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  1. Mighty_Joker

    Page turns in snare drum (or percussion generally) scores

    As part of my ongoing composition role, I am producing a large swathe of original snare drum pieces. Many of these pieces are multiple pages, and I am faced with the task of printing them (commercially) for distribution. As the publisher, it falls to me to decide how best to present them. One...
  2. Mighty_Joker

    What's on your "wishlist"?

    For me, it's this: 7.5mm thick solid maple shell. gorgeous glossy wood finish. The tone and responsiveness of this... *Homer Simpson drool*. Just need to decide whether to get the 5" or 6.5" depth, but at...
  3. Mighty_Joker

    Evans orchestral snare heads vs. Remo Diplomat Renn.

    The industry standard for orchestral snare drum work seems to be Remo Diplomat Rennaissance heads. I've got one of these, and an Ambassador Renn. which I alternate with on my Pearl PHA 14x6.5 aluminium snare. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of the Evans offerings, namely the...
  4. Mighty_Joker

    Pearl Philharmonic Concert Snares - Anyone know what's happening with them?

    Many of Pearl's Philharmonic line have suddenly been discontinued. Talking with various suppliers, drums like the 4" deep brass Philharmonic is out of stock everywhere, and I was informed that Pearl are "revamping" their Philharmonic line. Does anyone know what they're doing, and when any new...
  5. Mighty_Joker

    Learning Pieces to Tempo - Your Approach?

    Hi folks, I'm interested in your approach to learning long pieces with a tempo goal. Let's say you had a 6-page piece (roughly 5 minutes long) at a tempo at which you weren't particularly comfortable. What would your approach be? Would you learn a small section and practise that until it was...
  6. Mighty_Joker

    Working with polyrhythms and odd tuplets using the PolyNome app.

    Hi all, I was delighted to be asked to become an artist endorser of the Polynome app today,so recorded a video showing how I use its (ridiculously powerful) rhythm tools to work with odd rhythms. I’m currently doing some composition work on the snare drum and some of the rhythms are pretty...
  7. Mighty_Joker

    Expressing tempo in 15/16

    Interested in your thoughts here: I am currently working with a snare drum composition in 15/16. This time signature is used here to express three beats, each containing five 16th notes. Essentially three quintuplets per bar. I want a beat tempo of 88bpm, so in 3/4 the quarter-notes would be...
  8. Mighty_Joker

    Working with Broken Time Motifs (Broken Time Drumming)

    Hi folks, In this live stream, I demonstrate my approach to working on broken time motifs from my book. I discuss technical aspects, as well as musical application and motivic development. Hope you like it! Cheers, J Broken Time Drumming can be bought here.
  9. Mighty_Joker

    Broken Time Drumming is finished and out now!

    Hi all, As some of you may know, I've been working on my second book this year. It is called Broken Time Drumming, and is dedicated to the study of the eponymous style of drumming. You can buy a physical copy or a digital pdf here: Here are some videos...
  10. Mighty_Joker

    Motivic Development within Broken Time Drumming

    Hi all, Here's my first stream following the launch of my new book called Broken Time Drumming. In this video, I demonstrate my conceptual approach to developing a broken time phrase. Thanks, J
  11. Mighty_Joker

    Thicker Head for 6.5” Aluminium Philharmonic

    I’ve got a 14x6.5” Aluminium Pearl Philharmonic. I love it. It came with a Remo Diplomat Renaissance. It’s a very high quality head but I don’t like it. it produces a dry, papery sound that, while very articulate, lacks the power I am looking for. What heads can I consider that will provide a...
  12. Mighty_Joker

    Accents in Konnakol Rhythms

    I'm looking at a breakdown of the basic konnakol counts: 2 subdivisions (Chatusra 1/2 Speed): Ta Ka 3 subdivisions (Tisra): Ta Ki Da 4 subdivisions (Chatusra): Ta Ka Di Mi 5 subdivisions (Khanda): Ta Ka Gi Na Thom 6 subdivisions (Tisra Double Speed): Ta Ka Di Mi Ta Ka 7 subdivisions (Misra): Ta...
  13. Mighty_Joker

    Broken Time Drumming - Flying Trapeze Play-Along Performance

    Hi again all, following on from yesterday’s Etude performance, here is one of the play-along tracks from my forthcoming book on broken time drumming. I’ve been developing this material for a while now and it’s exciting to see it finally coming together. I hope you enjoy.
  14. Mighty_Joker

    Broken Time Drumming - Etude #2 Solo Performance

    In this video I play Etude #2 from my upcoming book on broken time drumming. This is a challenging piece using odd lengthed motifs and phrases over a 32-bar, 4/4 form. The book is due for release soon, and I'm pleased to say some of Drummerworld's own have contributed their feedback...
  15. Mighty_Joker

    Interview - The Scottish Pipe Drumming Tradition

    As part of my on going work into the snare drum, I'm pleased to publish my next interview. Interview David Fletcher is a drummer who works with traditional military marching bands, as well as massed Scottish pipe bands. His insights into the Scottish pipe drumming tradition are fascinating as...
  16. Mighty_Joker

    Closing the Drag Gap - Research Paper and Survey Results

    Hi all, A while ago I asked some of you to take part in a survey around grace notes and drags as part of my ongoing snare drum project. I'm pleased to publish the research paper in its entirety, and the results of the survey. Here is the paper's Foreword Find the paper and survey results in...
  17. Mighty_Joker

    Trying to Decide Between These Concert Snares

    I'm looking for a concert snare for modern rudimental solo performance. I have narrowed it down to the Pearl Philharmonic 1465 (6.5" depth). I just need to decide on the material. Beaded Bass (1.5mm): Aluminium (3mm)...
  18. Mighty_Joker

    Research Survey - Snare Drum Project

    As some of you may know, I'm conducting Arts Council funded research into the snare drum which will result in some original compositions and performances. This particular piece of research is in relation to drags, which has some very interesting ambiguities. I'd appreciate your thoughts both in...
  19. Mighty_Joker

    Funk Fusion Recording Session

    Hi folks, Here's some session footage from a recent recording job I did for somebody. Hope you enjoy!
  20. Mighty_Joker

    Snare recommendations

    Hi all, Some of you may know that I am embarking upon a major snare drum project this year (see link in my sig). I am in the market for one or two snare drums for the purpose of solo snare performance. They are not strictly for "concert" performance, though I have been looking at concert snares...