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  1. SharkyBait911

    Sonor Delite VS Pearl Reference

    Hi Guys, Ok im selling up. I'm selling both my kits and im gonna get a goodun' i've narrowed it down to two kits either sonor delite or a reference and i want opitions on both and i work in a drum shop so i can get both drums on the cheap but ideally nothing to far behond on £2000 mark...
  2. SharkyBait911


    Hi Guys, I've got a Gretsch Renown Maple Limited Edition 6 Piece in Dimond Fire wrap, and ive wondered how Limited Edition is really is. I havn't found many on the net and i really want to know, so if there are any Gretsch Enthusiastis who know or anyone please let me know. CHEERS ! If anyone...
  3. SharkyBait911

    Funk Fusion - Help

    Hi guys, I need to write a report on specific genres of music and I'm stuck on Funk Fusion, I need to describe the origins, background, what it actually is and influential artists withing the genre. Any help would be appreciated ! Tris
  4. SharkyBait911

    Rockschool Grade 8 Musicianship Questions

    Hey guys, I'm taking my Grade 8 next weekend end and Ive been researching about what to say regarding the musicianship questions, You have got to describe the genre (Background, History etc ) of anyone one of your pieces, and say who influenced that style (drummers aswell as other musicians)...
  5. SharkyBait911

    STICK TRICKS - Post them here

    All i wanted is one place on the forum where them fancy, little tricks that you see your favorite drummer does mid solo can be explained and your own shown off. Go crazy !
  6. SharkyBait911

    Coordination Exercises

    Hey Everyone ! I used the search tool of the forum and it didn't seem to work so I'm sorry if this has been asked already. I talked to my old drum teacher and he says once you get to a certain point in your drumming life line you need to devote a certain amount of you time on 4 way...
  7. SharkyBait911

    Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

    I had one the other day and i just wondered if it was common ? (It was one of the most exciting gigs ive ever done !)
  8. SharkyBait911

    How long should sticks last?

    Hi again guys, Now this is a big question, how long should sticks last? Because as i have improved over the years my sticks 'life span' has seemed to get shorter maybe because i use alot of rim shots or i do a lot of Hi-Hat barks but i dont play very hard at all, lets just say im not a heavy...
  9. SharkyBait911

    What heads on 100% Maple ?

    Hi everyone, I've just recently got a new Gretsch Renown Maple limited edition and its brilliant, BUT it came with Evans clear G2 and it sounds really awful. Anyway i tune it's really dull and has no meaty sound to it so i wondered what heads would suit it best. I would like a big punchy...
  10. SharkyBait911

    Thomas Lang's Creative Control

    Hi Guys, I got the BOOK of Thomas langs Creative Control the other day and ive been going though it and doing some of the exercises on it but i really dont know what to make of it, i dont know if i like it or not. This is the first book of its kind that ive got, other book ive got are like...
  11. SharkyBait911

    How to 'Make It' in the Drumming World

    Hi again guys, This has been on my mind for some time now and i just wanted to know how did all of these infamous drummers get were they are now . How does a good drummer get his 'Big break' and make it in the musical world because is it just pure luck that people are spotted at a young age...
  12. SharkyBait911

    Gretsch Renown or Tama Starclassic B+B

    Hi once again guys, I've got a dilema, Ive been saving up for a new kit for while now and I'm coming up for a good some of money, so i've stated looking at kits and I'm stuck between two kits, either; Gretsch Renown maple limited edition 6 piece - £1327 Tama Starclassic performer birch+bubinga...
  13. SharkyBait911

    Cymbal Angles !!

    Hey drummerworld fans! Well it is a very personal thing, i have mine at just under 90 degrees but my friend has his actualli facing away from him?!?! He says he gets a better response from the cymbal that way but i say you cant get the range of sounds if you dont have it facing towards you ...
  14. SharkyBait911

    Sabian AAX Hats? What to get ?

    Hi guys, Im getting some new hats to replace my old ZHT 14's and i am really stuck on what to get because there is so much choice out there its mind boggling ! I wanted to change to Sabian for the reason of you get more for your money because i want to spend around £230-ish and that brings me...
  15. SharkyBait911

    Heads for Funk ?????

    Hey Guys !, I got remo clear pinstripes at the moment and there ancient and wondered whats the best sort of head for a lovely crack of a snare and nice studio sounding toms? I play a tama swingstar and im getting a starclassic soon but for the for the gig kit im gonna use my swingstar so i do...
  16. SharkyBait911

    Drumdial/Tama tension watch settings?

    Hi guys ! I got a drum dial the other day and i was wondering what are the perfect settings for tom/snare resonant and batter heads. I would like this thread to be a looking place for others with the same question so please post other settings as well but i would like my settings answered first...
  17. SharkyBait911

    Tama starclassic or superstar hyperdrive ?

    Hey guys, Im saving up for a kit and its taking me a long time i was thinking about the kits i want to get at this stage of my drumming and i want a tama in hyperdrive spec. There is the superstar hyperdrive custom and thats a mix or birch and basswood but thats £900 GBP but the other kit i...
  18. SharkyBait911

    R.I.P Micheal Jackson

    I just a thread to pay our respects to a legend and a true brilliant musician, there is some rumours of his child abuse etc but everyone is entitled to there opinion but there is no argument that he was a great musician ! Thanks,
  19. SharkyBait911

    What to teach a newbie drummer: Trad or Matched

    Hey guys, I was wondering about this and it got me thinking, if you had to teach a complete new newbie drummer from scratch would you teach them matched grip or trad grip ? I would teach trad but what about you guys ??
  20. SharkyBait911

    Big cymbals vs Small cymbals

    Hi guys, I was talking to one of my many drummer friends lol and we got into discussion about cymbal sizes and he prefers the bigger sizes like 18" or 19" crashes and 20" upwards rides and so forth but i like 14" and 15" crashes and only 20" max ride. That got me wondering what do the majority...