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  1. simmsdn

    Tama Big Black Steel

    It is a loud drum for certain! It will cut through the same as your Yamaha with a little bit more overall body to the tone. Is it going to be a significant difference from what you're playing now? Probably not. I agree with your logic to go with a steel shell for your situation.
  2. simmsdn

    Ever regret selling something?

    Ludwig engraved Black Beauty...needed to pay tuition. Non-drum: Ibanez Jem (pink). Super rare finish, again, needed to pay tuition.
  3. simmsdn

    Cymbal to drum ratio

    10:7 (w/o hats) 12:7 (w/hats)
  4. simmsdn

    In-Ear Monitors

    KZ10, upgrade the cable and don't look back. I think even after a new cable, I have about $70 into them.
  5. simmsdn

    drummers gloves?

    I use Howie's hockey tape on all of my sticks and sometimes wear Ahead gloves. I had a pretty serious issue in my cervical spine that affects my grip strength. I had surgery when I was 32 (11 years ago), but the nerves didn't make a complete recovery and sometimes I drop things.
  6. simmsdn

    Technique to Mic a Tom

    I made this little video because I actually had someone ask me how I do this. If it's useful, great...if not, that's fine too. If you prefer the Glyn Johns method, that's great as well.
  7. simmsdn

    1963 Slingerland

    Just showing off a little bit. I found a 1963 Slingerland kit on Craigslist here in Fairbanks, AK (any drums here is rare) for $175. For another $25 the guy added a 20" Sabian Jack DeJohnette ride (the original version of the cymabl, not the Encore or Vault series). Regardless, I'm putting a...
  8. simmsdn

    Moving and had to tear everything down

    I'm moving from Alabama to Alaska in a week, so I've torn down my home studio and am getting everything ready to make the 4400 mile trek to Fairbanks. Share in my experience! Hopefully I'll be back up and operational around the 1st of August. Yeah, 2 months without my gear will be a little...
  9. simmsdn

    My recording hobby

    This is a song I worked on for a guitarist and singer in Ohio (father/daughter). I'm playing keyboards, bass, and drums on this track. They send me the guitar and vocal tracks, I add everything else and complete it. I try to video record every time I press record on the computer and then...
  10. simmsdn

    Young percussionist She's 2 years old and learning fast!
  11. simmsdn

    New LM402 (pics)

    I've played a 5" x 14" Ludwig Supra for a while now, but never went out and bought the 6.5" beast. My dad just bought it and had it shipped to me. Huge surprise! I replaced the P-85 with a P-86, swapped some die cast hoops onto it and dropped an Aquarian Hi Energy batter head on it. Sounds...
  12. simmsdn

    Snare drum micing.

    I thought it would be interesting to do a quick microphone placement comparison test. Picture is obviously of the mic placement used for this test. Sound file is unaltered (other than conversion from WAV to MP3). Snare: Pork Pie 5" x 12" Maple (Made by an American) Mics: Shure SM57 Top mic is...
  13. simmsdn

    Random songs I've worked on for songwriters

    I'm working on finding some free-lance drumming work via the internet, I've worked with a couple of artists so far and have some other oppotunities coming my way (surprisingly in the arena of Dirty South Rap and Hip Hop). I try not to do any songwriting of my own because I don't want to feel...
  14. simmsdn

    I guess ddrum wasn't doing it for Dave Pretty awesome to see Dave Lombardo playing Ludwig. I guess ddrum wasn't quite doing it for the metal god? Probably not good for ddrum to lose one of their few high profile endorsers.
  15. simmsdn

    Recorded drums on a friends' tune.

    Not really a drum cover since it's an original song that I recorded for some peeps. I'm playing bass on this as well. I recorded it in 1080p, but my internet connection sucks (I live in Alabama now) and it would take a week to upload. This is my first attempt at combined video and audio into a...
  16. simmsdn

    Impromptu drum solo video (aka not very good)

    Here's a link to an improptu video of me taking the Sing Sing Sing basic groove and butchering it. Hate mail may apply. I did not chart anything out. No drums nor cymbals were damaged in the making of this video (for those who disagree with the practice of standing on drums). Shot with a Kodak...
  17. simmsdn

    New song project for a friend

    Guitars and vocals were recorded in a buddy's house in Ohio, he e-mailed those to me. I dropped those tracks into Sonar Producer 8.3. I put down the bass and drums, mixed it up and plopped it out. I never have much luck going from .wav to .mp3, so if you hear weird noises, it's the mp3...
  18. simmsdn

    A Selection of work I've failed at...

    I'm the guy playing drums, bass, percussion, as well as recording, mixing, mastering, etc. I have as much fun recording as I do playing. Maybe because I'm a bit of a computer geek. These are a couple of the first songs I recorded when I bought my recording rig and my drum mic selection was ok...
  19. simmsdn

    Moving...means new place for drums

    I just moved 350 miles down the road and no longer have my drums in a basement, they're now a part of the 'office.' Upside is they're right here all of the time and for recording, this is going to be much more convenient and this room doesn't need all of the treatments a basement room needed...
  20. simmsdn

    Homebrew Sub-kick Project

    I started building a homemade Sub Kick a week ago and though some might be interested in how I've been doing it. I haven't found a "start-to-finish" with pictures. I bought an early 70s Ludwig shell for $.99. Don't worry vintage lovers, the plies were separating, black cortex was destroyed...