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  1. mrfingers

    Tama Speed Cobra 310 strap conversion

    I’ve wondered why some pedals are strap drives, so decided my Tama pedal would be the experiment. Simple enough to remove the double chain and order a Gibraltar strap to fit. Width was perfect but another hole needed to be drilled thru the Kevlar. After it was reassembled I played for a hour or...
  2. mrfingers

    Fired for COVID/ Age

    So my band decided that since I am the oldest, most COVID susceptible band member I had to go...also they were planning on playing more high tempo songs(ex.: Sex Type Thing) and didn’t think 3 sets of those would be possible with my age(72.5). We used to play southern big deal for me...
  3. mrfingers

    Another (not so great) 4th of July gig

    We were to be the opening band followed by two paid bands at an outdoor b-day/ BBQ neighborhood, central PA party. Temps topped 90 degrees by noon when we were to show for sound check. Drums were to be provided as well as cymbal stands and throne...on a flatbed trailer. Hah! I brought a cymbal...
  4. mrfingers

    Bop kits

    What’s up with the sudden “explosion“ of bop and safari drum kits? And who uses the them? Do we really want/need them?
  5. mrfingers

    Here goes nothing!

    My band is assembling tonite to audition a vocalist, here in South Central Pa...I hope odds of safety are in our favor. We have a large practice space. Nobody works in a nursing home, hospital or meat packing plant. I’ll try playing masked!😷
  6. mrfingers

    DHW drums?

    Friend of mine bought a set of used, birch Ludwigs-2 up , 1 down: and found the same-looking kit from DHW on YouTube but UK posting. Anybody know about this “clone” or copy or does Ludwig have a branch in Europe?
  7. mrfingers

    Purdie shuffle for non-shuffle songs?

    Just played Manic Depression and added a Purdie shuffle segment through the song, alternating with another standard rhythm M Mitchell used. Anybody else try this or something similar?
  8. mrfingers

    Who makes the lightest yet stable throne?

    I’m asking because it’s occurred to me that my throne seems to weigh more than my 2 cymbal stands put together! Are there light, portable, foldable, drummer-friendly on the market?
  9. mrfingers

    Does Europe have more festivals?

    Just curious, having watched so many rock festivals on YouTube, it seems the U.K. and EU have more festival venues than here in the States. Or is it that it just depends on your location in the States and they’re more widespread?
  10. mrfingers

    What’s up with Regal Tip?

    I use Regal Tip 5A nylon tips but lately every site I’ve tied to order from has a back order date from October to November for almost every one of the nylon tipped sticks, including 5A’s. Is there a problem with the company? I’ve never had this happen before with Regal Tips.
  11. mrfingers

    does this fill approach have a name?

    I use this type of fill pattern occasionally in rock songs, I think, to build some sort of tension for the listener(plz. excuse the notation-not great at it): What would you call this type of thing, is there a drum term for this? I've mixed it with all kinds of rolls and diddles with the last...
  12. mrfingers

    Can’t hear my kick!

    I’m sure others have had this problem: band rehearsing in a small room with guitars cranked up, drums mic’d but you can’t hear your kick. What to do? I have the small, ART MP amp, a Boom Stick ear bud amp and a single ear bud for playing to a click with the band and am thinking of, instead...
  13. mrfingers

    new/old band "Sunshine of your love"

    Just got a new singer and new lead:(may have to paste it in, see if it works!)
  14. mrfingers

    Love the sticks but....

    I just bought a pr. of Vater power 5A’s, the 16.5” ones and love how they feel but put a crimp into my trad grip-style of play. They feel great with matched grip and love using them but when I switch back to trad, uh-oh. I usually go with Regal Tip 5A’s so the weight and balance do not match...
  15. mrfingers

    RIP Jon Hiseman

    One of my favorite drummers died on the 12th of last month:
  16. mrfingers

    transient ischemic attack (TIA),cortisone shots, trad vs matched, etc.

    At 68 I had a transient ischemic attack (TIA) stroke(same as Ian Paice but a month later) and decided to learn matched grip to focus on rehab. I'm originally a trad guy but having had two bouts of carpal tunnel/trigger finger and cortisone shots in my left hand two years in a row prior I figured...
  17. mrfingers

    carpet line those flabby tom cases!

    My soft cases were made to accept standard toms-10" & 12" (but really 13" & 14" sizes with mounting hardware!) I thought about foam rubber, bubble wrap and blankets to fill the extra spaces around my 10" & 12" toms but settled on good quality left-over carpeting. Cut into 12"x 4' strips, they do...
  18. mrfingers

    New Tamas!

    Natural/honey 22-10-12-16 B/B's. After all the searching for a finish I like-found on ebay!
  19. mrfingers

    muddy guitar makes tempos seem slower?

    My band leader is always trying to up the tempo,(our cover songs in large part are about 95 BPM) saying they're dirge-like. I'm playing the songs at whatever the lead guitar wants and even at the right tempo it's not enough for the band leader(bass). I have noticed that the lead guitar's sound...