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  1. groove1

    Anybody have the Vernel Fournier Brush Book - long out of print

    I believe that Vernel Fournier put out a brush method book in the 1950's that is long out of print. I've searched online rare book forums etc and can't find it. I think I saw a used copy once several years ago somewhere online. Does anybody here have the book? I'd really like to know what's in...
  2. groove1

    Outdoor Jazz Gig...Miked Snare Brushes

    I have an outdoor garden party gig coming up with a jazz pianist on electronic keyboard with amp and self on snare only with 2 cymbals. (The people hiring us wanted only this). I gotta' tell you, I'm very excited about seeing what all I can pull out of this rig. The snare will be miked (and I...
  3. groove1

    Paypal on Drummerworld question

    Hi, I'm thinking of putting a few items up for sale on this site and was going to go with a personal check is ok (will ship after it clears) and will ship right away upon receipt of a cashier's check. I have bought and sold this way for over 50 years and am used to it....BUT, I realize there...
  4. groove1

    Getting my appendix taken out

    I am having my appendix taken out on Aug 31st...laporoscopy if they can do it otherwise a large cut. Either way there are lifting limitations (like 20 lbs for 1st six week with laporoscopy) but I'm wondering if I get someone else to lift/move/haul my drums how soon I might be able to play gigs...
  5. groove1

    John Belushi - Drummer

    I was just reading another thread that discussed John Belushi at the reminded me of when we played together in a concert band. In 1958 my parents moved the family to the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. I joined the summer band program as a drummer. There were 2 other drummers and...
  6. groove1

    New Black Beauty - Reminiscing 50's and 60's

    Yesterday I bought a 5x14 tube lug Black Beauty snare. WOW! After changing heads, snare, and tuning I got very excited about what I was hearing. It got me to thinking back to the Supraphonic w/super sensitive strainer I bought new in 1966 and all gigs I played with that before "quitting...