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  1. caddywumpus

    Drilling satin flame wrap

    I know that satin flame wrap is a sensitive material and fairly easy to scratch/nick/fracture. I want to drill/mount hardware on a drum that has a satin flame wrap on it, and I'm wondering what the best way to do this is without causing it to crack and "spiderweb" out from the drill hole...
  2. caddywumpus

    leave me alone rant #3

    I got an unexpected package delivered to my doorstep today. I'm glad that my dog, a retired DEA dog, barked loudly and without ceasing at the package. I bent over to see if I could smell anything. Yep, exactly what I suspected...the familiar aroma of my arch-nemesis: marijuana! It was then I...
  3. caddywumpus

    Just a G.A.S. observation

    So, I have not been checking in on the forums as frequently as I used to (a couple of drum forums, a bass forum, a recording forum...), and I've noticed a significant drop in the amount of mental allocation my G.A.S. takes up on a daily basis. My trips to the music shops, pawn shops, and even...
  4. caddywumpus

    How do I pick out a good set of tablas?

    What the title said. I'm looking to buy some tablas and begin study. I want to buy something that better than "student quality" drums. I'm wondering what criteria I should be looking for, any red flags to be aware of, and any general advice about picking out a good set of tablas. Thanks...
  5. caddywumpus

    some Revival Drum Shop love

    I came across this "photo essay" on Revival Drum Shop in Portland, OR. Since a quite a few people have asked about what the shop is like, this is the best way to answer that question--lots and lots of eye candy (drum porn). I'm so lucky to have this place in my hometown...
  6. caddywumpus

    Caddy's 2012 Snare Thread

    Hey all! Here's a thread with some pics of my recently-downsized snare collection. I kept the cream of the crop, and here they are to sate your eye-candy/drum porn addictions. I've talked about several of these snares in depth over the past few years, but feel free to ask questions. You know...
  7. caddywumpus

    Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge kit!

    Finally, after long last, the restoration process is finished. I'm just waiting on new heads right now, but I thought I'd share the story, in pictures, with you guys. Enjoy the pics! 1. rack tom, painted a very, very thick blue... 2. rack tom, with hardware removed. You can see how the...
  8. caddywumpus

    Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

    Hello DW family, I have a bit of a situation in my life right now, and would like some input. I'll sum up the story as quickly as I can: A few months back, an acquaintance of mine moved out of town, and had to give up a gig of his in town. He referred me for the gig, I took it on, and have...
  9. caddywumpus

    Need some help with to remove paint from a plastic hardshell case

    Basically, how do you remove paint from a plastic hardcase like an SKB or XL case? I checked out and bought a used kit for a student, and it came with some hardcases. My student's parents didn't see the need to get the cases, so I'm left with them and want to sell them. The problem is, I...
  10. caddywumpus

    Re-vamping my studio! Suggestions?

    It's been about 8 years since I've cleaned up/out the studio, and put it back together (I used to do this every year). It's my chance to rearrange, clean up under everything, etc. I was just wondering if any of you other studio guys have any random insights or tips I can take into...
  11. caddywumpus

    What factors influence how you tune the drums?

    I was chatting with some fellow drummers the other day, and one of them mentioned how odd it was that drummers who are really "into" gear generally tend to like higher tunings on their drums. I thought this was an interesting observation. We chatted more, and noticed a few other things: 1...
  12. caddywumpus

    Caddy's Gretsch Round Badge project

    So, I picked up a Gretsch Round Badge kit a few weeks ago. It appears to be an amalgamation of several orphan pieces put together: 12"X8" tom, 14"x14" floor tom, 20"x14" bass drum. The tom is painted blue, outside AND inside (grrrr....), the floor tom has been stripped and had the holes...
  13. caddywumpus

    Question for Gretsch drummers

    When did Gretsch start putting paper tags inside the shells? Do they still do it? If not, when did they stop? If so, what models/lines/series/whatever do they still use them on? MUCH thanks in advance! (My internet searching came up dry...)
  14. caddywumpus

    Are "over-rated" threads over-rated?

    PLEASE!!! Somebody put a stop to this! PLEA-E-E-EASE!!!!!
  15. caddywumpus

    Difference between the LP conga lines

    So, all you hand-drummers who know your gear: what exactly are the differences between the Aspire, Performer, Matador, Classic, Classic II, etc. lines of Latin Percussion's congas? I've looked them all up, and they seem to be the same, made of the same "environmentally-friendly Siam Oak"...
  16. caddywumpus

    What's most/least important in music

    I was thinking today about what one of my theory professors in college said, about how rhythm is the most important element in music...more than melody and harmony. While that's a relief for drummers and fundamentally accurate, I began to think about what I would like to listen to (like on a...
  17. caddywumpus

    Does anyone have an Ocheltree Dangerous Snare?

    I'm thinking, seriously, about buying one of these drums. Does anyone have any experience with them? Also, any information anyone has on it would be great (I know it's made of carbon steel and weighs a ton, but I mean like when they were made, how much they originally sold for, how many were...
  18. caddywumpus

    Difference in resonance of a drum with various lug styles/locations/amounts?

    I've had this question for a while, and it's been touched on before, in many various forms, but never as thoroughly as I'd like... There are several variables to consider about lug casings, such as where/how many/what type. Spaun uses a solid brass lug casing with the lug infused into it, with...
  19. caddywumpus

    Drum kit classifications in reference to the bass drum size

    I've noticed that drummers typically refer to drum sets as a specific kind of kit, according to the size of the bass drum. For example, in another thread, it was mentioned that kits with a 16" kick are referred to as "jungle" kits. I've also noticed that kits with 18" kicks primarily get...
  20. caddywumpus

    Money-EARNING tips for drummers in a bad economy

    It's getting harder for some to make ends meet. The traditional routes of earning a living as a musician are starting to dry up a bit as people are becoming more frugal in the current fragile economic state. What are some ways to keep the money coming in steadily for working drummers during...