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  1. Mastiff

    Pics of 3 up configurations?

    I'm researching for my next kit, which I want to have 3 rack toms. Looking for ideas on how best to mount them (and exactly where, positionally). I'd like to feel more centered than my current kit which is kind of like "all to the right" except the hi-hat, as is typical. This may not be...
  2. Mastiff

    Dumb question: How to buy drums?

    I'll be looking to upgrade to a "real" kit after many years on a starter 5 piece Tama kit. I'm thinking about a slightly bigger kit than is in vogue right now, like a 3 up, 2 down type setup. Looking on Sweetwater (for example) I see full kits in common setups, like 4 and 5 pieces. I also see...
  3. Mastiff

    Double bass lost in mix

    I'm still new to double bass, but getting better... I'm working on a recording with a single pedal part at the beginning and then at the end a double bass part, fast for me at 180 bpm (actually 32nds at 90bpm). What I notice is that at the beginning of the song, in the single bass parts, the...
  4. Mastiff

    Treating ceiling in recording space

    I have a small recording space, something like 10x10' with a 7.5' ceiling. I have some denim insulation on the walls and stacked in the corners to deaden the room a bit. The ceiling is untreated. I've heard of people hanging absorbent materials down from the ceiling, and indeed the ceiling is...
  5. Mastiff

    Compressor as quasi-trigger for bass?

    It seems like a compressor could be used to collapse the dynamic range of the bass drum and give it more of a trigger effect. Is it possible? When I try to make the compressor settings in Studio One very aggressive, it has the effect of making the bass too quiet. This makes sense since the...
  6. Mastiff

    Anyone using Presonus 1824c?

    I'm using it, but there are some things about it I still don't fully understand. In particular, it has a "zero latency" mode that can be enabled through Studio One. It has a noticeably different sound than bare microphones. I'm not sure if it is running effects in hardware, or maybe something...
  7. Mastiff

    Section to discuss drum recording?

    Does it make sense to have a subforum someplace dedicated to drum recording, assuming it doesn't already exist and I missed it? We're well into the age where being able to record yourself decently is becoming a core skill set. I know there are lots of guys here who know what they are doing in...
  8. Mastiff

    Wood beater suggestions?

    Looking for more attack/click from my double bass playing. I'm using a speed cobra, currently with the standard beaters that came with it (silicon rubber or similar contact surface). This one seemed like the obvious choice, but reviewers claimed that it goes out of adjustment while playing...
  9. Mastiff

    Muddy recordings, is it the mikes?

    I've been working up the learning curve on recording. One issue is getting the drums to pop instead of being kind of muddy. For example, the attack on bass and toms seems lacking. I started with the Shure entry level 7 piece mic kit, could that be part of it? I don't yet have a handle on...
  10. Mastiff

    Headphone recommendation?

    Looking for a good combination of hearing protection and sound quality. Now that I have my drums miked, the more attenuation the better, plus I'd like the audio to be good for listening to playback. Suggestions? EDIT: Something like this:
  11. Mastiff

    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    I've been working on Master of Puppets and One recently, and the drum parts are cool. While they aren't full of chops, I wouldn't call them easy by any means, at least not for me. Lots of changes, seldom a groove to relax into, etc. People pay a lot of lip service to playing for the music...
  12. Mastiff

    DW drop clutch sticking

    I have a DW drop clutch and it has this little threaded hole in the side that the catch can get stuck in. If I'm playing with the clutch dropped, it's just a matter of time until it bounces up and sticks in there. The effect is that the hats are a bit further apart and clatter more. This...
  13. Mastiff

    Minimalist bass drum trigger?

    I'm interested to try a bass drum trigger as part of my double bass education. I think a typical setup would consist of the trigger itself, which would feed into a module (brain) to make the sound. From what I've read, these modules are typically full-up e-drum modules, so not cheap and could...
  14. Mastiff

    Mic'ing drums, do you need tom mics?

    I'm recently starting to learn about recording drums. I got a USB audio interface and the 7 piece Shure starter kit for mics. I'm finding that the overheads pick up the toms as clearly as the tom mics and I can get a decent sounding mix without even including them. I wonder if I would have...
  15. Mastiff

    Bass drum buzzing my snare

    I know there are thousands of posts and blogs and everything about snare buzz, but normally people act like it's a function of a tom being tuned to close to the snare. In my case it's the bass drum that is doing it. I wouldn't automatically concern myself with this, but I'm working hard on my...
  16. Mastiff

    Quantization in metal drumming?

    Anyone have insight into how much processing and fixing is done to drums tracks, particularly in metal? I've been listening to a fair bit of prog metal recently and the drum parts are really impressive to me. I have no doubt most of the drummers I'm listening to are awesome, but all the same...
  17. Mastiff

    Mounting snare mic

    I'm working on getting my first recording rig going. I'm fumbling my way through. I bought the Shure PGA7 kit and 3 boom stands. After everything arrived, it hit me that I have no provision to get the snare mic mounted. The tom mics came with sort of flimsy plastic clips that seem quite...
  18. Mastiff

    EAD10 kick trigger issues?

    Just got my new EAD10 and have been experimenting with it a bit. I'm finding that I can't get the kick trigger to actually trigger without really laying into the bass drum. I have the sensitivity cranked and tried curves like "loud1" and "loud2" with little benefit. I'm sure the trigger unit...
  19. Mastiff

    What's up with EAD10?

    I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy one of these, and come to find that they are sold out everywhere and back ordered for months. Crazy. I wonder if the lockdown somehow made everybody want one?
  20. Mastiff

    Beginner double bass songs?

    I've been putting a ton of time into my double bass practice and my technique has gotten way better in the last 3-4 months. I have a range of different practice exercises and things I've been working on, but I have very little practice using this stuff within a musical context. The issue is...