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  1. justadrummer

    Playing this drum kit is like hanging with an old friend...

    When I was a sixteen year old kid a good friend of mine and I stopped by "DRUMS" in Crafton, Pennsylvania for sticks or heads. There was a beautiful new Slingerland in the window, I never forgot it. They had to have been custom ordered. It was a "Blakrome" Slingerland kit, 12", 13", 16", 22"...
  2. justadrummer

    For better or worse, I sound like me.

    There is a current thread which asks, "What famous drum or drum set would you like to play in person?" (It's a fun thread by the way if you have not visited it.) It got me thinking about famous player's kits in relation to the kits that I've owned. (It's always scary when I get deep in thought.)...
  3. justadrummer

    Gretsch snare drums

    I still have and use some Ludwig, Slingerland, and DW snare drums, but lately I'm really liking Gretsch.
  4. justadrummer

    New snare drum day!

    My new silver glass glitter Gretsch USA Custom snare drum arrived today. It is 14" x 5" with tone control, key holder, and 42 strand snare wires.
  5. justadrummer

    I wasn't looking for another snare drum, but...

    I got a great deal on a Ludwig 14" x 6 1/2" raw Copper Phonic, I had to buy it. It's a little drier than my 6 1/2" Black Beauty, I really like it a lot!
  6. justadrummer

    Playing smaller rooms and softer music...

    I'm playing more gigs in small rooms and playing softer styles of music. After using Vic Firth 5a sticks for several years, I'm switching to Vic Firth 7a sticks. It's a bigger change than I gave it credit for.
  7. justadrummer

    Two shell banks instead of eight different kits?

    Currently I have eight drum sets. I need to down size as I'm out of room, but I don't want to loose the versatility that I have. So... I've decided to expand two of my kits into shell banks and sell the kits that will be redundant. I have a 2008 DW Collector's Series kit in broken glass...
  8. justadrummer

    I'm a newbie here... well sort of.

    I signed up here in 2007, but only posted a few times... I thought I'd do it right and introduce myself if I'm going to start actually posting. So, here goes... Hi Folks, I'm Mike originally from Pittsburgh (Go Steelers! Go Penguins!) I've lived in Pittsburgh, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Naples...