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    What I Did and What I Ended Up With

    I used to prefer pingy rides, but then over the years, I began to prefer washy rides that are crashable. Some of you may remember that I used to have a Sabian AA El Sabor 18" that I used as a ride and crash. About two years ago, I gave all of my cymbals to a church, and those included my...
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    My New Cymbal Setup (and hopefully my last)

    Well after many trades, giveaways, and purchases, here is my current and hopefully last / permanent cymbal setup. Sabian (except where noted) 21" AA Bash Ride 18" AAX Studio Crash 17" AAX Studio Crash 16" Wuhan China 14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom) Peace and goodwill.
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    Which Crash to Buy?

    I am planning to buy a Sabian 18 inch or 19 inch thin crash next week. I am considering the AA Raw Bell Crash, the AA Thin Crash, the AAX Thin Crash, and the AAX X-plosion Fast Crash. If you have an opinion or experience with any of these, please comment below. Have an excellent 2021. Peace and...
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    Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Cymbal Booms

    I am considering buying one to mount my 16" Wuhan China to my ride cymbal stand. Are they sturdy and reliable? Peace and goodwill.
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    Me Playing at Church

    Yesterday we had an outdoor church service. I used my drums and cymbals. My son is the bass player. The playing starts at about 2:35. Peace and goodwill.
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    Made a Trade

    I went to my old church, with the OK from the pastor, and made a big cymbal swap. One of my goals was to get the Sabian AA 16" and SR2 18" thin crashes to use at our current church. Here is what I now have: All Sabian 21" AA Bash Ride (my favorite of all time) 18" XS20 Medium-Thin Crash (...
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    Cymbal Confession Time.

    I admit that I thought I would stay with the small (15" and 17") crashes, but I did not. After much prayer and meditation, I went with big AAX's. 20" AAX Dry Ride 19" AAX X-plosion Crash 17" AAX X-plosion Crash 14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom) Peace and goodwill.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I ended up with these cymbals (long story). 21" HHX Evolution Ride 17" AA Medium-Thin Crash 14" SR2 Hats (medium top, heavy bottom) Even though the Evolution Ride is very crashable, I felt I need another crash. So today I bought an SR2 15" Thin Crash for $99. So I have ended up with 15" and...
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    Which Heads for Playing Softer?

    I need to play more softly than usual because I am playing in a new church that is in a much smaller room than the one I was going to before. The room also has bad acoustics. I tried using muffled heads on the toms, Evans Hydraulics, but I still need to hit them harder than I want to get a...
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    My Current Mapex and Sabian Setup

    Here are pictures of my current setup. The drums are Saturn / Saturn Pro 22/16/12/snare. The cymbals are all Sabian. You sure can tell that I am left handed. Peace and goodwill. 20" HHX Evolution Ride 19" AAX X-plosion Crash 17" AAX X-plosion Crash 16" AA X-plosion Crash 14" SR2 Hats (top...
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    Only One Drum Set?

    Due to circumstances well within my control, I now have only one drum set and two snares. How many of you have only one drum set? Peace and goodwill.
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    I Gave Away My Cymbals!

    I had two Mapex Saturn drum sets. One is Saturn V that I still have. The other is a Saturn Pro set. I felt led to give the older set to my former church. So yesterday I took the drums and my cymbals(out of habit) to the church I used to play at. The pastor seemed very glad about the better...
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    Minimal Cymbals Anyone?

    At our last four-hour gig I used the following cymbals (all Sabian). We play blues and classic rock. 18" AA El Sabor (crash and ride) 17" AAX X-plosion Crash 14" Paragon Hats Does anyone else use what I would call a minimum amount of cymbals?
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    My Sabian Cymbal Odyssey

    I have bought and tried out about 35 Sabian cymbals in the last 30 years. I play drums at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Sunday my pastor told me I was too loud, but I was playing the same as I have for years. So I decided to take different cymbals to lower the volume. Here...
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    A Question for Those Who Do Not Mount a Rack Tom on the Bass Drum

    A year ago I bought a Mapex Saturn V set (12/16/22/snare) that does not have a bass drum tom mount. I am now using a cymbal stand and clamp for the tom holder. Here is my question: how do you prefer to mount a tom that is not mounted to the bass drum? from a cymbal stand from a tom stand with...
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    Sabian XSR vs. Zildjian S Series

    These "semi-pro" cymbals seem to be getting better and better. I have never played either of these, but I have heard a few XSR cymbals in person. So for those of you who have heard both, which is better? Please explain why. I have XS20 14" Medium Hats that I like quite a bit, but of course...
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    Calling All Mapex Saturn Experts

    Yesterday, I bought two toms and a bass drum that had been expertly painted antique white. All three drums are from different Saturn / Saturn Pro Series. The 16x14 tom has a silver badge that says "Saturn Pro Series." The bass drum has a gold badge that says "Saturn Pro Series." The 12" tom...
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    Pingy Rides vs. Washy Rides

    I used to prefer the pingiest rides I could find, such Sabian Raw Bell Dry Rides and Rock Rides. Then about ten years ago, I bought an AA El Sabor Ride, which was 21 inches in diameter. Since then I have preferred washy rides. Today at practice I used an El Sabor 18" as a crash and a ride...
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    Sabian Pro vs. New Improved B8Pro

    Back when Sabian introduced the Pro series, Pro Cymbals were a little better than the B8Pro cymbals from that time. Now that B8Pro cymbals have been improved, doesn't that make them about the same quality as the Pro series? If you have experience with the Pro series and the new B8Pro series...
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    Saw a Concert: Small Bass Drum

    Last night I took my wife to see Alan Jackson in Baton Rouge, She is fan of country music; I like only a little of it. We had seats in the second-to-last row, and then two young ladies offered us fifth row tickets. We moved. Since we were that close, I could see the on-stage gear pretty...