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  1. drumkat

    Oz Comic-Con starts tomorrow in Perth!!

    I was looking for some weekend activities to do with the kids on-line Low and behold, there is a sci fi convention happening this Sat and Sun Its gonna be full of the latest video games, comics, novels, toys and collectibles There is also gonna be some big sci fi stars Amanda Tapping from...
  2. drumkat

    Waiting for new Star Wars movies

    Well, only about a year to go Star Wars will be back on our big screens Let's hope its better than I, II and III Well, I guess they weren't all that bad, but in comparison to the original trilogy, no comparison. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait Always have been and always will be a HUGE...
  3. drumkat

    Missing Malaysian Airline

    I hope no member on DW has loved ones or relatives on that flight My condolences to anyone who may be going through what must be hell to get any information Let us hope that there can be closure to this situation quickly Technology has come leaps and bounds in regards to air safety and...
  4. drumkat

    Lead singer has asked me out for a date

    Well, it has happened The greatest taboo in a band The lead singer has asked me out on a date She text me a the other day and said she really likes me and wants to go out with me I NEVER mix business with pleasure She is R-E-A-L-L-Y attractive but........
  5. drumkat

    John Bonham 1970 Royal Albert Hall Moby Dick

    I just bought a copy of Led Zeppelin's rare video footage entitled simply as "DVD" On it was a performance by Bonham playing Moby Dick He was ONLY 21 yrs old at the time I am just.....just speechless It was re mastered in DTS 5.1 and his bass was CAVERNOUS through my sub woofer There was 2...
  6. drumkat

    defying conventional drum set up for unique sound

    Hello there guys. I was hoping to start a discussion on different approaches to conventional drum set set ups to get that unique sound For example, I can remember using my 10" splash as a bottom hat and my 8" splash as the top hat for a song once. The sound was fantastic, kind of...
  7. drumkat

    Drummers of the American Revolution and beyond

    We pay homage to our great drummers...Colaiuta, Weckl, Drumkat, Gadd But they learnt from Gruber, Moeller, Spivak In turn, those 3 gentlemen seem to have adopted the techniques used by the drummer boys of The American Revolution and The American Civil War Just look at the cover of Stick...
  8. drumkat

    Aussies actually won medals at the Winter Olympics!!

    We come from a scorching, searing sunburnt country Yet, our Aussies STILL managed to bag a silver and 2 bronze medals! Good on ya guys.... well actually, parts of the East Coast are snowy and freezing like the dickens but ahh, what the hey Over here in the West, I think a single snowflake...
  9. drumkat

    Curling at Winter Olympics

    Curling is fascinating to watch.... I don't have a clue on the rules Man, the players get right into it....they scream so loudly at each other!! Seems like a very intellectual game! Appears to be an exact science
  10. drumkat

    Started smoking again!!!

    After a year of not smoking....alas I have returned to the habit! I feel dreadful emotionally... I tried so hard but oh well, maybe I will try again another time But after a year without a single cigarette I did NOT feel better or healthier Some smokes are really cheap so I didnt notice the...
  11. drumkat

    DRUMKAT in the flesh

    I had only played drums for about 3 yrs when this was done I was a very late starter It was my first band Enjoy
  12. drumkat

    Ron Spagnardi

    The man has left a huge legacy with Modern Drummer.... I am currently working out of PARADIDDLE POWER.... Geez that book makes you cook on the HiHat.... I am battlin' to do the exercises with the 'nome at 60 bpm!!! I can remember sending him an email after I heard about the death of Carlos...
  13. drumkat

    Going back to old stuff

    I have owned my Premier Genista for 16 yrs Its my baby Its fusion size shells are powerful, cutting and the 20" bass drum is so punchy and versatile But recently, I have wanted to get a real ol' knock around set Like a late 80s or early 90s Pearl export with the long lugs Or a 90s Yamaha...
  14. drumkat

    At what point do you speed up exercises?

    Hello to you all. I will post this quickly before patients begin pouring in from the Emergency Department. At what point in learning a particular exercise would you begin to speed it up? For example, I start an exercise at 60bpm, that is my base/lowest speed and repeat it upteen times over...
  15. drumkat

    Hilarious moment playing along to my own CD

    Hi guys, hope you are all safe and well. I have recently gotten back into the "drum thing", including regular, daily practice. I have included into my routine some time playing to CDs Anyways, one of the CDs happens to be one of my old bands. OHH MY GOODNESS!! How embarrassing it was to...
  16. drumkat

    The evolution of the drumkit

    Hi guys. While I was at work last night...I was wondering a few things about drumming. How did the drum kit actually come to be? What was the catalyst for the drum kit? It is just so interesting how someone thought..."I need 2 cymbals on a stand that open and close...." As well as...."I need...
  17. drumkat

    Drummers tool kit

    So, what tools do you carry for your mid-gig repairs? Do you have a multi purpose tool or a collection?
  18. drumkat

    A tour through Brady Drum factory

    I recently drove to this 2nd hand tyre place. While I was getting my tyres fitted, I took a stroll out the front of the factory for a cigarette.... I looked down the road and I noticed something that made my eyes widen..... I saw the Brady Drum factory...... I quickly ran up to it and asked...
  19. drumkat

    This is what drumkat looks like

    Sometimes its nice to put a face to a name.............
  20. drumkat

    my dream woman

    For starters, she must look like Amanda Peet. Every time we go shopping, she says "I don't want jewellery, shoes or new curtains...I want to take you to every drumshop in town I want you to spend at LEAST $500-00 in each shop..." When we get home she says " I don't want you to work anymore...I...