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  1. ineedaclutch

    Plastic bag as a kick reso head? Nice

    I picked up another stencil kit. It appears to be a Star with offset lugs in 12,13,14ft, 20 kick. The kick reso is a plastic shipping bag tucked in the hoop. The real reason I picked up the kit is it came with a really grimy LM400 and some thin hollow logo Zildjian hats and ride. Here is a...
  2. ineedaclutch

    60s Whitehall Drums

    I picked up this kit last Friday from a pawn shop on the cheap. It is a 20x14, 12x8, 14x14, and has a matching 14", 10-lug snare (not pictured). The snare pictured is my workhorse Yamaha Maple Custom 14x6. The kit appears to be an all-original, late 60s Whitehall stencil kit made by Pearl. I am...
  3. ineedaclutch

    Steve Maxwell Cymbal Toppers

    Has anyone tried these yet? I just saw them pop up on Reverb. Edit: here is the product.
  4. ineedaclutch

    Found a deal on craigslist 3-ply

    I figured this could help someone. It is not mine but someone can get a great deal for $275 in the DFW area. I was browsing craigslist and came up on this. If anyone is in that area it is worth a look. I see a 3-ply...
  5. ineedaclutch

    Alesis Sample Pad Pro? Kill it with fire.

    I have just sent my second unit back. The first had latency issues, cross-talk, and some pads were not nearly as responsive as others. The second unit still had varying degrees of sensitivity, but the the main issue was that it wouldn't go past the loading screen at the top of the second gig...
  6. ineedaclutch

    DW Ultralight Update- Love em

    These things are great. I've got the straight stand, hi hat, and snare and could not be happier. The heaviest cymbal I have had on the stand is a 20" K Custom, and it is solid. I use 18" or 16" on the hi hat stand, and it's up to the task. One downside to the hi hat stand is a bit of wobble on...
  7. ineedaclutch

    Is this our Bermuda?

    Found this on reverb. It's the 2nd to last pic.
  8. ineedaclutch

    Zildjian L80 20" Ride from Amazon for $78. I think not.

    Turns out I was sent a ride cymbal for ants. I received a 10" splash.
  9. ineedaclutch

    Here's to Uncle Larry

    This is nothing but an homage to one of the kindest people I've never met, and I hope it stays that way. You never want to meet your heroes, do you?
  10. ineedaclutch

    Big thanks to EvansSpecialist

    Ben is awesome! I want to send a big thanks to Ben (EvansSpecialist) from D'Addario. I contacted him on July 2 about an ill-fitting small muffling ring on an Emad II. I thought he may send me a new, thicker ring, but he did me one better. He responded the same day and told me he would get a...
  11. ineedaclutch

    Opinions on a used DDRUM Diode acrylic kit?

    I searched but did not find much. I have been offered a Diode with a 22 kick, 12 rack and 15 floor for a steal. The pics I were sent look great and seller says no cracks, spiderwebbing or deep scratches. I would like to know if anybody has any experience with the Diode series. I like the sound...
  12. ineedaclutch

    Picked up a 14x6 1/2 Mapex Brass Master snare last night

    So... this thing weighs almost as much as my 3yo. Sounds killer though. I have been using a stable of Supras for several years with no regret, but I have been looking for something different for my all snare kit (4-5 snares with my 20 SCM kick). I also picked up a mid 60's Ludwig Pioneer about a...
  13. ineedaclutch

    Vistalite/Acrylic Gig kits

    I have been thinking about picking an acrylic kit up to gig with, but I am slightly concerned with their durability. I have played many acrylic kits so I have no problem with their sound. I just want to know if anybody here gigs regularly with their acrylic and what problems they have had with...
  14. ineedaclutch

    Slingerland Yellowjacket

    I picked up a Yellowjacket a while back for $3. I went pawnshopping, as I always do, and found it marked $39.99. I jokingly offered an employee $1. He said, "Make it $5 and you have a deal". I countered with $3 and took it home. This is one of the few pawn shop deals I have been able to get in...
  15. ineedaclutch

    Anybody have any gear with sentimental attachement they won't part with?

    I have a DW 4000 series 3 leg HH stand I got about 10 years (give or take) ago. Recently the metal clip that attaches the chain links to the pedal board broke (on the first beat of the first song of a 4 hour gig of course). I went to GC the next day and bought a DW 3500 2 leg because I needed it...