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  1. pepino

    Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Bottom - ?? Top

    I have a 14" ACMS bottom laying around and I want to pair it with a K or K custom top, any ideas? I'm between a K light, K Custom Dark or K mastersound
  2. pepino

    Zildjian 22 inch Crash

    I´m looking for a Zildjian 22 inch "Crash" I know Zildjian don't make crashes that big, but what 22 inch ride will work as a crash? (the set up is: 21 Sweet Ride as a crash, sometimes a 21 K crash ride as a crash too, and a 24 A Medium Ride.
  3. pepino

    Zildjian 15" Newbeat/Z3 Mastersound combo

    Does anybody have any idea how this combo will sound?, currently I have a pair of 14" A Custom Mastersound, and I want to move on to a pair of 15" I love the new beat and I also love the grooves of the mastersounds, so I was thinking on put together a combo, the New beat top, and the z3...
  4. pepino

    New Ludwig Classic Maple, Mint Oyster Glass Glitter

    Just got this babies, and I'm more than thrilled, more photos to come... Specs: Ludwig Classic Maple in Mint Oyster Glass Glitter Mini Classic Lugs 13x9 Tom 16x14 Floor Tom 24x18 Bass Drum 14x6.5 Ludwig Black Magic snare and planning on adding a 18x16 floor tom soon. Heads: Remo Coated...
  5. pepino

    Ludwig Classic Maple tom question

    Does anybody know if it's possible to get a 13x8" Ludwig Classic Maple tom???
  6. pepino

    Buying a new kit piece by piece...

    I'm buying my dream kit piece by piece, it's a Ludwig Classic Maple in Oyster Mint Glass Glitter, I just bought the first drum of the 4 (a 24x18 bass drum, with elite spurs and mini classic lugs) the next drum i'll be buying is a 16x14 floor tom with keystone brackets, next to that a 13x9 tom...
  7. pepino

    DW 5000ADH Heelless pedal

    Does anyone have the DW 5000ADH Heelless pedal?, any toughts? I'm looking for speed, a lot of doubles and power
  8. pepino

    "new Ludwig Logo" 2011 catalog

    I saw in the 2011 catalog that the ludwig script logo have USA underneath, did they did that just for the catalog or the drums made in 2011 will come with that "new" logo? I'm planning on get a Ludwig Classic Maple, and I want that logo on my kick drum...
  9. pepino

    dw 5000 vs dw 8000

    I'm getting a new pedal, I'm between the dw 5000 Accelerator or the dw 8000, I'm looking for speed and durability, Which one should I buy?
  10. pepino

    What do you think of this Paiste - Wuhan - Zildjian Configuration?

    Here is the mix i'm planning on doing: New: 15" 2oo2 Paiste Sound Edge Hi Hats 20" 2oo2 Paiste Crash 24" 2oo2 Paiste Ride Already Own: 21" A Series Zildjian Sweet Ride in brilliant finish (as a crash) New: 20" Oriental Zildjian Crash of Doom 20" China Wuhan with rivets What to you think...
  11. pepino

    What Santa bring you??

    Let's see all the new gear you got this Christmas!
  12. pepino

    China cracked, what to buy next?

    Well my Zildjian K Custom 17" Dark China cracked, and I'm seriously consider in replace it with a wuhan 20" china, with or without rivets, I've heard nice things about them, and for the price, I think is great. I have all Zildjian A Custom and A's I'm not a fan of mixing stuff, but I'm a heavy...
  13. pepino

    Help deciding New 24" Ride

    Hi there, I need help deciding between this ride cymbals, I'm pretty much a Zildjian guy, I'm not a big fan of mixing brands, but for my ride I really having trouble deciding with this options: 24" A Zildjian Medium Ride 24" Giant Beat Paiste Ride 24" 2002 Big Ride Paiste I'm a heavy hitter...
  14. pepino

    Meinl Byzance = Zildjian ???

    What Zildjian line do you think is like the Meinl Byzance? more specific the Meinl Byzance medium ride
  15. pepino

    what do you guys think about Zildjian Z3 line?

    Can anyone have an opinion, review, experience, I haven't had the chance to hear them in person, anyone?
  16. pepino

    Taye TourPro VS Ludwig Centennial HELP!

    Hi guys, this is my first thread in here, well the thing is that I have a $1,200 budget to buy a new drum set and I have in mind 2 sets, both 5 pieces... A Taye TourPro (Birch-Basswood) 24x18, 12x6, 16x16, 18x16, 14x7 snare. And a Ludwig Centennial (American Maple) 24x20, 12x8, 16x15, 18x16...