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  1. JosephDAqui

    Bass drum pedal as pendulum

    I tried it this weekend and failed miserably lol
  2. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    I just went up to each person and asked them after a recent show. They only noticed the difference because they look different lol. I used to have a mapex saturn V. My band members heard the difference right away.
  3. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    It's less to haul but also it saves time because your toms and snare will always be in the right spot, plus I use the meinl rug markers. Setting up is faster and there's no guesswork.
  4. JosephDAqui

    Drummers are usually the most ---

    Very true statement - I can attest to it as a native. Don't flip anyone off here unless you're ready to fight. I've seen it and been in them.
  5. JosephDAqui

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    My band has a gig opening for Tantric on April 4th - this was a big deal and tickets were expensive. I have a feeling it will be postponed or canceled due to the recent ruling in NJ, no gatherings over 50 people
  6. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Yup, that's the stock snare and that was also an experiment. I've had SCB's before and never liked the snare, so I decided to mod it like i described above - Black 2.3mm hoops, Emperor coated, Diplomat and Puresound Blaster snares. I tune it using a Tunebot at 400 snareside and 340 batter side...
  7. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Absolutely worth it. A lot of unwanted overtones are eliminated and the sound is more focused. My 12" used to have a weird ring to it, now it's perfect. Also, it's easier to tune and stays in tune (well also thanks to the sleeved washers). The black nickel looks really nice too.
  8. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    I used to use evans. I think the G2 coated sound amazing on SCB's but in the band I'm in now, I have to use clear emps to boost attack
  9. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Wish I could, maybe I'll try recording alone next time - the kit is at my band's studio.
  10. JosephDAqui

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    Koloss - Meshuggah Obzen - Meshuggah Chaosphere - Meshuggah Catch 33 - Meshuggah Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera Reinventing the Steel - Pantera Cowboys from Hell - Pantera Feel the Fire - Overkill Fragile - Yes Metal Fatigue - Allan Holdsworth Outside - David Bowie Februus - Uneven Structure...
  11. JosephDAqui

    Bass drum pedal as pendulum

    Wow! This is great advice. Thank you for the tip.
  12. JosephDAqui

    Bass drum pedal as pendulum

    While on my journey to increase speed, stamina and keep power while playing double bass, I came to the recent discovery that my pedal can be a penduluum. I felt stupid for not thinking about or trying it earlier, but in my case, a light beater is not a help. I've been using the Tama Cobra wood...
  13. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Just wanted to share my results from my newest experiment: I sold all of my expensive/semi-expensive kits and expensive cymbals (K's) and went back to the kit I always loved the sound of and first recorded with: the Yamaha SCB. As for cymbals, I went with Meinl Classics Custom Dark series for 2...
  14. JosephDAqui

    Bigger Kits

    I'm happy with my 5 piece, it's plenty, but I do use a lot of cymbals and I could decrease that if needed.
  15. JosephDAqui

    Need advice on kit purchase

    That's exactly perfect, but also consider the Meinl Classic Custom series - you can buy a new cymbal pack for that money and they sound awesome - with a 2 year no BS warranty
  16. JosephDAqui

    Hating on the Stock Snare

    People who buy the Yamaha Stage custom birch usually ditch or sell the stock snare, but this time after getting a new one recently, I decided to upgrade it a bit. I put a real Remo Emperor and Diplomat on it, DIxon Sleeved Washers, Puresound Blaster snares, and new black nickel 2.3mm hoops from...
  17. JosephDAqui

    Just got a Speed Cobra

    Thanks a lot for that tip. I was always wondering why I felt resistance on the pedal when doing fast patterns. I should have figured this out (duh moment for me). I just pushed the coil all the way forward and will try it out. Thanks again!
  18. JosephDAqui

    How many brands of drum gear have YOU owned?

    Starting from when I was a kid in this order: 1) Cosmic Percussion with Slingerland Snare, Zildjians 2) Roland VDrums TD10 (my dark age of electronics) 3) Roland VDrums TD20 (continuing my dark age of electronics) 4) Yamaha Stage Custom Birch and Zildjian A's (entered the light lol) 5) Gretsch...
  19. JosephDAqui

    Need advice - covering a bumpy/grooved finish - wrap or paint

    Hey thanks! That could work. Which one would you recommend?
  20. JosephDAqui

    Need advice - covering a bumpy/grooved finish - wrap or paint

    Question for those who used wraps: how does it work with a drum that is bumpy or uneven from sanding the wrong spots or not built well? I have an old WFL shell that is just that - the mahogany plies are meshed into the maple and are messed up in some spots - you can feel the uneven areas...