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  1. Steady Freddy

    New mics.

    Always wanting to upgrade, Sold a bunch of stuff on Reverb so had some extra $$. Earthworks sr25s for overheads. earthworks DM20s for toms. Earthworks SR20ms iside kick, DW Moon Mic outside kick. Suew SM7b with cloud lifter for snare. SM 57 under snare and two addional SM57s for side snares or...
  2. Steady Freddy

    Earthworks Mics. Good stuff!!!

    I got interested about a year ago watching videos put out by DCP, Their drums sounds are always great. The mic in the video looked longer than the usual Earthworks mics so I dropped them a line and asked what it was. Turned out to be a bass drum mic that they were uing on the snare, Fast forward...
  3. Steady Freddy

    New DW icon snare

    They have really out done them selves this time. When I'm dissing DW you know it's bad!! LOL
  4. Steady Freddy

    New PDPs

    These are kinda cool. Seemless 3MM shells with attractive pricing.
  5. Steady Freddy

    Leaning how to post music

    Soft rock tune.
  6. Steady Freddy

    posting music

    How do I get music from a CD to this forum. Keep it simple please. LOL
  7. Steady Freddy

    3 Snares Mike Johnson

  8. Steady Freddy


    Been wanting one for a while. Most have Dunnett throw offs and I've had one fail on me. That was a no go. I wanted stainless in 6 X 14 or 6.5 X 14. Found a six with a bullet proof Trick throw off. Sounds like this:
  9. Steady Freddy

    Best live bands. LOL. I agree with the first two.
  10. Steady Freddy

    New Paiste's

    Arrived today from DCP. PSTX cymbals, 16 and 18 inch thin crash and 16 inch hats, They sound nice.
  11. Steady Freddy

    Want to be open handed. Use a remote hi hat.

    I've had this for a while but haven't used it for a long time. Been going through my gear to figure out what I really need and what I can reverb. I did find a couple set screws that I can sell. LOL I set up the remote hi hat and I'm liking the freedom it affords. Frees up the left hand to move...
  12. Steady Freddy

    More Cowbell???

    Every one keeps saying more cowbell. How do you know when you have enough? Do I just keep buying them???
  13. Steady Freddy

    Bass drum > Floor tom

    I have a 20 inch bass drum that I've used for a couple months out of the 16 years I've owned it. Great buy!!! LOL I think I'm gonna put legs on it. DW makes these brackets that mount to the hoop and I have three on order. Still thinking about heads but will probably use G2 over G1. I keep it...
  14. Steady Freddy

    New DCP DW Snare.

    Sounds good to me. Another option.
  15. Steady Freddy

    New Paiste stack,

    I really like these. This is a 10 and 12 inch stack. Have a pair of 14s too. Depending on the tension they produce a lot of different sounds.
  16. Steady Freddy

    A&F showcase

    I really like these drums. I have three of their snares and they are awesome. Might go the whole nine yards,
  17. Steady Freddy

    Tama mini snares,

  18. Steady Freddy

    Free 5As

    I have a few pair of wood tip 5As. Some are new and some have been used a little. I would like them to go to some one who needs sticks. Some one starting out who may not have a lot of funds. PM me.