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  1. Spreggy

    Hutch on Open Studio Jazz - anyone else check it out?

    Hey I recently grabbed his Hutchology course, and the Rhythm Section Fundamentals course. Love them both. In Hutchology he just piles hours of great info, workouts and examples on you, all distilled from the perspective of a top player. RS Fundamentals gives you the inside view of a great...
  2. Spreggy

    Anything new in thrones?

    Has anything earth-shattering happened lately? I have a Tama First Chair with the shock absorber, and it's pretty good. But before I spring for the over-priced backrest to add onto it, I thought I'd see if there is some other must-have throne that I should look at first. Anything new out...
  3. Spreggy

    Tuning Ideas to cross-train Fusion and Jazz repertoire?

    The scenario: I responded to an ad for a fusion/prog vibe originals band. But like most bands, the explanation isn't quite the reality. What the band actually does is music that is either clearly fusion or clearly jazz. We'll work on an original piece in odd time signatures, and then we'll...
  4. Spreggy

    "Stand-up for Drummers" on Netflix anyone?

    This was one funny stand-up bit by Fred Armesen. All drummer jokes, and you had to prove you were a drummer by playing on a pad before you were allowed into the show. Lotsa laughs, seen it?
  5. Spreggy

    Anyone remember who did this solo?

    Okay folks, time to reach wayyy back in the memory banks. Somewhere likely between '78 and '82, there was someone on a big tour with a proggish band like Floyd or Yes or not sure who, that did this great solo that got on the live record. It had a distinctly Latin feel going on, and involved a...
  6. Spreggy

    Playing iconic solos like the record?

    Well, let's be specific. I'm thinking of Steely Dan's/Steve Gadd's Aja, which imho could be argued as perfect solos in a perfect song. The solos are so iconic, so well done, and so essential to the song's integrity that I think that if you go your own way with it, it is no longer that song, so...
  7. Spreggy

    The 8 dynamic levels - are you working on or teaching these?

    Coming from a rock-n-roll self-taught background, I've always approached dynamics in a basic sort of way. But lately, inspired by Jo Jo Mayer's deep dynamic sense and this site:, I've gotten hooked on developing proper dynamics from a...
  8. Spreggy

    So what new and exciting things are you going to woodshed over the holidays?

    This time of year I have a week off, and usually promise myself some new chops to learn or some such. This year, since I've been laying off drums for a couple years, is just fitness basics so to speak to get back into playing shape. Double stroke roll speed, hand speed drills, bass drum speed...
  9. Spreggy

    Dweezil's C&D tour and drummer Ryan Brown review

    Here's a little review for ya. We saw them last night in Rochester, and I'm here to tell you that was one great concert. Being a small band for the music (only seven pieces, lol), I was skeptical of how good it would be, but they got it all, played great and had "the eyebrows". Great show...
  10. Spreggy

    Set list idea: how to craft a list that all band members are happy with.

    I have an idea for cover bands. When the band sits down to put together their big ol' song list, I was thinking that a rating system may work well. So much of a player's happiness rests on the qualityof the song list. So let's say you have a song you want the band to play. It's on you to...
  11. Spreggy

    Putting the band together - thoughts?

    What do you consider the most important things when it comes to putting a band together and auditioning folks? A singer and I have a similar vision of a band that rehearses weekly, and plays a music selection that combines good party music and more difficult music. We want to escape the...
  12. Spreggy

    Drummer's birthday cake at the office:

    I work with a bunch of bass players. This is the cake they rolled out for me lol: Why come to work if you're not gonna have any fun?
  13. Spreggy

    Premier Drums looking healthy again?

    Maybe I was wrong, but I was under the impression that Premier wasn't long for this world. But I read in the MMR update that they've acquired KD Drums, and plan on manufacturing more out of England again. Here's the article: Premier Acquires KD Drums Premier recently announced their...
  14. Spreggy

    Linear grooves and fills - your go-to favorites?

    Instead of pointing out what the main books and songs are for learning linear grooves and fills, could you share what your go-to frequent use linear faves are? I'm thinking that if I work on a handful of choice bits, that will give me plenty of ready-to-use ideas, plus the facility to expand on...
  15. Spreggy

    Is there anything like the Nady Song Starter metronome out there?

    I've searched here and all around the web, and I'm not seeing anything like it. It was a metronome that you could use to get the time for a few bars to help you start your band on the right tempo. I believe you could load a series of BPMs to match your set list, and it would automatically...
  16. Spreggy

    Punching up a tux? Stage look help needed!

    OK, I am the dullest guy on stage, in an 8 pc band that has huge stage presence. Singer choreography galore, horns always doing some kind of dance or bit, and I'm sitting there like a bump on a log. I've got no "edge", brothers and sisters. It's usually weddings and parties, so it's tuxes...
  17. Spreggy

    Open Jam scene/etiquette/expectations?

    I'd like to make some more musical contacts in town, so I'm thinking of going to a few of these. I went to one last night at a local bar, got my name on the list, and hung out til 12:30 when they decided it was over. Never got to play, which I thought was odd seeing how it was only 12:30...
  18. Spreggy

    Sheet music for mallets for Zappa?

    Anyone know if any of Frank's music is available to the mere mortals? I would love to get a hold of Inca Roads. Any sources?
  19. Spreggy

    The concept of switching to Jazz-seasoned players please help me out here.

    I have to make some decisions here about my future direction as a player. Current scene: I play in a weddings band that is a rock-n-roll no-brainer that requires no rehearsals anymore, and I play in a Big Band that gets maybe 6 gigs/year. A couple of years ago I was dead set on developing Jazz...