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  1. Rochelle Rochelle

    DW 3000 snare stand base diameter

    Can anyone who had one of these stands tell me the diameter of the base? I'm looking for a stand that has a smaller footprint but I don't see this spec listed.
  2. Rochelle Rochelle

    New Roland TD-17KV

    Just picked up an e-kit to help keep the noise down now that my husband is working from home more often and was complaining about the noise. It's definitely a big difference from an acoustic kit. I'm still getting used to the cymbals and how they respond. The hi-hat pedal really has to be...
  3. Rochelle Rochelle

    All Pearl Jam fans

    Pearl Jam are releasing a book with transcriptions of all the songs from their studio albums. Drums, guitar and vocals. It's a bit pricey, but finding drum transcriptions for their songs has been difficult for me and I'm terrible at transcribing myself...
  4. Rochelle Rochelle

    Need cymbal storage solution

    I have this small space next to my kit and I need a cymbal storage solution for when I switch between the regular ones and the low volume ones.
  5. Rochelle Rochelle

    Sticking for the following fill

    So I am trying to play U2's "I Will Follow" and throughout he does the fill 3e+ 4e+ on the snare. I'm trying to decide how to do the sticking. I am left handed so I would want to do LRL LRL, but I notice that in the exercises in Stick Control it is written as LRL RLR. I've tried both ways...
  6. Rochelle Rochelle

    My day yesterday

    So a few days ago I felt my toms sounded terrible and needed a retuning. I also decided to finally replace the reso heads which were the original ones. I received the package of heads yesterday and set out to replace and tune. That took about an hour. I'm terrible at tuning and still don't...
  7. Rochelle Rochelle

    Here is my kit

    Nothing too special. Our music room doubles as our son's playroom hence the toys in the background. I bought the set used and have replaced a lot of stuff Peace 12", 13", 16" toms, 22" bass Mapex black panther black widow snare Zildjian low volume 14" hi hats, 16" crash, and 18" crash...