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  1. mrfingers

    Hi Hat Height

    Playing trad it’s a distance from the snare thing: too close and I cut my left hands on the hats going up to the high tom, too low I can’t cross with my left to play the snare.
  2. mrfingers

    Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Modern Snare Drum Rudiments

    I do the reverse...seems weird to me otherwise. My snap comes from rotating my wrist to the outside. I can feel the forearm muscle moving.
  3. mrfingers

    The Orlando Drummer: Why I Hate 12 Inch Rack Toms

    Oh, the humanity!😟😟....I had to hide my 13” because I loved to play it too much! Instead, I’m loving my 12”s-10”s tune up too close to my snares’ sounds. I need more difference than 10”s give.
  4. mrfingers

    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    Heck no! Yellow belongs on bananas only....
  5. mrfingers

    Sonor SQ1 (brand new kit) problems

    I hate to ask but what is “sound sustainer?” The mounting hardware? On a floor tom? And why not tune the drum “mounted?” You just tweak the rods at that point.
  6. mrfingers

    Jazz and Matched Grip

    For different trad grip try Stewart Copeland‘s grip which I think is more powerful and easier. FYI: Also the stronger my matched grip muscles get they seem to help my trad grip and sticking patterns learned from one transfer to the other which surprises me.
  7. mrfingers

    Replace hi hat seat

    Remove the rod. Saw the broken sleeve off at its base and smooth the plastic, do the same with the replacement, epoxy the new sleeve to the old seat. Wait one day and reassemble. No hammering or pressing or forcing involved...😄😄😄
  8. mrfingers

    Best exercises for playing in 5/4

    Find some songs in 5/4 and play to “Living in the past” Jethro Tull, “Do what you like” Blind Faith, “4 sticks” Led Zep. All different approaches.
  9. mrfingers

    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    “Adaptive hearing” is my problem. Over a period of time you get used to the slight sound shifts, especially when playing hard and fast. You take a break and....what ? Tension rods on the floor...
  10. mrfingers

    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Personally I like the”tree.” Faster set up and the bass sound doesn’t change. But....I just ran into a mounted tom-reso head-tension rods problem, ie.: they fall out after a time, not 1 but 4! Maybe bass drum vibration is the culprit (2010 Yamaha Tour Custom)?
  11. mrfingers

    What can I use to mod/upgrade speed cobra 910 doubles for a direct drive

    A strap will not make it “faster” just a slight bit different. I converted a 310 and barely noticed a response difference.
  12. mrfingers

    Gear you wished existed...

    Standard, optional bass drum depths :12” -17” or convertible bass drum depth systems.
  13. mrfingers

    How Perfect Is Perfect Timing?

    I always thought the reverse: punk is new-style polka.😆😆
  14. mrfingers

    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    Let me add 1 more useful tip: step back from your pad/ drum, extend your arms and play your rudiments. Note the difference...none of your toms will be as close as your snare and you’ll have to expect to play a lot of patterns at arms length.
  15. mrfingers

    Clanging sound from Speed Cobra

    You have the 310 and I think your only option is to change the beater angle at rest by re-setting the top spring bolt so the spring assembly hangs straight down. That should lower the footboard too.
  16. mrfingers

    Clanging sound from Speed Cobra

    Maybe the chain is too loose and bangs into the bottom clamp of the footboard as in your first photo. Could also be a foot technique. BTW I get the same sound from lifting the footboard and snapping it down- the chain has to sag a bit for that. How do you get the footboard up at that angle to...
  17. mrfingers

    What's your favorite "Blues" song?

    Hendrix’ Hey Joe...
  18. mrfingers

    What do you think is more worthwhile: transcribing and learning entire drum solos OR stealing particular licks from solos and perfecting them?

    I mean copying a particular solo and thinking that’s all there is to learning how to play creatively is not the whole”picture.” And I believe creativity is: assimilate, innovate, where assimilate is sound and style and not necessarily sticking structure. Imitate is memorizing rudiments...
  19. mrfingers

    Outdoor gigs - do you do anything different with your kit?

    Remove all muffling devices and play “wide open.” With mics too.