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  1. harryconway

    Will Calhoun goes Gretsch

  2. harryconway

    RIP Frankie Banali

    You gave it one hell of a fight.
  3. harryconway

    Happy Birthday Tommy Aldridge

    70 today.
  4. harryconway

    Tama Royalstars ..... Tama experts and non, tell me what you know

    So I just recently bought these drums off eBay. Fetched them today. Can't find a whole lot on them. I'm dating them about 1977/78. Someone switched out the old "Slingerland" style spurs for more modern ones. The 13" and 16" toms seem to have all the correct parts, including the speedboat...
  5. harryconway

    Luddie Thermogloss '69 to '71

    Taken me awhile to get all the pieces (can we ever have all the pieces?), but here it is. 24x14, 12x8, 13x9 (not mounted), 14x14, 16x16, 18x16.
  6. harryconway

    Club Date project begins

    Darn near all the parts are here. Meaning, I think I have 'em all, but .... sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. Won't truly know until I go "darn, I'm missing something"! My start is with 3 drums. 12x8, 14x14, and 26x14 (yeah, it's not a Club Date, yet). All Ludwig 3 ply.
  7. harryconway

    Jon Lord R.I.P.

    Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord dies at 71 July 16, 2012, 1:50 PM EST WENN Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 71. Lord was diagnosed with a tumor in his pancreas in 2011, and he headed to Israel in February to undergo treatment. He was due to make...
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    Pro Drum - Hollywood, CA.

    Took a little ad-ven-ture to Hollywood, last week. And, took a few pictures. The Slingerland kit, was one of the last kits Buddy Rich played. The black Ludwig kit, was the first drum kit sold, in 1959, by Pro Drum. The cat who owned it, Frank Bordonaro, gave it back to Pro Drum, since he can't...
  9. harryconway

    Attention Australia, Recording Customs .....

    For you guys and gals that have to spend waaaay to much on new gear. On eBay, for your viewing, and possibly purchasing pleasure .....
  10. harryconway

    Happy 1 year anniversary - MaryO

    So you leaked that info., on another thread .... figured I might as well run with the ball .... Happy 1 year ....
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    Bobby Chiasson - Jollity Drum Farm

    Hey gang. I just got a 12x8 Ludwig red Vistalite tom and a vintage Zalmer Twin pedal from Bobby ... and I want to tell ya ... the man rocks !!! If you're looking for vintage drums, hard to hind, or not so hard to find, check out Jollity Drum Farm. First off, Bobby is a very pleasant cat to...
  12. harryconway

    Anyone know about 1975 - ish Premier Baron set ?

    So, I just pulled the trigger on a Premier kit. It's a Baron, shows up in the 1975 Premier catalog, a 24 inch kick ... 13, 14, 15, 16, concert toms ... and a 18 inch floor tom. Birch shells with reinforcement rings. Picture shows the kit (catalog photo), but mine will be natural wood finish...
  13. harryconway

    Anyone have/had a total hip replacement?

    On Nov. 8th, I had a total right hip replacement. New titanium ball for the femur. New plastic (carbon fiber?) socket for the pelvis. That's right, I'm hybrid!!! Anyhow, I'm finishing up on day 7. So far, so good. But, of course, every day is a new day. Anyone here gone down this road before...
  14. harryconway

    Gretsch Round Badge Maple

    Maybe it's not gonna be the last drum set I buy ... but it's certainly the last drum set I'll ever need to buy. A 22" kick I would have preferred, but I can always buy, swap, make, get, etc .... one of those later Without further ado ... ladies and gentlemen ... my 20, 13, 16 GRBM's
  15. harryconway

    "To the Greatest Drummer In The World"

    Cool story ... whether it's true ... or not ... Saw this somewhere kind of recently, and it seemed apropos: -- In the summer of 1969, a mail sorter at a New York post office received a letter addressed "To The Greatest Drummer in the World." There was no address or return address and the...
  16. harryconway

    The Future of Drumming Might Be Here Already

    A Korg Wave Drum, a Mandala, and an SPD-S. more fights with a guitar player who's too loud, or a bass player who wants to be a guitarist. The drummer can now be numero uno.
  17. harryconway

    Has anyone tried Guitar Centers used gear search?

    Yeah, I just found out about it today. Within 10 minutes, a bud and myself found a 12" Yamaha Oak Custom rack tom...and a matching 16" floor. Both were under $200 each. Add a kick drum to the equation, man, you can put a pro level kit together for $700, or at Guitar Center. For...
  18. harryconway

    Rogers kit in the living room for christmas

    Got to breakin' all the house rules this season. Usually, drums are kept "upstairs", in the drum room. This project could not have turned out better, if I planned it. 22, 12, 16 set up here. Simple. I haven't put the 13 together yet. Still need some lugs to complete the project. Gruntersdad...
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    Jimmy Carl Black

    Ya might say....Frank Zappa's first drummer..."In 1964, Black was playing in a band in Los Angeles called Soul Giants when they recruited Zappa. "He joined the band and three days later he took it over," Black once said. Zappa changed the band's name and reportedly boasted to the other members...