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  1. Bruce M. Thomson

    Stan Levey - The Beginnings of Bebop

    Some great insight in to the early days. Interesting path Stan Levey took.
  2. Bruce M. Thomson

    Very Cool Little Documentary On Steve Gadd Playing In A 3 Piece Trio (Hammond & Sax) In Small Venues

    I love these, you learn so much by just listening. Love the music as well so I will be looking for the music on CD or Vinyl.
  3. Bruce M. Thomson

    Yankovic: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives

    I like the acoustic bass. Great harmonies. Yankovic: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives
  4. Bruce M. Thomson

    The Tree That The Apples Fell From / Joe Porcaro

    I have been watching many video's with Jeff, some I have seen many times already. I think we could all say he is probably someone we would like to have know. He obviously got it from his dad.
  5. Bruce M. Thomson

    Wonderful Words From Leland Sklar On Jeff Porcaro

    One thing Jeff says in a video he made on a Musicians Institute video is that he does not remember ever playing a solo. That sticks with me.
  6. Bruce M. Thomson

    Rare Interview With Paul Desmond

    From 1976.
  7. Bruce M. Thomson

    Brian Blade - So Much To Appreciate

    Here is a link to a 4 tune set from station KEXP in Seattle. Great live performances from this station. What I appreciate in particular is the dynamic control and how his personality comes through so well in his playing. Intelligent, Joyful and warm. If you have watched this what elements do you...
  8. Bruce M. Thomson

    Snare Wires / Importance.

    When I purchased my Ludwig snare I also decided to purchase Puresound snare wires ($35 CDN.) as I had used them on other snares and found them to be quite good and I did this without really checking out what the sound was like as was, it was just a purchase I automatically decided would be an...
  9. Bruce M. Thomson

    Radio Show Q's Tom Powers Speaks With Max Weinberg & Peter Erskine About Neil Peart Open the link and click the Listen arrow.
  10. Bruce M. Thomson

    Bad News -Just Announced 12 Minutes Ago-Neil Peart Has Passed Away I don't like being the bearer of sad news yet I know you would all want to know.
  11. Bruce M. Thomson

    You Don't Have To Be A Fan Of This Music Particularly To Appreciate The Dexterity Required To Play This

    I said it all in my thread title. Here is the video.
  12. Bruce M. Thomson

    Calgary music store owner closes shop and puts vintage $100K drum collection up for sale

    Posting in case of the collectors out there have an interest.
  13. Bruce M. Thomson

    Quick Stick Query

    I have scoured the internet and could not find this so maybe you guys can point me in the right direction. I am liking the 3A size these days but would prefer an oval tip or similar, rather than the ball shaped they normally come with and maybe nylon as well. If you have any suggestions,thank...
  14. Bruce M. Thomson

    If You are Curious About Vintage Drumming & The Gear This Is A Good YouTube Channel

    He really gives a good demonstration of drumming from the early 1900's at the 14 minute mark. It is a unique style of playing and would take some practice to get it right even if you are an accomplished player I dare say.
  15. Bruce M. Thomson

    Kenny Jones Ripping it Up With The Small Faces

    I remember that Rogery Daltry was rather critical of Jones after his stint in The Who and thinking what could have made him feel that way. Here is a solid performance live on the boob tube.
  16. Bruce M. Thomson

    Bob DiSalle: A View From Toronto by Scott K. Fish

    I was looking around for info on the drummer for a Bruce Cockburn album, specifically Inner City Front. I always found the approach to the songs interesting. Lo and behold I found an older article from Modern Drummer by Scott K. Fish, who has posted on this site several times. I often find that...
  17. Bruce M. Thomson

    Hal Blaine Tribute

    From The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  18. Bruce M. Thomson

    Love This Kit

    I like the idea of more wood; just not so sure about how secure the heads would be held in but I believe I have seen a few custom snares with wood lugs. The hoops are very stylized as well, very art deco.
  19. Bruce M. Thomson

    A Big Happy Belated Birthday To John Weathers Of Gentle Giant

    Yesterday was his B-Day-72. I have every Gentle Giant Album plus a few extra's so I am a fan obviously and John Weathers name does not come up that often but he is a superb drummer in a very challenging music environment. I recommend The Power and The Glory-Free Hand or In A Glass House as a...
  20. Bruce M. Thomson

    Review Of Prototype Evans UV2 -2 ply Heads

    I like the UV1 heads; I like to change up the sound on my kit so I have had Emperor's as well EC2 on my toms and I keep the heads for when I want to switch it up again. I was going to put UV1's on the Toms but went with the G 12's instead as well as an EQ 4 on the bass drum. I might have gone...