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  1. evolving_machine

    Learning to play well on a cheap drum kit

    For the past year and a half I have been playing in a band where I leave a drum kit that was given to me at the rehearsal house. The kit is a C and C 22" x 14 or 16 bass drum, a 12" overhead tom and a 13" that I installed floor legs to. The original snare broke so I bought a very cheap eight lug...
  2. evolving_machine

    quality of drum sounds to the rest of the band is not important

    I am in a band and we practice at a volume that is just a little louder than speaking volume. As a matter of fact (side note), I had the PA controls near me, and the guitar player asked me to lower the volume on my mic. I lowered it gradually, until it was off. He then said it was a perfect...
  3. evolving_machine

    Space Aliens at the local bar

    I've been playing with a new band for the past few months. We now have almost enough original and cover tunes to do three sets. We're looking for some places to play. Tonight I went to a bar to scout out an open mic for the band to play at. I have not seen anything like this before. They had a...
  4. evolving_machine

    total posts seems to be incorrect

    I do not know where to post this. My number of total posts seems to be incorrect. I thought I passed the number 666 a while ago. I posted two entries and both times it showed 642.
  5. evolving_machine

    New Vic Firth Headphones model

    My old Vic Firth headphones started to get some noise while I was using it, like the wires were not making a firm connection inside. So instead of opening it up and trying to re-solder the connections or try to fix what was wrong with it, I thought that after about 10 years I will just replace...
  6. evolving_machine

    Aquarian deep vintage drum heads

    I have been using and a fan of the vintage series Aquarian drum heads since I switched away from the Remo heads. The vintage series has a coating that is outstanding, and is far beyond and ahead of the abilities of the other head companies to compete in the same class. My 16" floor tom was...
  7. evolving_machine

    which ride cymbal to use for outdoors

    I am trying to decide which ride cymbal to use for an outdoor un-miced gig I have tomorrow. The first is a U.S. made Zildjian 21.5" from the 60's, and the second a Turkish made 20" from the 60's. The first has a higher pitch ringing, but also has a lot of complex lower tones. The Turkish has...
  8. evolving_machine

    evolution of the drum kit

    Good short article on the evolution of the drum kit.
  9. evolving_machine

    Spectator article on Drummers.

    Spectator article on Drummers. "Why do we always beat up the drummers?"
  10. evolving_machine

    Blue Note Jazz Club to open in China?

    What do you think?
  11. evolving_machine

    My Pearl D2000BR broke yesterday.

    My Pearl D2000BR broke yesterday. I bought this Pearl throne in 2010 and I never took this throne on a gig. It has four legs and a back rest. I have a bad back and noticed from my other throne that I was playing with some bad posture to compensate for a balance issue while sitting on the...
  12. evolving_machine

    U.S. Patent to Zildjian for a China type cymbal.

    I came across this and thought it might be interesting to other drummers. The first time I saw anyone using a China type cymbal was in the early 1970s. Billy Cobham was the first I saw using them. Since I became aware of the China cymbals I would notice them being used from time to time on...
  13. evolving_machine

    Cymbal getting better with age

    I bought this 24" Zildjian from the 60's on ebay. I cleaned the oil and the tape marks off of the cymbal and have been using it for about 2 years now on and off. I studied material science and mechanical engineering in college and know that the cymbal is being surface work hardened the more...
  14. evolving_machine

    it hurts and that is why I am posting

    For a few months now, about once every two weeks I hit my finger on the rim of my floor tom. I feel like this is a phase, like dropping sticks, or breaking sticks. The only problem with this phase is that it hurts and that is why I am posting this thread. Perhaps I have the floor tom at the...
  15. evolving_machine

    Drum & music notation software

    I recently purchased a software called Guitar Pro. A few individuals I practice with regularly suggested the software for documentation of arrangements and to be able to work on material at different locations. At first I had some resistance to this software, but that soon vanished when I...
  16. evolving_machine

    Slingerland Rolling Bomber for sale ebay

    I came across this WW2 Slingerland set on ebay. It looks like a great piece of history. It is nice to see how they put the set together using wood instead of steel, aluminum or any other metal in a lot of places. Of course, you can see that some places like the tom mounts, lug screws, and rim...
  17. evolving_machine

    am I the last one to know about this technique for playing lower volume on cymbals?

    I discovered this strange but useful thing. It bothers me that it has taken me so long to discover this. If I play/ ride the ride cymbal as close to the edge of the cymbal as possible, while still playing on the top side of the cymbal, I can lower the volume of the cymbal. Normally, I ride...
  18. evolving_machine

    Has this every happened to you?

    Has this every happened to you? Last week I was practicing my single stroke rolls, doing 32nd notes with the metronome. I use an old Franz model LM-FB-4. It is the plastic phenolic case with the light on top. It has a button in the back that allows a silent mode. The metronome has speeds...
  19. evolving_machine

    soft case/ bag for a Rogers Dynasonic?

    I just got myself a nice 6.5 x 14 Rogers Dynasonic snare drum from about 1967 by the serial numbers. I took it apart, cleaned it up a bit, and put some new heads on it. I have to say WOW, It sounds great. I have a hard shell case for the drum, but now would like to get a soft case/ bag for the...
  20. evolving_machine

    Products that don't work "pro Mark" sizzler

    I just purchased the Pro Mark "Sizzler" product. Since, I use many older cymbals, I would rather not drill holes in them just to gain the sizzling rivets. Which is the intention of the product, so that you did not have to drill holes to get the sizzle sound. When I purchased the product I...