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    Former MOTÖRHEAD Drummer PHIL 'PHILTHY ANIMAL' TAYLOR Dies At 61 (click the link for the full article). At the first Bonzo Bash, I was standing there, and Taylor walked in and stood next to me, looking exactly like he did in the Ace of Spades video.
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    Tommy Lee Down, Sobel fills in

    Drumming and injuries happen, even the pros. I've known Glenn for many years, and I'm happy his career is going so well. Although also (not so) funny, that a little over a year...
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    Why Do All Records Sound the Same?

    Long article, but a good read. It better explains what many of us think, or have tried to say about modern pop music. a few excerpts:
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    R.i.P Vic Firth
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    Beer And ‘Exposure’ Now Legal Tender (click link for full article) Can we make this retroactive by 20 years? :-P
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    Old Albums Outsell New Albums

    On itunes in America. Over the years there have been many threads on this board about new music vs older music. Many have said older music is better than newer music, while others contend it's just a case of when you're young, you like new music, and as you get older, you tend to stick to...
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    New at NAMM was a new electronic drum company from KHS. Essentially, these are Mapex e-drums, without the Mapex name (presumably to attract endorsers who may endorse other brands of acoustic drums or perhaps to avoid the bad reputation Mapex gotten via a certain person up north). This new...
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    Why your stuff isn't selling

    I stumbled upon this via another fellow DW member. I'm surprised no one else has posted it. Taken from a Houston area craiglist ad, although I think it applies to just about anywhere used drum gear is listed for sale:
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    Wall Street Journal: Declining Opportunities for Cover Bands (click for full article) This goes with what some one of us have observed. Many people choose DJs, karaoke, or just staying home and using the internet over going to bars these days. So much of...
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    Drummer Denny Carmassi sues Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I did think it was weird Denny was left out. I met him once, a long time ago. He seemed like a nice guy.
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    Daniel Liljekvist leaves Katatonia to "get a normal job that gets the bills payed"

    It's getting hard and harder to be a fan of modern bands, as so few of them can support themselves doing music anymore. Which is pretty similar to why Cristiano 'Criz' Mozzati recently left Lacuna Coil...
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    Joe and the Hybrid Rolling Drum Kit

    It's easy to dwell on what we can't do behind the drums. But then sometimes someone comes along and puts it into perspective. I met Joe a few NAMMs back, although I can't say I really know him. He plays drums via a special Axis pedal, as you see, Joe has no legs. This year, Joe upped his...