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  1. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Bandcamp Recommendations and Shameless Promotion

    Bandcamp are doing a special day of releases, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artists. Herhalen have just released my latest collection, 'Exiled', with all the proceeds going to charity. While you're there, I suggest checking out the...
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    I've been a bit absent for about the last 18 months or so. A lot going on, not a lot to talk about. I had a wonderful time in October and got to see Larry once and his family. Brilliant hosts and most generous with their time. I owe him a massive favour! I realised earlier that I've been on...
  3. Mediocrefunkybeat

    You Cannae Break the Laws of Physics!

    Totally irrelevant thread but I felt like posting it anyway, in my own self-obsessed manner. My partner has moved in with me having found a new job not far from where I've lived for a few years. Previously she was about 150 miles away (long story but we've known each other a long time and been...
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    Any turntable fans out there? Yesterday, a relative gave me his Goldring/Lenco GL-75. After doing a bit of reading, I've discovered that it's a pretty serious bit of kit and outclasses my modern (but perfectly acceptable) direct-drive turntable. It's capable of constant speed from 16-78 RPM...
  5. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Jonah Lomu

    It's just appeared in the news that Rugby legend Jonah Lomu has died at the age of 40. He has lived with a serious kidney disorder for 20 years and was on dialysis but it's just sideswiped me. If anybody remembers Lomu's impact on the modern game of Rugby, it was immense. Here was a giant...
  6. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Twenty Minutes of Clarinet

    So, a particularly good ladyfriend of mine happens to play the clarinet and decided to give me an impromptu lesson. This is the result after twenty minutes: Caution: Swearing. Caution: Duncan playing the clarinet. The clarinet is probably worth more than all...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I may have some sad news. None of us have seen Steve, aka Tamadrm for some time on here. The last time he logged in was May. This concerned me, knowing that he was a very regular contributor here and had built lasting relationships with members. I did some Internet...
  8. Mediocrefunkybeat

    This Thread vs Every Other Thread

    Really? 'Vs.'? No. It's usually not a case of one or the other. Both have merit. That's all those threads wrapped up.
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    Alarmingly Accurate Christmas Message I thought you guys might enjoy this. Particularly anybody that plays the guitar. Full disclosure - it's my brother's girlfriend's Dad...
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    Jack Bruce has passed A sad day. Great bass player, great singer, great songwriter.
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    Anybody had any of those experiences recently where all you can say is '...typical'? Case in point. I'm staying down with my folks for a few days in Devon, where there isn't much light pollution. My father has an astronomical telescope and I'm a bit of a stargazer on occasion. I look out of...
  12. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Musical Vagaries

    Got a call the other day. My mate's band has a problem. Their bass player has broken his leg on holiday and they need a sub. I happen to play bass and said yes. 38 songs. At a wedding. 6th of September deadline. I'm 9 in. Here we go! May not be around much for a couple of weeks...
  13. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Personal Breakthroughs in Music

    Hello all! I was wondering if anybody had ever had a 'breakthrough' moment in music. By this, I mean an inspiration that has improved your playing or enjoyment of music by noticing little details or finding an inner confidence or ability that you didn't know you had. I had one today. I'm...
  14. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Can a P-85 Make the Dying Music Industry Sexy Again?

    What are your thoughts on this heated and important topic?
  15. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Songs With Social Worker Content

    Any thoughts? Anything come to mind?
  16. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Can a Mediocre Female Drummer Make a Good Cheese Hostess, Social Worker and Spouse?

    The shark has been jumped. That is all.
  17. Mediocrefunkybeat

    Can a Mediocre Drummer Make a Good Social Worker?

    I figured it was about as relevant as everything else I've seen...
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    UK Weather 2013

    Has anybody got any stories of the weather from the last couple of days? Last night at about midnight, I realised my ceiling was leaking. It turns out that some lead flashing wasn't holding back the torrents so I ended up with a series of saucepans on my bedroom floor. About 1AM, I went out...
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    The 'Validity of Opinion'

    Perhaps a somewhat incendiary topic. I'll hold up my end and keep this civil. There have been debates recently that have ended up focussing on the validity of opinions. In my view, there are several different layers to this. I'll explain. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. There are...
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    Vintage Snare Restoration

    Yesterday, I went to meet forum member 'StaggerLee' to pick up an old snare drum. The model is from the 1930s and was sold by Boosey and Hawkes - an old importer/distributor/manufacturer of British drums that sold under a multitude of names, including Beverley and Ajax. Much of that history is...