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  1. Vipercussionist

    Any Love??

    So, I just heard the newest from AC/DC. "Realize" Loved it!! Anyone got some LOVE for Phil Rudd's playing over his AC/DC career?? Saw him playing the acrylic smoked Sonor kit back in 1979, (Powerage tour) on the midway at Rocky Point Park in Warwick Rhode Island. Yes, it was still Bon Scott...
  2. Vipercussionist

    Gretsch Catalina Rock kit. - 16x26, 9x13, 16x16, and a 16x18.

    Here's my review on the Gretsch Catalina Rock kit. Not just a normal review, I've been GIGGING with the kit for over a month now. Doing all kinds of rooms and situations with the kit. Well, I've had occasion to buy and USE a Gretsch Catalina Rock kit. The kit is a 16x26, 9x13, 16x16, and a...
  3. Vipercussionist

    Happy Birthday John Bonham

    Happy Birthday John Bonham!! John Henry Bonham drummer for Led Zeppelin was born on 5.31.1948 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, He is missed and well remembered for his powerful drumming style.
  4. Vipercussionist

    WOAH!! Gadd!!!

    Steve Gadd w/ the U.S. Army Band - Cissy Strut Nice vintage Rogers tone!!!!! Kick drum is . . well. . . KICKIN'!!!! That's a GREAT tuning for a drumkit. The whole damn thing sounds great!!
  5. Vipercussionist

    Ludwig Freaks!! Looky HERE, something SPECIAL??

    Not that I've seen it all, but yet ANOTHER Ludwig oddity makes me scratch my head in wonder!! A really good friend of mine (the dude who sold me the Clear Vistas) just came across a 1970's Ludwig Stainless Steel kit. Nothing out of the ordinary, 12, 13, 16, and a 22 inch kick. Also has a 5...
  6. Vipercussionist

    Buddy Rich, 2 up 1 down??

    And MUFFLING on the TOMS??? I've never seen this one before!! Borrowed from Ed Shaughnessy no doubt! . . . __________________ Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.
  7. Vipercussionist

    Gene Krupa: Day of remembrance, 10.16.1973

    Sorry about the typo, it was 1973, not 1974. Drumming great Gene Krupa passed away on 10.16.1973 in Syracuse, NY at age 64. Let's remember Gene today as it's the anniversary of his passing. A moment of drumming in his honor.
  8. Vipercussionist

    9.30.1917 - Happy birthday Buddy Rich!

    Bernard "Buddy" Rich the world's best drummer was born on 9.30.1917. Happy birthday Buddy!! We still listen intently to your awesome drumming prowess. . . . __________________ Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.
  9. Vipercussionist

    I wish I'd NEVER gotten rid of . . .

    Yeah, you know that piece, or whole kit you got rid of only to find out some time later you were a FOOL for getting rid of it!! I had an absolutely AWESOME and flawless kit of 1960's Ludwig Mod Orange that I got rid of when I decided that bigger kick drums were where I was going. It was a...
  10. Vipercussionist

    Vipercussionist makes some noise.

    Here's a few YouTube's of my main band Young Neal & The Vipers. The lighting is pretty bad w/ typical bad YouTube sound on the Hendrix parts 1 & 2 (Solo on part two) Recorded @ Theodore's in Springfield Massachusetts USA late October 2007. Played my Black 1970's Ludwig B&O's, 12, 16, 24 w/...