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  1. ineedaclutch

    Finding Proper Tube Lugs/Manufacturer Issues

    I’d like to echo what @MrInsanePolack wrote. Also, make sure the tension rods are entering the lugs straight. The hoops could be off or the lugs could need washers to push them out a bit.
  2. ineedaclutch

    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    Like this. Not my pic, but same finish and model.
  3. ineedaclutch

    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    The B/B I had was made in Japan and had a metal badge. My Starclassic Maple and the Starclassic Bubinga had the painted badge.
  4. ineedaclutch

    Who makes good floor tom brackets?

    I like my Tama Starclassic Maple floor tom brackets the most from my kits. They have hundreds of gigs on them and they are solid as a rock. They are not the quick release models. I did swap the legs to Dunnett R-Class for the extra height. Edit: @roncadillac mentioned something that slipped my...
  5. ineedaclutch

    Back beat dragging help (aka I can't seem to stop doing it)

    I really wouldn’t change much, as it feels good, but I believe your left hand is moving a little slowly on the upswing before you strike. JMO if you want to nitpick.
  6. ineedaclutch

    Is this Sabian splash the only one?

    The Splashiest splash award goes to: 10” Paiste Signature Dark Energy Splash
  7. ineedaclutch

    602 hats ringing?

    I had a pair of Paiste Signature SE hats that had that ring. I figured it was due to the rippled Sound Edge not having a lot of contact area with the top cymbal. They were not at all what I was looking for so the were sold almost immediately.
  8. ineedaclutch

    Tama Starclassic Maple for Jazz

    Their finishes and painted badges used to be gorgeous. Do they still do the wood air vent? My blue sparkle lacquer is beautifully done, and I was always blown away by the Marigold and Green Sparkles as well. Maybe it’s just cost prohibitive to shoot these finishes, but Tama needs to figure...
  9. ineedaclutch

    Tama Starclassic Maple for Jazz

    20x14, 12x9x 14x12. I cut the kick down from 20x18 to 20x14. Thin shells with die-cast hoops. What more can one ask for? They tune up into the typical bop range with no problem, and simply do not choke out.
  10. ineedaclutch

    RIP Ralph Peterson

    What a loss.
  11. ineedaclutch

    What's better

    . I do not know if you are feeling this, but I am in a similar state of mind. When I abruptly went from gigging several times per week to not being physically able to, due to back trauma/surgery, the fun was gone. I didn’t touch a stick for a year or so, and when I did I was not enjoying...
  12. ineedaclutch

    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    Great video! Nice to have you around here.
  13. ineedaclutch

    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    The tom arms are in charge now. ☠ This is a bad situation all around, but Sweetwater will take care of you. I have no idea what could be going on over there, other than the aforementioned tom arms seizing control, but it will get resolved.
  14. ineedaclutch

    Is that a tom?

    Some people do it to mix up tom fills without changing sticking, or to break up descending/ascending fills. I do it because I use the 12" more frequently than the 10" next to it. I want the sound I use more right in front of the snare for easier access.
  15. ineedaclutch

    Is that a tom?

    It is a side snare tuned up higher than the main snare. Quite common. As for the toms, I do that as well. It is simply a personal preference in my case.
  16. ineedaclutch

    What's better

    This would be my choice. I can't do it, but I wish I could.
  17. ineedaclutch

    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    This gets my vote too. I usually play a 4pc, but if I do 2u/1d it’s 12/10/14, 12/10/16/, or 13/12/16.
  18. ineedaclutch

    Roommate plays electric drums

    I could not imagine living with a drummer.
  19. ineedaclutch

    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    Another vote for the Dixson lift here. While not necessary, it does make quite a difference in sound and beater placement.