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  1. justadrummer

    Uninformed Drummer Dad | Snare Question

    It is a chrome plated brass shell, the hoops are die cast, it has been available since the 1960s. I've owned several over the years. It is a super versatile snare, you can find nice examples reasonably priced.
  2. justadrummer

    Uninformed Drummer Dad | Snare Question

    You are a great dad. Welcome to the forum! A 16" Zildjian K Custom would complete his cymbal setup, honestly he'd really never "need" any other cymbals. On the other hand, a lot of us like having multiple snare drums for various situations. I second the recommendation for a Gretsch COB model...
  3. justadrummer

    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    Abouht eight years ago I bought a Rogers Dayton kit for a good price. When I brought it home and took it apart I realized that the seller might have overstated it's condition. Shame on me for not catching the issues. I took the kit apart and cleaned them up, installed new heads, and pondered...
  4. justadrummer

    Old vs. new

    I like your reply and agree. As a lifelong car geek I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that four wheel disc brakes became standard on the Corvette in 1965. ;) I agree with the analogy though. :D
  5. justadrummer

    The Time I Met Alice Cooper

    You have a very cool dad!
  6. justadrummer

    Need some advice

    Instead of Remo Silent Stroke heads I use Aquarian Super Pad practice pads on my kit. You install them over your existing heads, and you can remove them easily when you want to use the kit with regular heads. The other thing is that they feel more like real heads, which is what made me go with them.
  7. justadrummer

    Old vs. new

    The USA Custom uses the "recipe" that they have used since the late fifties, a six ply maple/gum shell, silver sealer and die cast hoops. It is the most familiar and famous version of Gretsch drums, and the one that I chose to buy. I owned a 1960s "Round Badge" Gretsch. I sold it after I got the...
  8. justadrummer

    Old vs. new

    I've owned a bunch of vintage Gretsch and Slingerland kits over the years. I think that Gretsch cops the vintage vibe very well. We'll have to wait and see how DW captures the vintage Slingerland vibe. As for Ludwig, I've never owned a kit made them, so I'm not the person to ask.
  9. justadrummer

    Old vs. new

    Hmm... I have vintage and modern cymbals. I mix and match, have no concern regarding using them in any situation. Of the thirty seven snare drums that I own, eleven of them are vintage. Of those eleven, ten are ready to gig at any time. (I need to fuss with the strainer on my COB Dynasonic...)...
  10. justadrummer

    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    In the 1970s every local drummer that I knew was either playing Ludwigs or wanted to be playing Ludwigs. But... Buddy Rich was playing Slingerland at the time. Krupa had played Slingerland. Danny Seraphine of Chicago played Slingerland. Neal Smith of Alice Cooper played Slingerland. Nigel...
  11. justadrummer

    Another one of "those guys" on Craigslist.................

    I play bass as well as drums. About eight years ago I saw a bass on Craigslist that I was interested in. On Friday the seller wanted $250. By Monday he wanted $200. Wednesday it was $150. Thursday it was $125. On Friday he must have gotten paid, he wanted $250. Monday it was $200 again...
  12. justadrummer

    Glass glitter wrap

    I'm a fan of Glass Glitter wraps for their look and durability. I bought my DW Collector's Series kit brand new in 2008 with a "Broken Glass finish. (Silver Glass glitter.) I gigged it a lot over the years, and it still looks like new. This photo is from 2017, At this point I had gigged them...
  13. justadrummer

    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    I'll go the other way on this. I had a cheap throne that I put up with for fifteen or so years, even though I played nice kits. When I finally got a decent throne I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.
  14. justadrummer

    Got nicknames?

    I've played in bands with great bass players, I tolerated this guy for years. I play bass, although drums are my primary instrument. I once stated that he was the fourth best bassist in the band. (A five piece band.) The lead guitarist, drummer (me), and sound men were actual bass players...
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    Got nicknames?

    No, "Freakin' Idiot" was an absolutely talentless bass player.
  16. justadrummer

    Got nicknames?

    I played in a band with a grown man (in his sixties) who came up with the nick-name for him self, "Alien-made". "Um... no, I refuse to call you that." "Well, what do you want to call me?" "F 'n idiot" Honestly, our relationship soured after that. (True story.)
  17. justadrummer

    The Perfect Movie

    Young Frankenstein Groundhog Day Grand Prix Rear Window The Great Escape
  18. justadrummer


    Good bass players are gold. Exchange numbers with him, you never know where it may lead. I moved back to Pittsburgh over ten years ago. About nine years ago I found myself playing hand percussion in an Americana originals trio. It was fun, the bass player and I in particular just jelled. When...
  19. justadrummer

    Ever keep using a beater kit after getting new gear?

    I stumbled into a deal for a brand new Gretsch Catalina Birch shell pack for $250 in 2008. I used it for a few gigs instead of my higher end or vintage kits. Eventually I realized that the places that I didn't want to take my "good' kits were places that I didn't want to play. I ended up trading...
  20. justadrummer

    Are overpriced drums worth it ? A Defence of mapex

    I have a DW Collector's Series kit that I bought new in 2008. In 2019 I bought a Gretsch USA Custom kit, I liked it so much that this year I expanded it into a shell pack. Neither of these kits were inexpensive, but I'm comfortable with what I paid for them. I have snare drums from Craviotto...