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  1. Genazvale

    LM402 - Is this a defect?

    Was changing the head for the first time and noticed this flaw. There're 3 of them, actually, in different places. Is this normal?
  2. Genazvale

    Discovered a new snare sound

    Ok, something cool happened today, gentlemen. I'm trying to soundproof the room and decrease the noise level. So I decided to try different sticks too, not just walls :) So, decided to try rutes and made them at home before ordering, just to check if this something that worth to try. I tied...
  3. Genazvale

    Dante Agostini method teachers?

    Hey, guys, I'm looking for a teacher via Skype that knows and uses Agostini's method. Anyone here?
  4. Genazvale

    What the difference in writing doubles?

    Hey, guys, can someone tell me what's the difference in sound between the first and the second beats of this notation? I was always thinking that they are supposed to sound the same, just written differently, unless came across to the notation where both are used :)
  5. Genazvale

    Precession after pauses problem

    Ok, I can easily play grooves and fills if they go straight and after about 20 times I feel like get it very precise. But I really struggle when there's a gap. I just can't feel when it ends, especially, when there's a subdivision syncopated note after the gap/pause. I mean something like this...
  6. Genazvale

    Fixing wrapped hats

    Hey, guys, I was so lucky to buy a pair of wrapped AAX on eBay. Have no idea how one can bend such a thick piece of metal, but anyway. There's about 1mm space between the edge and a flat surface in two places. They sound decent, but only in a few spots. Actually, they make different sounds in...
  7. Genazvale

    Why do we need/use ties?

    Basically, a tied note means that we just don't play it. Then why do we need it? Why in the world do they write a note that you don't need to play? :)) Those ties are really confusing. In the Syncopation book, we have a page where the same rhythms are written in three different ways, one of...
  8. Genazvale

    Exercises/rudiments -vs- or solos/excerpts

    This is about technique only. If my goal is to develop my hands. Say, if I had 1 hour a day, should I devote it to exercises, or should I devote it to learning a solo? What would be more helpful to develop my technique? All in all, all solos are just compilations of exercises, right?
  9. Genazvale

    Wrist Twisters vs Stick Control

    Hey, guys, Recently came across Wrist Twisters by Buster Bailey and ordered it as it looks like something "new" and different from "standard" books, like SC, Master Studies, Stick Technique etc (rudiments based (?) books). And turned out that it IS really different and it focused on building...