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  1. Pkells94

    Danny Seraphine

    Guy has a wonderful sound. I love Chicago's debut album !
  2. Pkells94

    Stanton Moore here

    Got to take a lesson with Stanton and I've seen him play a ton in Nola. Sat in on a gig with him once too and had a few conversations with him. He's a real hard worker, very nice guy and when he's in his element an absolute joy to watch playing. Big fan, he's got the sauce!
  3. Pkells94

    Frankie Dunlop

    That guy had such beautiful sounding drums! Not to mention he was so lyrical with his playing, great add!
  4. Pkells94

    Some Nola Cats Swingin Out

    Thanks for giving it a look guys!
  5. Pkells94

    Some Nola Cats Swingin Out

    Ya he's a great dude and awesome player !
  6. Pkells94

    Some Nola Cats Swingin Out

    Little fowl language right at the beginning. Jazz was meant for the bars anyways!
  7. Pkells94

    Tower Of Power Drum Cover

    Slick! Nailed it man good work
  8. Pkells94

    Taking a break from drumming

    Currently doing this myself. Can't play right now, I'm eager to get back but sometimes its fine to walk away. I asked a similar question a few years ago and honestly what most guys say is true, often it'll actually help your playing after having walked away for awhile. Also thats good new about...
  9. Pkells94

    New Orleans Club Scene

    Excellent place to be in you really wanna play a lot of gigs.
  10. Pkells94

    New Orleans Club Scene

    Video from a few years back of a gig I got to play in NOLA. Band was killing, wonderful dudes to play with. Good vibes that night.
  11. Pkells94

    New drum cover - Kendrick Lamar

    Killer! Love rap drum covers, nice work man.
  12. Pkells94

    Quarantine video - doing my best Jeff Porcaro (or not?)

    I was playing air bass the whole time! Great grooving man.
  13. Pkells94

    Along Came Betty

    Damn man! That's good stuff. Love your sound, kit sounds fantastic.
  14. Pkells94

    The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    Heck ya, sounds great guy!
  15. Pkells94

    Have you ever stopped playing / practicing?

    Hey boys haven't posted in awhile, but thought I'd shoot this question out and see who else has done anything like this. I haven't really been shedding for the past year or so, pretty bad i know just don't have to desire to hit the shed. I still gig 2-5 times a week plus rehearsals and such but...
  16. Pkells94

    Organ Trio Plays Marvin Gaye

    Hey Guys, check out this new video of my group Organized Crime playing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" Let me know what you think!
  17. Pkells94

    Big Band Swing! Loyola New Orleans Jazz Band - Red Snapper

    Here's a quick clip with my schools band swinging out on the shout chorus, love this arrangement!
  18. Pkells94

    David Garibaldi Recordings, besides TOP??

    Anybody have any recommendations for some DG recording where he isn't playing with TOP?
  19. Pkells94

    Tower of Power - Only So Much Oil In The Ground

    Hey boys, drum cam video of my group ORGANized Crime playing some TOP. Garibaldi is the man! Let me know what you think
  20. Pkells94

    Nola House Party Rock n Roll Sesh

    Played a wicked fun house show a few nights ago, my band Yard Dogs debuted a new song "On Through" give it a listen!