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    I'm quite proud of this new finish!

    Been a while since I posted a new finish but this one has me really excited!
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    Lots of new wrap finishes

    Been absent for a while due to work load but I did find some time to introduce a few new finishes: A. P. E. Series Gold Pearl Drum Wrap: Prismatic Aqua Glitter Drum Wrap
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    Matching Gear, Cool or Dorky?

    I realize my taste is different than most but I really dig it. What do you guys think? I'm considering investing in some professional pictures for marketing purposes, but I'd like to know if most find this appealing... Personally I'd love to have a jam room with all matching gear, including...
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    Favourite Drum Websites / Magazines

    I'm reaching out to you guys to figure out where I should advertise Walopus Drum Wrap. We have now grown to the point that we have established a modest advertising budget. Now I need your help to determine where to spend it..... Any and all suggestions appreciated. Especially those with a best...
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    Mod Orange

    After close to a year of tedious Trial-and-error we finally have a Mod Orange we are proud of!
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    Bold yet tasteful Wood Grain

    I just had to show this one as it's one of our best custom wood grains yet. I can't take credit for the design, it was created with guidance by the customer. I hope to get some pictures of the finished drums when they're done!
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    Tangerine Sparkle!

    Just finished this custom sparkle. Tangerine is one of my personal favourite colours for drums. One day I'll conjour up a Tangerine Oyster.
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    New finish suitable for Vintage Restomization?

    Just came up with this one. I'm going to use it on a set of old maple shells I have. Kinda' has a 70's vibe to it.
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    Pimped out Rhythm Travelers

    I wanted to do this for a long time. Just never got around to it. We just came up with this new finish and immediately I thought of the Rhythm Travelers The wrap is called "Galaxy Plasma Flame"
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    A whole new kind of Oyster

    Every now and then I stumble on a successful melding of two existing finishes. In this case I used the pattern layer from our Dragon Oyster and replaced pearl texture layer with something different. Voila: Dragon Oyster Crustal Drum Wrap
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    Another Compact Jungle Bop Kit

    I finally found a wee bit of time to motor through and finish this one. The inspiration obviously comes from the Breakbeats and Pearl's Midtown. The finish is a Tamo Ash, with an added turquoise burst. It's kinda obvious the finish is...
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    DIY Compact Club/Players Kit

    I finally finished this project. The starting point was a regular Yamaha DP set. They are cut down, furnished with ole-school rounded bearing edges, sealed in and out.... here's a set of 5 videos showing the transformation: The wrap finish is Monte Carlo Walnut...
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    57 Roadster Drums

    here's another one of my "Classic Car" wraps. This time it's a Baby Blue 57 Vette.
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    Easiest and fastest way to cut down shell depth

    After some snafoos with my gear I finally got this short video finished.
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    130 unique drum kits slideshow

    These are mostly submitted by our customers. I made 13 slideshow videos, all in one playlist with some groovy background tunes.
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    80's Ludwig Steel shell with a custom wrap

    Yes, most steel shell snares can be wrapped. I do it all the time. Sometimes though it's a very tight fit between shell and head collar but most of the time it's fine. This one's a custom Tamo wood grain with a reverse burst and "pearl inlay"
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    Fool-proof fully adhered Drum Wrap Instructions

    Even the novice wrapper can safely do a full Contact-cement adhesion wrap job without fear of failure with this easy and safe method
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    Poor man's Suspension Mount

    Just a nifty little trick to achieve some level of isolation between rack toms and hardware with close to zero cost and zero bulk!
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    DIY Dampened Bass Drum Head

    I've tried a few methods of making these. This is the best I've come up with so far. It's not quite as aggressively dampened as a SuperKick 2 but can be with some tweaking. (Different "donut" material") The cool thing is it can be "tuned" in infinity depending on width and materials used...
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    Groovy New Finish: Dragon Oyster Pearl...

    ... a Walopus Signature Original