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  1. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Question on DW cymbal felts

    I don't think I've used wingnuts for over ten years. Nothing wrong with using them of course but just don't crank down on the cymbal. If it can swing freely, you're fine.
  2. Mediocrefunkybeat

    So. . . .Laptops: My Chromebook won't. . .

    Agreed. I don't know what prices are in the States but over here in the UK, £500 would get you a decent second-hand, ex-business laptop and I probably wouldn't consider anything new at that price. I'm a little pickier than some (and I work in IT...) and I do think that the new MacBook Airs...
  3. Mediocrefunkybeat

    So. . . .Laptops: My Chromebook won't. . .

    There are plenty of very compelling Windows laptops out there too. I've always liked ThinkPads and they're always very well built and last too. I currently have two ex-work, 5-year old ThinkPads and would happily use the more powerful (once I upgraded the motherboard!) of them for real work if...
  4. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    My parents were very supportive. Out of fairness they had to be, given that my brother had Piano lessons from age 4 and French Horn from age 8! I gave up on the Piano (no chance with my brother around - genuine prodigy) and I definitely think they preferred the singing lessons and practice but...
  5. Mediocrefunkybeat

    So. . . .Laptops: My Chromebook won't. . .

    Ex-business Thinkpad with 8GB or more (16+ preferably), an i5 (or Ryzen 5) or higher with a big enough SSD running Windows is a good proposition. I've been playing around with running Reaper under WINE on Ubuntu lately and it's not bad at all if you wanted to go down the Linux route. If you...
  6. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Something different - Christmas message

    Be Excellent to Each Other. And Party on, Dudes.
  7. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    Thanks for the detailed explanations of your experience there. That really helps me understand your point of view on this.
  8. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    *No money will change hands* I can see your point of view on this, Brent - I really can. And I agree with your notion of 'progress' being the most important thing. I'm not entirely sure I agree with you when it comes to switching lead hands specifically though because I feel as though this is...
  9. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    I think Tier 4 has got to me. Mis-read your intention there. Apologies for being an arse.
  10. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    I will also add that Brent is ten times the player that I am! Not all opinions are equal, etc.
  11. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    I think you're manipulating and selectively quoting to try and misrepresent, here. I am talking about the ergonomic layout of the drum set and your own physical approach to it. This is the context that you have decided to remove to try and make a spurious point. The traditional layout of a...
  12. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Eloy Casagrande

    Playing for Sepultura and an absolute monster. Take a look at this: Holy Hell.
  13. Mediocrefunkybeat

    A body-related question

    You'll be fine. Experiment and try to find an approach that fits you. One of the wonderful things about playing the drums and particularly playing the drums now is that not only are they flexible in terms of layout, but mechanisms like remote hats exist and can help solve a number of...
  14. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Drool... sound like Danny Carey

    Opening with 46&2 is a good start...
  15. Mediocrefunkybeat

    New to drums, intro and a couple questions.

    Firstly - whatever you want to do is valid and there's no particular reason you should be doing it one way or the other. Cross-handed is conventional and open-handed drummers usually have the ride on the same as the hats but if you prefer a conventional layout but playing open-handed, there's...
  16. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Richard Bailey

    I've never listened to Blow by Blow. Just stuck it on for five minutes. Bold mixing decisions there with the drums, right up front-and-centre. And deservedly so. 'Exposed' is exactly the word I would use. And dry. Fantastic.
  17. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Is he not as popular as I think he should be?

    I accept your premise, with the caveat that nobody talks about Styx. Fortunately.
  18. Mediocrefunkybeat

    What is Hip - Tower of Power arrangement

    Yeah, you rule!
  19. Mediocrefunkybeat

    One of our own

    That hits hard. Obviously wishing him all the best for a swift recovery. Thinking of you, Alain.
  20. Mediocrefunkybeat

    1199 & counting

    Rendezvous was a pretty big poster around here back then... That's a long time ago. I've been here 16 years. Blimey. That's half my life.