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  1. JosephDAqui

    Bass drum pedal as pendulum

    While on my journey to increase speed, stamina and keep power while playing double bass, I came to the recent discovery that my pedal can be a penduluum. I felt stupid for not thinking about or trying it earlier, but in my case, a light beater is not a help. I've been using the Tama Cobra wood...
  2. JosephDAqui

    Slightly Modified Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

    Just wanted to share my results from my newest experiment: I sold all of my expensive/semi-expensive kits and expensive cymbals (K's) and went back to the kit I always loved the sound of and first recorded with: the Yamaha SCB. As for cymbals, I went with Meinl Classics Custom Dark series for 2...
  3. JosephDAqui

    Need advice - covering a bumpy/grooved finish - wrap or paint

    Question for those who used wraps: how does it work with a drum that is bumpy or uneven from sanding the wrong spots or not built well? I have an old WFL shell that is just that - the mahogany plies are meshed into the maple and are messed up in some spots - you can feel the uneven areas...
  4. JosephDAqui

    Opening for RATT this Friday, wish me luck...

    My band Pierced is opening for Ratt this Friday. It's a weird pairing since we are basically hardcore metal and they are 80's Hair metal. Hope we don't scare the fans too much lol. Here's our video for context :
  5. JosephDAqui

    My Saturns led me back to Remo.

    Since I got my Saturn V's last year, I bought all Evans heads for them so the minute they arrived first thing I did was ditch the Remo Emperors that came with them. Then for fun, I put them on a backup kit I have (Yamaha Stage Custom) and they sounded amazing. Its' been about 4 years or so that...
  6. JosephDAqui

    G2 or EC2 on a Mapex Saturn V for better attack??

    Currently have EC2 over G1 on my mapex saturn V kit. I'm just wondering if G2's would have more attack than EC2. I really like my saturn's but I'm wondering if the G2 would deliver better as perceived where I sit and the audience/recording. I have recordings where I thought it could be better...
  7. JosephDAqui

    Zildjian doesn't cater to metal drummers as others

    Just an opinion coming from a guy who has used ONLY Zildjians for the past 36 years. This opinion came about when I recently opened my mind to the other big brands, mainly from hearing guys I admire - none of them use Zildjian. I'm talking about Gene Hoglan, Tomas Haake, Matt Halpern, Matt...
  8. JosephDAqui

    Where to get a Saturn V 10" tom?

    Anyone know a good place to get an 8x10 Saturn V Black Burl tom. I've sent emails to Drumcenter of Portsmouth and Sweetwater, heard back from one of them they said they check with KHS then nothing. Any help is appreciated!
  9. JosephDAqui

    Playthough - Original song from my band Pierced - Metal

    Using the extra footage from the pro video shoot we had, I put togehter a playthough. Challenging song especially when you have to play it 26 times in a row for the cameramen. Hope you like it.
  10. JosephDAqui

    New Professional Video from my Band PIERCED

    NJ Metal band - released it this weekend. Directed by SpinCycle productions. The video features MMA fighters, a member of Hell's Angels and us doing our thing. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching!
  11. JosephDAqui

    New tom configuration for me 8,12,16 - saved my right shoulder

    I had a bit of a problem. I need 2 up and 1 down at a minimum to play the music (drum parts I made) in my current original metal band. Because I use a 20 K heavy ride, 2nd set of hats, 16" crash, and 17" china, 14" china all on my right side, I was messing up my shoulder and explained the...
  12. JosephDAqui

    Article on Neil P. from RATM Tom Commerford

    Found this while searching for recent Neil news. Background: I was always a Neil fan - he was my biggest inspiration when i was a kid and i was in a Rush tribute band. I came in to my own at 16 and studied with a Jazz teacher and went on to relearn everything but still admired him as an...
  13. JosephDAqui

    Don't buy one of these...

    Zildjian S Trash Crash 16" I cracked 2 of them in 4 months. I have K's (crashes & etc.) older than 5 years that are still perfect after weekly bashing. Zildjian was nice enough to replace the 1st one free of charge after I sent it back, but I think it would be foolish to keep going - this is...
  14. JosephDAqui

    Need advice - quitting a band that I'm the co-founder of

    Guys, don't know if any of you have been through this, but some advice is certainly needed. For the most part I have the emotional sensitivity of "Dirty Harry" from the Enforcer - that's not always a good thing... :) Anyway, I co-founded this original band and took care of the website (i...
  15. JosephDAqui

    Tired of breaking Kick triggers?

    After breaking the low end Yamaha, Roland (KD8 and 9), and higher end Simmons, I decided to give a new idea a try: Incorporate the Perl Tru Trac Bass drum into my Yamaha DTX (newer) system using an extra acoustic bass drum I had lying around. The install is easy, and for $149.00, you can't...
  16. JosephDAqui

    Dave Weckl vid - rockin' Stage Customs at ACUSTICANAPOLI (Italy)

    Filmed in June 2016 - still blows me away. He can make anything sound great.
  17. JosephDAqui

    Cascio Interstate Sale on Renown Walnut & promo code Use Promo code AHD14 for an additional 14% off of that price - very good deal guys.
  18. JosephDAqui

    Meshuggah's new album - Tomas Haake playthrough Speechless... The album came out on 10/7 (The Violent Sleep of Reason) and it's an absolute masterpiece. The link above is his playthrough of the song "Nostrum". Just when I thought their previous works could not be topped... Clockworks is another...
  19. JosephDAqui

    Coated G2's over Reso Glass on Stage Custom Bebop

    All I can say is wow! It was an experiment with a brand new Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Bebop kit I got for playing odd Classic Rock/Blues/R&B gigs or small rooms with my brutal soul band. Last night was first time at rehearsal and I went with Coated G2's over the Reso Glass heads - 8x12 tom...
  20. JosephDAqui

    Quick fix for your OLD rattling KickPort

    For those who bought kickports years ago, you know, when the only offered color was black, OR, for those who have "rattling" issues when you play. Obviously the gasket that goes against the head will come loose over time from changing the kickport from head to head, temperature changes...