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  1. Reggae_Mangle

    Yamaha EAD10 with RTOM Blackholes and low volume cymbals

    Hi, I really think this has a lot of potential. So much so that I'm planning on selling my Roland TD-30. I have RTom Blackholes on my Gretsch Renown and Zildjian L80 cymbals, and just acquired the Yamaha EAD10. Sounds so much more expressive than an e-kit. Just take the hi-hat sizzle for...
  2. Reggae_Mangle

    Playing in odd timings: How do you make use of the space?

    Hey drummer dudes, I have been listening to a lot of progressive metal and its sub-genres and have really started taking drums more seriously. I mean who would have thought there's more than 4/4? Just by moving out of that comfort zone, I've started to experiment with ghost notes and odd feel...
  3. Reggae_Mangle

    NPD Czarcie Kopyto Double

    My latest acquisition! A Czarcie Kopyto double bass drum pedal. Looking at the pedal, there are a lot of similarities with the Trick Pro-1V Bigfoot I already own. For example, you can change the pedal setting for more power or more speed or an in between setting. Also, you can move...
  4. Reggae_Mangle

    Acoustic to electronic kit conversion

    Hey guys, I'm interested in converting my acoustic kit into an electronic kit. My requirement however is to ensure that I can just use the kit acoustically when I want to. I narrowed down on the idea of using one of those heads with a built in trigger on them. However, I don't want to have...
  5. Reggae_Mangle

    How many pedals have you owned?

    In my case, four so far: A Pearl Eliminator, a Trick Dominator, a Mapex Falcon and a Trick Bigfoot. What about you guys? I'm honestly feeling a bit foolish to have tried so many, and I have my fifth pedal inbound. This is all in the course of about 10 years playing, so a very expensive kink...
  6. Reggae_Mangle

    The album I worked on for half my life - A preview

    Just a passion project, probably never get to tour or otherwise promote this. May print a limited run of 500 CDs or something I think just so I can say, "I wrote and produced an album by myself :) Here it is. The preview is...
  7. Reggae_Mangle

    I'm crying my heart out, I want to die ;( Actually, I want to quit my job so I can practice all day. Jeez, 8 years old. What a monster
  8. Reggae_Mangle

    Slowly We Rot, Within the Mind and original jam

    Hey, Just signed up with a new act, pretty excited about it. We jammed for the second time last night and things are already coming together, barring some minor (IMO, for a second practice) hitches. This is a video recording from the jam pad of three songs -...
  9. Reggae_Mangle

    Mixing up pedals for double bass

    Symmetry and beauty aside, are there any benefits to using the same brand of pedals for your double pedal setup? Naturally, when you have a single bass drum, there doesn't appear to be any kind of way to do this. That said, you could do things like making one pedal long and the other short...
  10. Reggae_Mangle

    Weird Al Yankovic honoured with Hollywood Star

    I'm sure Bermuda must be tickled pink. Amazing fact: Weird Al's fans funded the star. At the ceremony, he quipped: .“By the way I am sorry I even have to say this, I don’t want to even have to ask this but please, please don’t pickaxe my star, ok guys? I mean I know it’s all the rage these...
  11. Reggae_Mangle

    Perc Pro robotic/machine drummer demonstration

    I keep struggling to make bands where I'm the guitarist work, primarily because there's never a good drummer when you need one. Some of you will recall I posted about those robot drummers that I acquired. Well, I put together a short demonstration video today and I think you should watch it...
  12. Reggae_Mangle

    Trick VMT Pub Kick

    This looks like a great little bass drum for small gigs where volume isn't king. Here's a video demonstrating what it sounds like. What do you guys think? I don't think it could replace a real bass drum, but for a small...
  13. Reggae_Mangle

    Anyone switch from longboards to short boards?

    Doing some recording of late and I was extremely flustered at my lack of control over my Trick Bigfoots when it came to complex patterns. Admittedly, I am a very straightforward player and my sixteenth’s are just straight ahead, with very few patterns thrown in. But for this recording, I was...
  14. Reggae_Mangle

    When is a good time to quit a band?

    I've jammed three times with a band, and it seems that things seem to go further downhill at every jam. I first jammed with the bassist and one guitarist and it was a decent first session. "We can work on this," I thought. The next session we got a second guitarist and a vocalist. Vocalist...
  15. Reggae_Mangle

    Murder by Moonlight (an original song in the style of Doom)

    I was really happy with how the drums turned out on this one. I wrote and played all the parts.
  16. Reggae_Mangle

    Fine/Arms for the Poor (black/grind)

    Fie/Arms for the Poor (black/grind) Have a listen and let me know what you think. All parts played and recorded by me.
  17. Reggae_Mangle

    Processing drums in a studio (quantisation, etc) - How should I go about it?

    How would I process this take in a studio? I'm specifically looking for advice in terms of things like quantisation or any other processing I should be doing in terms of timing, velocities and the...
  18. Reggae_Mangle

    A Quick One Now That They're All Dead My production values are a bit skewed, but do give me a thumbs up if you appreciate humour in music. No touching up whatsoever on the drums, all other instruments and the vocals were recorded by me as well...
  19. Reggae_Mangle

    Recording drums - Process issues and questions

    Hey all, hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know I did! I'm interested in laying down some drum tracks at my home. I'm not confident enough to pay for a studio just to waste time going over drums over and over. I will be using a TD30 kit with Superior Drummer 3. I...
  20. Reggae_Mangle

    Tribute to Malcolm Young A giant has passed on, one of my biggest influences. Everything played by me on this tribute track to Malcolm and the mighty ACDC