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  1. airbus172

    any thoughts on SJC drums?

    What are your thoughts on SJC drums in general?
  2. airbus172


    Ok, I play zildjian A cymbals so I know I don’t need these, but I found Meinl HCS bronze cymbals? I am aware they were at namm, but I didn’t go. Are they like MCS cymbals or some type of cymbal in between the MCS and classics range?
  3. airbus172

    Mapex armory snares

    so I was looking to buy a new kit and I have decided on a stage custom birch or a Mapex armory. Now it’s all down to the snare. From what I’ve heard from people and video demos, the tomahawk snare is meant to be pretty scheisse, just some overtones, but the stage custom snare would need replaced...
  4. airbus172

    Do they make this kit any more?

    do pdp make concept maple kits anymore, the availability says ‘contact us’ which is mostly ‘out of stock’ and on a lot of places it says ‘out of stock’ as well. Do they make them any more?
  5. airbus172

    weird sound coming from toms

    whenever I hit my rack toms, especially the 10” there is a weird sound I have never come across before. Basically there are some weird overtones and when I hit it, the pitch lowers (bends, don’t know what you call it) during the sustain and it makes an unpleasant ‘twong’ sound. I have replaced...