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  1. Yamaha Rider

    Round/square edge bass hoops

    Despite the generally gorgeous metalwork on the 90s Stage Custom - the bass drum claws are shoddy looking little stampings. Tried distracting the eye with T bar rods - but no-one makes ones long enough to fit, apparently. So - I'd like to switch to the 'wing' type claws - eg: but they all seem...
  2. Yamaha Rider

    BAD left-hand habit

    Ooh, this is an embarrassing one ... Having spent years learning (and having lessons) on e-kits - and recently getting my first real, acoustic kit - which I've only been able to play very rarely (thanks to lockdown and no space of my own) and with brushes only - I've suddenly been mortified to...
  3. Yamaha Rider

    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    Beauty is not something we always associate with the hairy-arsed world of drumming - but it can be beautiful, as this recording proves, in my opinion at least. Any thoughts on the recording quality of this track and the drumming itself? (I believe it to be Marvin himself on drums) I'm in no way...
  4. Yamaha Rider

    Cymbal of distress

    Anyone ever used a cymbal in less pristine, more preloved condition than this beauty? Dan Magnusson, Seasick Steve. Are those rivet or bullet holes?
  5. Yamaha Rider

    Floor Toms for Dummies (ok, me)

    Here's the thing - I've touched on this before, but no-one 'bit' - whenever I see a stripped back, bare bones, 3 piece kit - there is a floor tom in there. Floor tom is way down my list of favourite things: it's way 'over there' for a start, if I add a tom to a fill it's overwhelmingly the '12'...
  6. Yamaha Rider

    Interesting mystery snare drum?

    Just spotted this for sale at £35 - anyone know what it is? That throwoff looks nicely made for a cheapo.
  7. Yamaha Rider

    Anderson Paak - funky drumming.

    Just found out this rapper/singer also drums at the same time. It's the first song that impressed me. Bit of rap potty-mouth in the intro I should advise- but that hihat technique looks pretty fierce to me. Any thoughts?
  8. Yamaha Rider

    Classic Snare Sound?

    Love this groove (I follow his posts on Instagram). It occurred to me that that clear, ringing snare sound seems to be what many drummers aim for (?) - but do any well known records have a sound like that? I asked Mike Barnes (the excellent UK drum tutor) about the Eagle's snare sound and how...
  9. Yamaha Rider

    Scruffy Drum kits

    Call me a filthy deviant - but I think I'm developing a liking for distressed, scuffed, flaky and faded sets of old drums. Even tastefully mismatched frankenstein kits... I'm only 6 months into my first kit and I'm already turning into a semi-skilled pretentious hipster pr***. Set me straight...
  10. Yamaha Rider

    Cosmo Clearwater Revival

    Despite being one of the few drummers known by a single (nick)name - Cosmo of Creedence hasn't made it to Drummerworld's list. Don't know too much about him other than he played on some fine songs and destroyed a lot of cymbals, and that Creedence had a reputation for being uncommonly well...
  11. Yamaha Rider

    The Drum key we don't talk about

    I'm wary of busting a secret drummer taboo here - but on my stands are a couple of adjusters with a small, square head that a standard drum key won't fit. Why can't I find a drum key to fit these adjusters advertised anywhere? Hey, perhaps I am literally the only living human with these on my...
  12. Yamaha Rider

    Textured heads for brushes?

    Using heavy nylon wood-handled brushes - would textured heads be a worthwhile addition to bring out the brush sound? I'm not using classic 'swirling' brush technique - I use the brushes like sticks basically, but I do like the sound of brushes and it might be cool if I can accentuate it. Worth...
  13. Yamaha Rider

    Do 90s Stage Customs need extra long tension rods?

    Ordered 16 Gibraltar T-bar rods - and gorgeous looking and finished things they are too. Gutted to find that despite being described as the 'large' size (113mm), they need to be at least 10mm longer, and possibly more to give slack for unhooking the hoops. Does any company actually make T-bars...
  14. Yamaha Rider

    It's about time

    No, not the lovely Lemonheads song: 'it's about time' I revealed the echoing depths of my ignorance. I might cultivate the superficial appearance of a connoisseur of gear, and the cavalier attitude of a style-master/wit and raconteur on this forum - where my actual abilities are safely kept out...
  15. Yamaha Rider

    Wobbly Ride

    Law of unintended consequences: Playing country tunes with brushes - I found that standard wires don't get any response from cymbals or hats. Bought some heavier, wood handled nylon brushes which do, and that I love the feel of - like soft, sensitive sticks. Problem is - I need to hit my cymbals...
  16. Yamaha Rider

    Thread thread

    Thought I'd treat my worthless rusty Hohner tin snare (vintage unknown) to some sparkly new tension rods now I've given it a paint job. Problem is, they're the same diameter as the originals - 5.5mm with the vernier gauge - but different thread pitch. I can spin a std. metric nut on the new...
  17. Yamaha Rider

    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    Any tips on how to get all that awkward metalwork from A to B? Is there a way to keep it all together and reduce walks to and from the vehicle? And a system for keeping everything together to avoid forgetting minor components - like bass pedals?!! How about rolling the stands up in the drum rug...
  18. Yamaha Rider

    Rust Bucket Snare Drums

    Had a cheap old, generic, chrome steel Taiwanese Hohner snare with rust pitted chrome. I decided not to fight it - but surrender to the rust! Hoping it looks the part for a country/rocknroll band? My drumming's pretty rusty too. Any guesses how I did it?
  19. Yamaha Rider

    Most Enthusiastic Tutor? ( :

    Don't if Mike Barnes is known on here - but his enthusiasm is very infectious! :p (Social Distancing not required)
  20. Yamaha Rider

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    So - is it true what they say about drummers? I've read that it's common knowledge that drummers can't dance. Considering they have dedicated their lives to rhythm that is, if true, astounding. True or false then? How could that be? Any examples spring to mind? What's that you say? Can I dance...