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  1. Naigewron

    USB kick pedal for home recording?

    Hey, I've got a little home recording setup for making demos for my band (and general screwing around), but I'm having drum recording problems. I can't have a full-size electronic kit set up, so I'm using a small pad controller and playing finger drums. It works fine, but my drumming gets...
  2. Naigewron

    So long story short, I'm a bass player now

    tl;dr: Drums are loud, big, obnoxious and definitely not family friendly, so I've taken the plunge and switched to bass in my band. Anyone else found themselves in similar situations? It's been a couple of years in the making, but I think it's pretty much official that for the first time in 15...
  3. Naigewron

    Studio drumcam from our latest single release - Feat. Niklas Kvarforth of Shining on vocals :)

    I'm playing with Norwegian artist Chris Wicked and we're dropping a new single August 17, and here's a little drumcam video from the studio sessions. The track is called "Når allting svartner" ("When everything goes black") and features Niklas Kvarforth of Swedish band Shining on guest vocals...
  4. Naigewron

    Dropped a new single today - Here's some drumcam footage from the recording sessions

    I'm currently playing with Norwegian artist Chris Wicked, and we dropped a fresh single today. Here's the single with a drumcam video from the recording sessions. We're trying to keep it as organic as possible, so this is one take with no edits. Absolutely nothing flashy or fast here; just...
  5. Naigewron

    So am I allowed to post our new music video even though I play guitar on this track?

    I'll take my chances ;) Here's the debut track and video from my latest project; it's basically the singer from my last band who's "gone solo" with me and another guitar player. I play drums in this band too, but when it's time to go acoustic I reach for my old 1979 Fender :) Anyway, since the...
  6. Naigewron

    My little home studio. Warning: Does not contain drums

    For the first time in my life, I'm in a band where noone had some sort of home studio setup. So I thought "screw it, I'll be that guy this time". We also have a baby due any day now, so I suspect that my time rehearsing songs with the full band will be a bit more limited in the months (years...
  7. Naigewron

    Drumcam from Friday's gig - Covering The Cult's classic "Rain"

    Footage's a bit dark, as you'd expect from a club stage's drum riser (because who wants to look at the drummer, right?). But you should be able to see what's going on. Mostly :) So yeah, The Cult's classic track "Rain": Edit: Bonus crowdshot video...
  8. Naigewron

    Video - Harry Connick Jr. displaces the audience

    This clip is older than time and may have been posted here before, but I figured it was worth a thread. Not actually drumming, but definitely rhythmic. Check this out: Happens around the 40 second mark. You can see the drummer celebrating in the...
  9. Naigewron

    My old band just posted this live clip from my last gig with them... I figured I'd give both them and myself some exposure :) Recorded on a Zoom Q3HD on stage right, so don't expect stellar sound. There's about a minute of guitar wankery before the song starts. Damn guitar players :) If anyone wants to hear the...
  10. Naigewron

    Peart Drumming Puppet

    This is just amazing. I love the integrated headbang action, and the working kick and hihat! Check the big fill section at 2:35 in particular
  11. Naigewron

    Pedal setup - aka. how do people play this?

    So, Zildjian posted this pic from one of their artists on their Instagram feed yesterday: Now, I'm not trying to diss this guy in any way, but his pic inspired this thread. That's a very nice kit, and I have no reason to believe that the guy isn't a great drummer. However, how in the hell...
  12. Naigewron

    Recorded a little tune a while back - Video inside

    So we recorded some drum tracks for a new song in our rehearsal space, and I figured I'd post some footage from the drum takes here, along with the finished drum track. The drum tracks are done, but the rest of the song is only in demo form, so I've left the video unlisted. I was just so...
  13. Naigewron

    Who's the fastest drummer on Drummerworld? (off topic)

    Edit: Not sure how I ended up as the thread starter here... I'm guessing the original first post was deleted? wtf?
  14. Naigewron

    New music video out today :)

    We dropped a new music video today (Three-track EP coming in july, album later this year). As usual, not too many shots of the drummer, but there are a few nice ones showcasing my lovely Saturns in there :) Check it out!
  15. Naigewron

    Bernhard is violating my YouTube subscriptions page :-)

    So I guess Bernhard is moving all the Drummerworld videos to YouTube, I assume to save bandwidth or to have them work on all platforms. As a result, my subscription inbox is being violated with awesomeness every day. I'm a hopeless YouTube addict with well over 400 subscriptions; I generally...
  16. Naigewron

    My brand spanking new Mapex Saturn - Now with 100% more ROCK and 46% more ROLL

    On friday I got a call from my dealer (no, not that kind of dealer) that a pallet full of boxes with Mapex logos had arrived: So of course, on Saturday morning I headed down there, stuffed the boxes in my little Corolla (with a floor tom riding shotgun) and brought them down to our little...
  17. Naigewron

    A preview video of our upcoming album!

    So yeah, we've made some rough mixes of some songs from our upcoming album, and cut together a little promotional video with some song previews. Figured I'd post it here :-)
  18. Naigewron

    Big toms - How much more annoying is 16" and 18" floor toms compared to 14" and 16"?

    Big toms - How much more annoying is 16" and 18" floor toms compared to 14" and 16"? So, I'm looking to bet my hands on a shiny new kit, and like many others I'm torn between practicality and desired sound. The setup I would like from a sound perspective is a 24" kick, 12"...
  19. Naigewron

    Band recording studio/rehearsal space build diary

    After having been kicked out of our old recording studio because the building was going to be refurbished, and then losing our rehearsal room a few months later, we have moved into a space where we can build a brand new combined rehearsal space and recording studio. This is the story of that...
  20. Naigewron

    Ludwig Black Beauty throwoff alternative?

    Hey! I've got a 2010 model Ludwig Black Beauty that I love, but the throwoff is absolutely horrible! It sticks about halfway, and I have to physically lift the whole assembly up to get it to engage properly. It's annoying enough if I start a song and realise I've forgotten to engage the snares...