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  1. lefty2

    Evolution / AAX Omni comparison video

    I made a video of a 21" HHX Evo. and 22" AAX Omni comparison. So if you're interested in either of those check it out. It has cymbals played by them selves and short clips playing along with music. My playing leaves a little to be desired but the focus is on the cymbals not me. Enjoy
  2. lefty2

    Black Friday sales

    DCP has Sabian Evolution rides on sale. 21” $250 , 22” $274 with free shipping, and no tax, I ordered a 21. I've been looking at them used for around $230 with shipping. One of our local stores has a 16” A Custom for $119 and a K Sweet for $149. I might have a K Custom Hybrid ride for sale after...
  3. lefty2

    Band Logo Reso

    I have the new band logo on my kick now. What do you think ?
  4. lefty2

    Sabian custom shop

    I checked on relething a cym and this is sabians response. Hi Mike. Our 'Rework' program only offers for the cymbal to be cleaned and relogo'd, cut down past the crack (edge damage), add rivets at this time. Regards, TANYA So it looks like they still offer some services from their custom shop...
  5. lefty2

    Reworking 18in Sabian

    I have an 18 in hand-hammered Sabian medium thin crash it weighs around 1420 grams. It's the model with the cursive hand hammered logo. Looking online I can only find a limited number of cymbals in this category that has the weight listed, but the ones I do find are sometimes lighter than this...
  6. lefty2

    Grams per inch

    Is there any correlation in grams per inch with cymbals? I have a 16” HH med thin and a 18 med thin. The 18 sounds like a much heavier model than the 16 like it's a 18”heavy and a 16”med thin. The 16 weighs 69 grams per inch and the 18 weighs 79 grams per inch. If I got an 18 at 69 grams per...
  7. lefty2

    Emad reso vs. regulator

    Any thoughts on the Evans emad reso head ported, compared to Aquarian regulator ported? I have a 22in emad batter with a Aquarian resonator on the front and the kick sounds great. I'm wanting to replace the heads on my 20 inch kick and was wondering about the emad reso head that's ported. Have...
  8. lefty2

    What IPad music app?

    IPad users. I'm looking for an app similar to audacity to use on my iPad (in which I don't know how to use very well). I've been using a Windows laptop with audacity to do very basic things with homemade recordings. Things that I do with audacity are downloading wav files from my zoom Q3...
  9. lefty2

    DW 6000 failure

    My light weight hi hat stand broke at rehearsal tonight. First the spring tension adjustment slipped and when I tightened it back up I thought it felt like it was ready to strip. Sure enough a while later it fell off. I'll have to take it apart tomorrow and see what I need to do to fix it.
  10. lefty2

    K Custom Hybrid Ride

    New cymbal day. I got my used 20" K Hybrid ride today. It is 2398 g and sounds pretty good, nice bow sound with good stick definition and a good bell. The crash is a little clangey but still ok to use sometimes, I wouldn't want it for a main crash. Definitely not as clangey as the Paiste Rude...
  11. lefty2

    Bought & sold in 2 days

    I bought a 20” Paiste Rude ride crash off of reverb. I received it Wed. I think anyway, I really liked it as a ride but not so much as a crash, so I decided to resell it. I posted it on reverb for $25 less than I paid for it and it sold in 2 days. I didn’t expect it to sell so fast even though I...
  12. lefty2

    Country drum cover drinking problem

    Here’s a cover of drinking problem by Midland. It took me a little while to get a good tom sound which is required for this song. The toms don’t do a lot but their presence needs to be very strong. I don’t have any kind of processing equipment compressor gates etc.,that just a mixer. I’m pretty...
  13. lefty2

    Midland drum cover

    Here’s a country drum cover of Midland's Make A Little. Thanks for watching.
  14. lefty2

    Cody Johnson drum cover

    I made another country video today This is a song I just recently learned that my band will be performing for the 2020 year. I don’t think the 2020 year's ever gonna start LOL. Hopefully we'll be up and going soon. Thanks for listening.
  15. lefty2

    Jimi Hendrix cover fire

    Here’s another 60s drum cover. Fire by Jimi Hendrix. I never did get the ending of this song right with this karaoke Version . when I played in bands we always went through the phrase one more time and then ended with three crashes. This version seems like it ends in the middle of the phrase, so...
  16. lefty2

    60s drum cover

    Here’s a drum cover She’s Not There by The Zombies
  17. lefty2

    Alice In Chains drum cover.

    Alice In Chains drum cover. I really had a rough time with the timing on this song. Haven’t played in years but I used to play it extremely well. Guess I’m getting old LOL. I’m real happy with the drum sound on this recording.
  18. lefty2

    Brooks & Dunn drum cover

  19. lefty2

    New ride ordered.

    I made a deal on a used 20" Paiste rude crash ride. I've been listening to 3 rides that I like. 20" Zil. K custom Hybrid, 21" HHX Evolution, and the Rude. I think I'd be happy with any of these, but the rude is quite a bit different than my current 22" AAX Omni. The other 2 are a little closer...
  20. lefty2

    Ride choices

    I play classic rock and country styles of music mostly. I’ve been looking at 2 rides on reverb. 20” K custom hybrid and 21” HHX Evo, I’ve been trying to find videos of a 21 evo. with a weight around 2400g to get an idea of how it would sound, but no luck. All the 21s I can find weigh a couple...