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  1. acsunda

    Ludwig Vistalite Question

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted, been focusing on some of my other hobbies lately. But I have a question about Ludwig Vistalites. Obviously, most Vistalites you see are clear/colored acrylic, but I see a few Vistalite kits here and there with white, black, or chrome wraps. My question: is...
  2. acsunda

    DW Frequent Flyer Kit

    Hey guys, I just wanted to show off my new DW Frequent Flyer kit. First, a couple of issues. Unpacked it and one bass drum hoop was broke clean in two and the front head was torn because the yahoos at guitar center don’t know how to pack drums. The guy immediately said he’d start the return...
  3. acsunda

    8" to 12" Tom

    I just ordered a DW Frequent Flyer kit, and it comes with 12/14 toms. I'd like to add an additional tom, but 10" toms in the Design series seem to be scarce unless I wanna pay for a brand new one (which I do not). However there are lots of new and used 8" Design series toms available for a...
  4. acsunda

    60's vs 70's Acros and Supras

    Hey guys, so since my last post asking for snare advice, I have decided on either an acrolite or supraphonic, most likely whichever I can find the best deal on. My question is what the main differences in sound between the 60's keystone badge models and the 70's blue and olive badge models. Is...
  5. acsunda

    I picked a hell of a day to be observed by my principal...

    I'm a political junkie and stayed up all night watching election coverage. Knowing ahead of time that I would do this, I still scheduled my observation with my principal. Why did I do this to myself? I mean, it went fine (mainly because of the gallon of coffee I drank and the fact that I've...
  6. acsunda

    Snare Advice

    Hey folks, I'm currently playing a Mapex Saturn snare with my Slingerland kit, and I'm looking to swap it out for something that compliments the Slingerland a little more, both aesthetically and in terms of sound. I'm looking at Supraphonics and Acrolites, some Gretsch Brooklyn steel snares, a...
  7. acsunda

    Concert Tom to Floor Tom Conversion

    Hey guys, thought I'd show off my newest project. I bought a 15" Slingerland concert tom on Reverb, and converted it to a floor tom. I'm still waiting on the lugs for the reso side, so it's not quite finished, but I finished the wrap and put the rest of the hardware back on today. I know the leg...
  8. acsunda

    Off-center Tom Mount

    Okay I can’t be the first person to think about this. A bass drum tom mount which is positioned over to the side. When I play a five piece, I prefer two up one down, but I like my rack toms over to side a bit to make room for the ride (to accommodate my short arms, y’see). But I hate having the...
  9. acsunda

    Crazy Snare Drum Build

    I saw this snare build on Instagram the other day and I thought it was pretty wild.
  10. acsunda

    No More Zildjians

    I received my Meinl Byzance dark ride today (which is beautiful by the way), and it suddenly occurred to me that for the first time since I started playing in high school, I don’t have a single Zildjian cymbal in my kit. Don’t get me wrong, I still dig Zildjians, but I was just sort of surprised...
  11. acsunda

    DIY Drum Shield

    So I don’t have the space or the resources to build an enclosed drum booth, so to cut down on reverb and unwanted echo, I decided to make a drum shield with some plywood and some foam I ordered. I think it turned pretty nice!
  12. acsunda

    1966 Slingerland Sound Test

    Hey guys, I finally got around to recording a little demo of my '66 Slingerlands I restored recently. Please excuse the sloppy playing and the not great mix. Toms are 13" and 16" and Kick is 20", snare is a Mapex Saturn. Cymbals: 14" Paiste Rude hats, 20" K custom dry ride, 18" Bosphorus...
  13. acsunda

    "Professionally Repaired" Ride Cymbal

    Hey guys, quick question. This ride says it has been "professionally repaired" and is listed at a discounted price. How much will this repair affect/alter the sound of the ride? Is it even worth considering? At first I disregarded it out of hand, but it keeps popping up in my searches and I just...
  14. acsunda

    Paiste Dark Energy Mk. I Ride vs. Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride

    Hey guys, I'm still dithering about which ride to get, but I have it narrowed down to either a Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride or a 20" Paiste Dark Energy Mk. I Ride. I've watched extensive video demos of both and I love both of their sounds. The Meinl is drier with more wash and has a great...
  15. acsunda

    Ride with a Good Crash Recommendations

    Hey guys, I currently play a Zildjian K custom dry ride. It has a really clear, articulate ping that I love, but sounds way too gongy to crash. I'm thinking of changing things up. I'm specifically looking for something that has a clear, articulated ping, but that also sounds good if crashed...
  16. acsunda

    Zildjian K 18” Dark Crash-Warped

    So as a follow up to my post the other day, I received the cymbal I ordered. Now I know why it was such a good deal. As for the sound, it sounds kinda dead. I’m probably gonna return it.
  17. acsunda

    The Time I Met Alice Cooper

    Hey guys, last November Alice Cooper came to town. I had planned to take my dad and I was just gonna get us the cheap seats. But right before I was about to buy tickets, my dad said "hold on lad, let me see if I can get better seats. I joked that he should get us one of those VIP packages. A...
  18. acsunda

    Cracked rib, Can’t play

    So I cracked a rib on Sunday and now I can’t play the drums. I was mowing my yard, and- you know the support lines that anchor a telephone pole to the ground? Well we got rid of the telephone pole years ago but I guess the little steel anchor that holds the support line in the ground is still...
  19. acsunda

    Two 18” Crashes

    Hey guys, I’ve been in the market for adding another large crash to my setup and I just picked up an 18” Zildjian K dark crash for $99 on guitar center, looks like from the 90’s. My current crash setup is a 16” Bosphorus Antique paper thin crash, and an 18” Bosphorus Antique medium thin crash...
  20. acsunda

    The Drummer's Solution

    So I'm an art teacher and we're starting back virtually, which means I'll be recording lots of video demonstrations. I have a document camera connected to my desktop, but I don't really use my desktop because it's super slow, so I just record videos on my phone, airdrop them to my Mac and upload...