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  1. Dignan

    Badgeless Snare ID help

    Any ideas? Owner just says it's a 10 lug with no badge or any other identifier. It has a muffler on the inside too. Only asking $25. Was thinking of using it at my band's practice space.
  2. Dignan

    Refinished (stained) Pearl Forum into Jungle Kit

    About six months ago I scored a 3-piece Pearl Forum kit and three toms from a Royce beginners kit...FOR FREE on Craigslist! The owners parents just wanted them out of the house. Both kits had the standard wine red wrap you see on so many beginner kits. So I decided to try my hand at...
  3. Dignan

    Snare tuning for small but loud venue

    I've been hitting this open mic night with my band occasionally and the snare they have there is pretty sorry. Last time another guy brought his own so I thought I would do the same next time. I've never gigged either of my snares out before, just played them in my practice room and occasional...
  4. Dignan

    Why do KCustom Special Dry Rides all look so different?

    I put this in the cymbal cleaning thread but realized that doesn't get much traffic so I wanted to drop it here too. Can anyone comment on why there is such a huge variation in color and texture in KC Special Dry Rides? I have one (and love it) and it looks like this one, it's dark brown in...
  5. Dignan

    Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals

    As someone who requires a low volume practice solution, I'm excited about these. The price seems a bit steep to me but better than the cost of the Gen16s which serve the same purpose. Combined with with Remo SilentStroke heads and you have an almost 100% quiet and real feeling practice...
  6. Dignan

    Help figuring out this groove (John Mayer - Paper Dolls)

    So I've been trying to figure out what the drummer is playing on this Mayer track. I really like this groove but can't figure out the snare part. I hear 4 on the floor and a fairly steady 2 and 4 but can't quite decipher the ghost notes and brush pattern...
  7. Dignan

    Where to find cheap, unwanted, garbage cymbals...

    Yes, that's correct. I'm looking for a pair of hi-hats and a crash or ride that are as cheap (inexpensive) and undesirable as possible. I've made a silent practice kit with an old Royce set I got for free. I put Remo silentstroke heads on it but now I want some beater cymbals to put mutes on...
  8. Dignan

    Help identifying old cymbal

    Found this on CL today. Seller does not know what it is. The lathing suggests it's an "A" but I'm not an expert. Is this possibly a 22" vintage K? I've heard they used to make some of these without stamps. I don't think it looks like a cheap brand simply because the patina and markings...
  9. Dignan

    Jazz and Matched Grip

    Is anyone aware of any well known jazz drummers who use matched grip? The reason I ask, is that as I continue my foray into Jazz drumming (with slow progress) I have come to a point where I'm wondering if maybe I need to start over again learning traditional grip. I know that traditional...
  10. Dignan

    What kind of Premier Kit is this?

    I am looking to get a second kit for practice purposes and/or to leave at the house of the guitarist I've been jamming with. Possibly to gig with down the road. I know nothing about Premier kits. This ad says its an Olympic Premier 3-piece Jazz Bop kit. However, I can't seem to find it...
  11. Dignan

    Help identify this CL deal. (3-piece shell pack)

    Saw this on my local CL. $60 for a three piece shell pack. Anyone know what brand these look like? It's very unique and seller says they are old. I'm looking for another practice kit or a beater to leave at the house I have started jamming at with a new band. Any ideas on this? They...
  12. Dignan

    Another "first audition" thread

    I have basically been a hobbyist drummer for the past three years. I used to play casually with others back in high school and college (I'm 35 now) but otherwise have no gigging experience and little jamming experience. I've been monitoring CL "drummer wanted" ads for a while for "shits and...
  13. Dignan

    TXR5AW sticsk that same as regular 5A?

    TXR5AW sticks the same as regular 5A? I recently bought a pair of Promark 5As at Guitar Center. The salesman found them for me and when I got home I realized they say "TXR5AW." Is this some variation on the vanilla 5A? They seem a bit heavy to me but that could be in my head. So is this...
  14. Dignan

    Removing Rivets on a K Custom Dark Ride

    I'm looking at picking up a 20" K Custom Dark Ride from someone on Craigslist. We are actually considering a trade. His K Custom Dark or K Custom Ride for my older, brilliant style K Ride. Anyway, here's the deal...his K Custom Dark Ride has rivets in it. I like the sound of it but would...
  15. Dignan

    Ludwig Snare (not supraphonic, not an Acrolite)?

    Ludwig Snare (Supra), Snagged it for $60!!! I'm having a banner Craigslist day here. Just saw this pop up. $60 The pic is dark and I'm not an expert. I know its not an acrolite and I highly doubt its a supraphonic but can anyone I.D. it?
  16. Dignan

    Help on identifying these vintage drums?

    Can anyone tell me what these are? Owner doesn't know. It's a CL deal so I'm also interested in their value to make an offer. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  17. Dignan

    Playing fast single handed 16ths (Porcaro style)

    So I've been on a Jeff Porcaro kick lately, watching some old videos of his on youtube and trying to play along to some of his stuff. I'm having trouble keeping up with his 16th notes on the hi-hat. Think "I Keep Forgettin" by Michael McDonald or Peart on "Tom Sawyer." Now that's a solid...
  18. Dignan

    Pearl Sensitone Steel

    Saw this on my local craigslist. I have a maple snare and I want my next one to either be an acrolite or a Pearl Sensitone. $50 seems like a steal to me assuming the condition is good. Am I right or are these sensitones not that expensive? I've heard good things and like the sound clips I...
  19. Dignan

    Modifying my DW 3000

    So recently I bought a used Pearl Eliminator single pedal. I love it. I can play much smoother, faster and easier with it. My other pedal is a DW 3000. When I switch back to the DW I notice I have trouble getting the same speed and smoothness as my Pearl. I know its probably just because my...
  20. Dignan

    Bearing Lube

    I recently purchased a used Eliminator pedal. After disassembling, cleaning and putting back together I wanted to lube up the bearings. I have some Black Hole Racing lube for skate bearings (leftover from my roller hockey days) that I put on the bearings. Will this probably be just as good...