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  1. mrmike

    Jazz and Matched Grip

    I've recently went back to traditional grip after 40 years of matched because I think it looks cool!
  2. mrmike

    Question of a heel down tech.

    Heel down is a bit more straight forward than heel up. I would pay attention to whether I'm trying to burry the beater, not burry the beater and dynamics. The rest takes care of itself.
  3. mrmike

    Muddy recordings, is it the mikes?

    Don't know if you're using clip on tom mics but they can be problematic. I would work with bass, snare and overheads first and go from there.
  4. mrmike

    The best drums for tuning high without choking?

    I always liked the way a 5x14 brass snares takes to high tunings. My black beauty in this size pops really nice. The Stewart Copeland snare which he once described as having the ability to knock a bird out of the sky is very similar. Really lots of options from old Rogers and Slingerland to...
  5. mrmike

    Did WFLIII drums make a boo-boo?

    Maybe if you had first hand knowledge but as of right now you don't even have second hand knowledge.
  6. mrmike

    Did WFLIII drums make a boo-boo?

    Did you ask the seller? They might clear this up instead of possibly harmful speculation.
  7. mrmike

    Did WFLIII drums make a boo-boo?

    It's one thing if you bought the drum and it's shoddy but to start a thread based on speculation from a picture is not really fair to WFLIII. I just received a brand new 6.5x14 WFLIII mahogany snare I purchased from them direct and it is flawless and sounds fantastic. If there was anything not...
  8. mrmike

    Earthworks Mics. Good stuff!!!

    Carter Mclean gets a great sound with just 2 Earthworks mics. SR25 overhead and a TC20 on the snare. Amazingly no bass drum mic. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
  9. mrmike

    Are Solid-Shell Snares worth the money?

    I've bought and sold about five or six high end 1 ply maple snares and always sold them mainly because I thought they didn't sound as good as my favorite ply snares so I really couldn't justify the price. The one exception was a 90's 6.5x14 Slingerland Radio King that I had precision drum do...
  10. mrmike

    Tama superstar vintage...

    Translates to "about this already classic battery"
  11. mrmike

    Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize

    I think that's his main snare for most things. May be the best rock snare recordings ever and that 12 incher has a lot to do with it.
  12. mrmike

    Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize

    Does Gavin use a 12 inch snare? He has a 12 and a 14 signature snare but I vaguely remember something about the 12 being used on some if not most of those classic PT recordings.
  13. mrmike

    I never see a lot said about the 7-ply Ludwig Classic Maple snare drums. Why?

    Bought and sold many high end wood snares over the years but the 6.5x14 classic maple stays! Not so thrilled about the 5 inch though.
  14. mrmike

    Need help with relaxation!

    Maybe start by dropping (relaxing) at the shoulders. You can also try wearing women's underwear.
  15. mrmike

    Opinions Needed on Possible Re-Wrap

    I would never wrap over a wrap. Gold glass wrap isn't cheap either. Too bad you couldn't find a beat up kit for cheap that needs a re-wrap but that's usually vintage and may not be what you want.
  16. mrmike

    Casio (Interstate Music) News

    They have always been my second choice behind my local drum shop. Really the best selection of drums except for dedicated drum shops. Always look forward to their catalog in the mail. I hope they stay close to what they were.
  17. mrmike

    This may be a DW members former kit.

    Yes I tried a couple different stands including my go to DW ultralight stand. Strangest tom ever 🤷‍♂️
  18. mrmike

    This may be a DW members former kit.

    I picked this kit up on ebay a few years ago for not too much money, under $500 if I remember correct. It was advertised as being from a collection that is one of the members here. I want to see if they recognize it but if not I'll say who it is eventually. It's a Radio King replica kit with...
  19. mrmike

    Bonham recording technique

    I like the part where he says he doesn’t actually measure 😆
  20. mrmike

    Modern sounds without replacement samples.

    Any good drum recording tutorials for rock/pop that don't automatically reach for the snare/tom/bass drum samples when recording real drums? Kind of disappointing to watch producers that are famous for great drum sounds go straight to samples in tutorials. I'm not necessarily talking about...